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Coded UI Training

Coded UI Training Introduction:

Coded UI Training is designed to the familiarize testing professionals with a  basics of the Coded UI tests in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Testers can build, enhance, &  run automated test scripts in a Visual Studio. In addition to the class lecture, you will be asked to complete labs to reinforce critical concepts &  tool functionality. The focus is on a practical application of the Microsoft Coded UI Training tests to resolve common functional testing and challenges. Automated tests that will drive your application through its user interface (UI) are called as coded UI tests (CUITs). These tests include functional testing of the UI controls. They let you verify the whole application, including its user interface, is functioning correctly. Coded UI Tests are a particularly useful where there is a  validation or the other logic in the user interface, for example in a web page. They are also frequently used to automate the existing manual test.

Microsoft Codedui Test Automation Online Training Course Content:

Benefits of Test Automation
  • Visual Studio Interface Overview
  • Basic on C#
  • Understanding Coded UI Test Structure
  • Test File Types
  • Understanding File Relationships
  • Creating a Coded UI Test
  • Recording Test Steps
  • Using the Recorder Controls
  • Method Generation
Adding Assertions to the Test
  • Assertions using UI Locator
  • Selecting Objects with the UI Locator
  • Using Coded UI Comparators
  • Manually Coding Assertions
Understanding the UI Map
  • Accessing the Coded UI Training Map
  • Understanding Control Names and Parent Windows
  • Coded UI Training Map Maintenance
Test Executing & Evaluating Results
  • Running Coded UI Tests
  • Evaluating Log Files
  • Understanding Assertion Failures
  • Collection Files
Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • Evaluationg Assertion Statements
  • Storing Expected Results
  • Updating Control Statements
  • Debugging Process
Data-driven Testing
  • Creating DataSources
  • Creating Data-Driven Tests
  • Modifying Assertions with Data Driven Tests
Capturing Dynamic Data from Objects
  • Creating Multiple UI Maps
  • Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expression Operators
  • Using Regular Expressions for Data Capture
  • Dynamic Object Handling
  • Modify Mapped Objects
  • File Input / Output
  • Reading & Writing data from files
  • Team Foundation Server API
  • Logging Options
  • Database Connectivity
  • Connecting to Databases using ODBC and SQL Connection
  • Executing Queries
  • Managing Playback Settings
  • Synchronizing Coded UI Training Tests
  • Wait for Condition Controls
  • Test Lab set up Guide.
  • Mapping Automated TC’s to TFS Work item
  • Continues integration build configurations
  • Framework Concepts

Coded UI Online Training Overview:-

  • Coded UI Testing Training is an popular test automation tool from Microsoft, built on the Visual Studio platform.
  • Coded UI Training is a capable of testing applications built on .Net or on Web2.0. With this tool gaining popularity fast, there is a surge with in demand for skilled professionals who can solution, design & develop test automation frameworks for Enterprise and the Product organizations
  • Coded UI Training will deliver a conceptual and an practical approach to roll out an automated testing practice in an Small, Medium and Large Enterprise organization.
  • Coded UI Online Course will set the stage for building an SDET practice for the Agile Development in your organization.
    Our trainers will takes you through the adoption of application life cycle on microsoft coded ui suite platform for automated testing on a .Net framework.
  • At these end of this journey, the learners will understand how to build a solution for automation needs in their organization, and design the framework, modularize the application feature sets into a methods, functions and actionable scripts, how to do the data creation, build data sets for the validation of an functions.
  • They will gain a deep understanding of applying data as a validation mechanism for the testing application feature sets.
  • Coded UI Training is highly recommended for the seasoned Testing Engineering professionals working on complex Enterprise systems and product development.

Benefits for Coded UI Training:

  • Understand to how part of rolling out an automated testing practice with in your organization.
  • Enable you to how to build an SDET practice for the Agile Development in your organization
  • Understand that how to design a framework, &  modularize to  the application feature sets
  • Understand descriptive programming & extend the  tests beyond Recording
  • Work with an Web, Window, WPF based on applications
  • Exposure to an Case studies that bring relevance to your workAt
  • Create Coded UI Training by using Test Cases
  • Execute Coded UI Testing Cases in micro soft, in Microsoft Test Manager and in the build process
  • Maintain the Coded UI Training Test Cases
  • Create data driven for Coded UI Test Cases
  • Update to  the search properties of UI objects
  • Update & maintain the UI object repository
  • Analyse to the  results of the Coded Ui Test Cases

Coded UI Test Features:

Coded UI Training features include:

  • Functional Testing.
  • Generate code in VB/C#.
  • Integration on ALM ,
  • Construct , deploy and  test in lab or as part of build
  • Local, remote runs, data collection.
  • Rich Extensibility
  • Intent-aware recording & resilient playback.

Coded UI Online Training Outline :

  • TFS Architecture
  • Role of the Test and Lab Manager
  • Test Tools Namespace
  • Different test types, namely: Unit, Load, Web
  • Performance, CodedUI, Ordered and Generic

C# or VB dot NET:

  • This brief section will bring the tester up to a speed with specific development concepts related to the understanding how the Coded with  UI has been structured. Topics include: Class identifiers, overloading, inheritance, etc.

Coded UI Test Structure:

  • This section will explore you  how to the various components contribute to the overall design solution in enabling the test type to perform its functions.

Recording Coded UI Test:

  • In  this  first step in creating a Coded UI testing . To quickly enable to the tester to write their base test. The UI map is the glue between interacting  and with the Graphical User Interface and the test code. Coded UI Training is thus very important to understand its impact, refactoring about the code

Creation of Assertions

  • Assertions will enable to  the test to create a variety of validation &  verification points throughout the execution of the test. They will also need to understand how to interpret the results.

Objects and Methods

  • Here these coded ci training course will explore how to change the data &  the assertion expected &  actual values.

Partial Class

  •  With the diversity of application implementations in existence, there is a need for the automation designer to be able to cope with dynamic objects and data that they might encounter.
  • Here the tester will be enabled to understand a  base class which forms a key driving component to the Coded UI test.

Data Driving Coded UI Tests

  • During the initial recording,  data entered into a SUT will be used. To create the more diverse data testing environment, it will be the necessary to source data from the  variety of sources; like CSV, XML & Databases.

Real World

  • In so many courses, the drive is only to teach what the tool is capable of the doing, but not necessarily focussing on a  practical steps required to make it work in an  real world.
  • By providing a hands-on walkthrough, students will be able to be understand what approaches are available in the constructing their design relative to an  application.
  • Coded UI Training will also explore additional exception handling techniques &  replay options which exist within the tool itself.