Citrix Xenserver Training

Citrix Xenserver Training


Citrix Xenserver is an open source virtualization platform for managing cloud, server and desktop virtual infrastructures. Xenserver uses Xen hypervisor to visualize each server, on which it is installed, enabling each host to visualizes multiple virtual machine simultaneously with guaranteed performance. Citrix Xenserver gives you all which is require to integrate, manage and computerize a  virtual data the cost  of other solutions but why even bother with virtualizing your server infrastructure in the first place. Global online trainings is best in providing Citrix XenServer online training by industry experts at flexible timings.


Prerequisites for Citrix Xenserver Training:

  • Attendees must have fundamental in general information on virtualization innovation.
  • An comprehension of registering engineering, including system and capacity gadgets, gadget drivers and working frameworks.
  • Basic experience introducing and directing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008.
  • Basic experience installing and administering Linux variants.
  • Intermediate knowledge of network devices and sites architecture, including configuring VLANs.
  • Basic knowledge of storage terminology & technologies, including partitions, SANs, LUNs, iSCNI, NFS, and CIFS file shares.

Citrix Xenserver Online Training Course Outline:

  • Course Name: Citrix Xenserver Training.
  • Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location).
  • Duration of course: 30 hrs.
  • Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, Citrix Xenserver Training materials will be provided.
  • Course fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer experience: 15 years+.
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility.
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.


Xenserver Online Training Course Content

Citrix XenServer Online Training Part1Citrix XenServer Online Training Part2Citrix XenServer Online Training Part3Citrix XenServer Online Training Part4

Overview of Citrix Xenserver training:

  • You have a traditional server for application architecture but you are running out of resources and performance is suffering. Once you order new server hardware. You will wait for delivery, configure it install your business application stage and test the server and finally add it to your production form. If you have been through this process before you know it can take weeks or even months.
  • You also know it’s a manually intensive process that will burden your team, every time you outgrow your current setup. With the virtual server solution you could accomplish all of that in less than half a day. Server virtualization software separates the OS and application from the underlying server hardware and with multiple virtual machines on a single server. You can use each of them to run different OS and applications.
  • This makes it possible to move your virtual machines which are from one piece of hardware to another whenever you want to maximize utilization, simplify maintenance or recover from a hardware failure and without slowing down your applications or users. Clearly server virtualization provides big benefits and Citrix Xenserver provides even more since it’s built on an open platform.
  • Xenserver plays well with your existing hardware storage systems and  IT management software as well as with industry’s leading cloud service providers. Best of all you can get started by downloading a fully functional production ready version of Xenserver for free.
  • After a 10 min installation process you will see how easy it is to start virtualizing your workloads and automating your IT management processes and when you are ready for a  richer set of management tools just upgrade to one of the premium editions of Xenserver.
  • So whether you are interested in virtualizing servers for the first time, expanding your server virtualization footprint or moving server workloads to the cloud. Download and install XenServer today and see how it can help you simplify your IT environment.

What is about Citrix Xenserver Training?

In this Citrix Xenserver Training class we can learn foundations essential to enough present organize regulate and research XenServer. Individuals will in like manner make sense of how to organize a Provisioning Services have and make and regulate vDisks in a XenServer circumstance. Utilizing hands-on labs individuals will get the secret sauce expected to structure the Distributed Virtual Switch (DVS) similarly as Workload Balancing (WLB). Individuals will in like manner make and supervise Windows virtual machines and the advantage pools in which they will be set.


Who is the right person to take this Citrix XenServer Training?

  • Anyone who needs to add Citrix XenServer abilities to their profile.
  • Teams beginning on Citrix XenServer ventures.
Installing Citrix Xenserver Training:
  • The Citrix hypervisor of Xenserver is not manadatory, we could use hyper-v by Microsoft managed by system center virtual machine manager. We could use ESXi by VMware managed by vCenter server.
  • However, it wouldn’t be surprising at all for our manager to tell us no we want to separate out the VDI infrastructure, the desktop virtualization infrastructure on to a different hypervisor platform.
  • So here we are looking at installing XenServer by Citrix which will be managing using Xencenter. So now we are going to jump to a blank template environment essentially a bare metal install, will get that DVD for the installation of Xenserver mounted, booted and then run through the installation question.
  • As we run through it really the only thing that we would want to prepare  for ahead of time is if we need Drivers or more Drivers specifically thinking about things like do I have the correct drivers to be able to detect the network interfaces that are a part of hardware or Do I have the appropriate drivers to support the storage t be able to find the local disks in order to perform the install and create partitions that will be used  to host the virtual machines. Our consultants are highly skilled at Citrix XenServer training.


Features of Citrix Xenserver Online training:

  • If you don’t have those drivers ready ahead of time that you can have some problems. Let’s jump in and get this thing installed. Alright, let’s get a hypervisor in place so that when we need some VDI we have got a place to put it over on the right hand side.
  • Notice in the lab environment we have got XenServer selected and the Xenserver 7.5 ISO already loaded in the DVD drive will click start and boot thins thing up. Let’ s just press Enter to continue, we will make sure to click right here in the main window and then we can interact with the environment.
  • We will press Enter to select the QWERTY keyboard US then we will press enter to select ok to start the installation. You don’t need to add any network drivers or storage drivers. Accept the LA and then press Enter to continue.
  • We are ready to select a disk for virtual machine storage and this is easy. Let’s tab and press space to enable thin provisioning which is a much better solution for Xendesktop then tab again and press spacebar. We are using a local media installation so tab and then press spacebar.
  • Test this to make sure it works. So just up arrow to skip the verification. In this case tab and press space to begin the installation immediately. We will need to put in our lab password either you can type it in or hover the right hand side in the lab console.
  • You can click the password link to type the text for you then tab to get down to the confirm window and then click to paste again tab one more time and then spacebar to click OK. We have two networking interfaces. Ethernet Zero is the one that we want to support management connections. We provide best Citrix XenServer training by experts from India.

