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Clp & Cle online training course content

Understand the Linux Story
  • Use the Linux desktop
  • Administer Linux with YaST
  • Locate and Use Help Resources
  • Manage Directories and Files
  • Work with the Linux Shell and Command Line
  • Use Linux Text Editors
  • Manage Users, Groups and Permissions
  • Install SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
  • Administer the Linux File System
  • Administer User Access and Security
  • Configure the Network Manually
  • Administer Linux Processes and Services
  • Monitor SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
  • Manage System Initialization
  • Manage Software for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Manage Backup and Recovery
  • Manage Printing
  • Configure Remote Access
  • Manage Virtualization with Xen
  • Configure a Web Application Server
  • Configure and Use Samba
  • Enable Fundamental Network services
Create Shell Scripts
  • Compile Software from Source
  • Perform a Health Check and Performance Tuning
  • Manage Hardware
  • Configure a DNS Server using BIND
  • Use DHCP to Manage Networks
  • Manage OpenLDAP
  • Configure a Mail Server
  • Use OpenSLP
  • Monitor Network Traffic
  • General Security Considerations and Definition of Terms
  • Host Secuirty
  • AppArmor
  • Cryptography: Basics and Practical Application
  • Network Security
  • General Firewall Design
  • Packet Filters
  • Application-level Gateways
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Intrusion Detection and Incident Response