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COBOL Training

COBOL Training

Introduction of COBOL Training:

COBOL Training from Global Online Trainings is a leading online training platform. With our COBOL online Training you can able to work and develop business application by using programming language. It is mostly adopted by large enterprise for encoding their business rules in COBOL programming language. In today world COBOL is most widely used programming language, by using this language there are nearly 5 billion of code written in every year for write or rewrite COBOL applications. With the COBOL applications the transactions were increase 200 more times. For huge data processing platforms such as defence and financial domains you can write COBOL script.

Course Name: COBOL Training

Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.



COBOL Content

What is COBOL Training?

The complete form of COBOL is Common Business Oriented Language. It is user friendly to understand and it is a high level language for business data processing and easy to handle large amount of data. To execute the COBOL program JCL (Job Control Language) is required. In mainframes COBOL is only programming language to write all the applications.

In COBOL Training you will know about the important features, those features are as follows

  • COBOL is a standard language and it was compiled and executed on IBM Mainframes as well as personal computers.
  • The advanced facilities in COBOL will helps to monitor huge data of business oriented programs.
  • By using IBM Mainframe you can do COBOL programming syntax’s and data structures.
  • Based on advanced COBOL handling capabilities you can handle files, database and Virtual Contact File (VCF).
  • In COBOL robust language there are a lot of debugging and testing tools available. There are various divisions and logical control structures available in the COBOL structure language.

In Global Online Trainings our exert trainers will teach many more features of COBOL programming language.

Data Types in COBOL Training:COBOL Data Types

In COBOL there are mainly five Data Types are mostly using, those are


In working storage section we can define the variables in the Syntax. In Level Number you can specify the level of data in the record. In Data Name you can give the name of the variable in the COBOL programme procedure division.  

Level Number

By using Level Number in COBOL you can specify the data Type and data level in the record.

  • The group items are two types those are group of elements or group of addresses and those are interlinked with each other.
  • The elementary items are known as independent items or individual items or variables.
Data Names
  • In COBOL programming, the Data Names is another Data Type and is mainly used to define the data division before using in the procedure division.
  • For user defined names you cannot use COBOL reserve words, because COBOL program will treat Data Names as addition.
Picture close

The Picture close is used to define the Data Type such as what kind of data you need to store in the variable. The data may be numeric, alphabetic, alphanumeric and decimal also.

Value close

The Value close in COBOL is used as an optional clause used to initialize the data items. From the beginning, if you want to assign a value to a variable then you can do it through Value close. So that you can declare the variable after that you can write the value and also you can mention the value.

In this COBOL online Training you will know in detail about the Data Types.    

Data Layout in COBOL:

In Data Layout you will know about Redefines Clause, Rename Clause, Usage Clause and Copybooks. These are the important elements in Data Layout in COBOL.

Redefine Clause
  • The Redefine Clause is mainly using to define and store with various data characterization. If there is no concurrent use of two data items, then the storage will use another data item.
  • The Redefine will possible when the data is in same level only and the data names in Rename Clause will come in order.
Rename Clause
  • For already existed data items Rename Clause id useful to provide various names. It means, when a level number is reserved for rename then the rename will become as description for next data.
  • Creating two or more items in a same level, the operating system will knows about the groups and the values will be stored in separate.
Usage Clause
  • The Usage Clause in COBOL is about specifying operating system for data storage formats. Here there is no use of level numbers.
  • If a group was provided with Usage Clause, then all elementary items will come under same usage clause.
  • There are mainly three types of computational formats in Usage Clause mainly for store the data items by default in the form of binary format.
  • The Copybook in COBOL online Training is a process of selecting code to define data structures.
  • In many programs developers are using the same data structure so that there is no necessary of writing program, instead of that you can create a Copybook and simply you can use copy command.
  • By using the coy command the same structure will be pasted here in working storage section.

Program Structure in COBOL:

In COBOL Training will teach the important steps for programming those are as follows.

  • In the structure, first step is programming and it contains four important divisions to write.
  • With SAP HANA ABAP you can design layer architecture in COBOL program designing.
  • Again in the division there are some sections and those sections are defined by COBOL. There are some user defines sections are also available and those are useful for program structure.
  • Inside the sections there are some user defined paragraphs are available and you can use those paragraphs to write a code.
  • Sentences are one which is used to write paragraphs in sections. The statements and characters are a part of program structure and these are used to from the sentences.

In Global online Trainings our trainers will explain in detail about preparing Program Structure by using COBOL language.

Divisions in COBOL online Training:

There are two types of divisions while programming by using COBOL, those are

Identification Division
  • This division will treat as mandatory division inside a COBOL program. Without Identification division the COBOL program will never get executed.
  • The main reason behind this is we will mention program as well as programmer name.
Environment Division
  • By using this division you can specify input and output files to the program by assigning specific names.
  • In the environment division the Configuration section will gives the information about which program was executed.
  • The Input – Output section will give information about what are the files to be used in the program.

Overview of COBOL Training:

Common Business Oriented Language is the full name of COBOL and Global online Trainings is providing COBOL Training with the best trainers.

  • COBOL is basically designed for government administrative systems and small business companies business and finance systems.
  • Later it was developed and used to provide support for business applications and by business programming language.
  • With the COBOL programming you can able to re – platform a COBOL screen section application with the industry standards on the Java platform.
  • In COBOL online Training we will teach about important elements such as eclipse, industry standard IDE, development plug – INS etc.

Global online Trainings will explain in detail about how to plan and understand business in the most impact way to ensure into effective modernization in project.

Conclusion of COBOL Training:

COBOL Training is provided by leading online training platform Global Online Trainings from India. We are having the best trainers and they have years of experience in all modules of COBOL. Students as well as fresher who are got job with less skills and knowledge are also can take our COBOL online Training.

Join Global Online Trainings for the best COBOL online Training. We also provide Corporate Training by SMEs on client premise in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi etc. for best price. For more details visit our website, thank you.


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