So we will tab and press space to choose that default Ethernet adapter. We have a specific IP address we are going to use in this case. So let’s click down arrow and spacebar to choose static configuration then we will tab over to the IP address and enter in the IP address of then press tab and go down to subnet mask and entry in, tab again and our default gateway is then tab down again and tab again to OK press spacebar and we are good.The hostname is going to be XenServer-nug then tab down to the dns server and we will put in the IP address of and then click OK.


Citrix Xenserver Training Objectives:                                                          Objectives of Citrix Xenserver training            Objectives of Citrix Xenserver training Objectives of Citrix Xenserver training

  • Install and Implement Xensever.
  • Create and Manage Networks.
  • Configure the Storage.
  • Manage & Maintain Virtual Machines.
  • Install and Configure Provisioning services.
  • Managing vDisks and Target Devices.
  • Implement the Resource Pools.
  • Implement the Distributed Virtual Switch (DVS).
  • Implement the Workload Balancing (WLB).
  • Configure High Availability.
  • Manage and Troubleshoot Xenserver.


Components of Citrix XenServer training :

  • In the geographical area down arrow once  to America tab and then press for OK then place the closest in the list and type in el and down arrow twice to Los Angeles tab and OK . Accurate times always a good thing. So we will use NTP tab down to OK and press spacebar and then we will enter in the IP address which is your domain controller which can also support NTP tab down to OK and then spacebar left arrow to choose install XenServer and spacebar and we begin the installation.
  • After the installation is complete let’s go ahead and  press spacebar. We are going to install any supplemental packs and it can finish the installation and installation is done. Let’s go to the right hand side from the drop down menu and the DVD drive will choose no media for XenServer and then click back in the main window and we will press spacebar.
  • If you lose connectivity with your XenServer installation you are pressing spacebar or enter nothing seems to happen. Click in the upper right-hand corner where it says display has a little icon for that go down and choose refresh display. You may find that it did press space bar or enter weight but it just wasn’t showing it to you yet.
  • Now looking at the local console we can see that the installation is complete and we have now rebooted back to a functioning working system and press space bar to access this console and let me just point out some of the features of what we see here. So we can identify again our network status over there great to see exactly which version we are using which adaptor  we are using and the current IP settings and the from here we do actually have a  fair amount of local access to manage our hypervisor system.
  • So we can change the network properties, we can change the authentication method. We can do things like start and stop virtual machines as necessary. We can connect to our disks and storage managed resource pools for memory and CPU Utilization. Change our hardware and bias update, the keyboard remote service configuration performing backup’s to be able to rebuild this environment quickly. Tech support links, reboot or shutdown from here and the local command shell. So again a lot of great tools right here at the initial console. That’s enough for now we have got the XenServer installed.
  •  We have a platform now on which to build for virtual machines if this was setup right we would very rarely need to come back to this XenServer console to do any future configurtations. We are going to follow up this hands-on lab by installing Xencenter the front-end for being able to connect to the Xenserver.
What is Virtualization?
  • Things have come very exciting, Citrix Xenserver implements something called virtualization, virtualization of the technology that has made it possible to maximize and to make the machines if you will elastic and technology elastic you are able to use what you need to use and expand and shrink your resources as you need to. In Citrix we are going to be dealing with all aspects of virtualization technology as it relates to Citrix XenServer 6 and as it is implemented by Citrix on server.
  • Data centers in the past and not too distant paths were filled with machines that they were very crowded took up a lot of power and whole a lot of space. Data centers still take up a lot of space, teh only issue is back then probably within the last decade or less. Data centers were filled with servers that were eating up a lot of power and they were basically dead weight and what I mean by dead weight is they were severely underutilized many times.
  • There was a one-to-one relationship between the server and the application. There was one server that was dedicated to database services let’s say. One that was involved with domain controller and Windows active directory. Another one that was serving up IIS and another one that was serving up file services. Another one that was serving a print server and so on. The list went on and on, there was only one problem with that by having one physical box to serve a domain controller or a database server.
  • Really what happened is that too much or too many resources in terms of RAM processor, network disk were wasted. The server for example may have been 4 or 8 giga bytes of RAM and it may have had hundreds of gigs of disk space and it may have had multiprocessors most of it was wasted.
  • The server was utilized about 10 to 15 percent of the time. This was all over every data center in the entire nation perhaps the entire world and the problem with that is Organisations invest. Well, financial resources and they invest technical resources to allocate and maintain that server.

Conclusion of Citrix XenServer Online Training:

Xenserver is open source, it was previously owned by citrix. If you are trying to use ESXI and it’s giving you problems with finding NIC well. If an organisation had 10  or 12 database servers let’s say well, many organisations had a lot more than that but if an organisation had 10 or 12 database servers they had to maintain 10 or 12 physical servers and maintaining these servers are not really a big problem except you have to take care of everything that goes wrong with physical hardware in terms of power supply, hard disk and everything. Global online trainings is best in providing Citrix XenServer online training by real time experts with live projects.



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