Coded UI Training

Coded UI Training

Introduction to Coded UI Training:

Coded UI Training is automated testing tool which is used for test the desktop applications, web applications, Windows presentation Foundation (WPF) applications, CRM web applications, web services, windows phone applications  and more. It performs the automated testing for the applications user interface functioning correctly. This Coded UI tool is used for testing the Use interface controls validations and test the functionalities.

Coded UI is the Microsoft Tool and also called as VSTS Coded UI Automation Tool. By Using MTM we can use execute the test cases without seeing code. MTM is the best feature to moving Coded UI Training. Testers can use IDE to write their test scripts and automate the entire application. Global Online Trainings provide best Microsoft Coded UI test Automation tool Training by best industry experts with good videos and material.

Prerequisites of Coded UI Training:

  • To learn coded UI we have knowledge on Microsoft Visual studio C# and Visual Basic (VB).
  • Automation concepts also help to learn Coded UI Training.

Microsoft Codedui Test Automation Online course Content

Benefits of Test Automation
Adding Assertions to the Test
Understanding the UI Map
Test Executing & Evaluating Results
Debugging and Troubleshooting
Data-driven Testing
Capturing Dynamic Data from Objects

Overview of Coded UI Training:

  • We can create Coded UI Test Automation project by installing Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Edition. There is another latest version 2017 also. But these two versions are much having changes with respective Framework.
  • This is very good for automated testers. And it is used Visual studio. This visual studio has good integrated development Environment (IDE) for development task.
  • Coded UI Test Automation we can build test. These tests are called Coded UI test. We have different features in Coded UI.
  • This tool allows writing code instead of playback approach. That approach is called descriptive programming support.
  • Coded UI Training supports lot of technologies compared to available.
  • Languages support these task is C# and VB.Net.If the testers aware of C# and VB.Net they can write code for automation testing instead of using Recording and playback feature.
  • Global Online Trainings provide coded UI Test visual studio 2015 online Training with good material.
  • Who are using .Net framework to build their application they use this Coded UI Tool.
  • This Coded UI is test is particularly used for the validation of the application user interface.
  • Coded UI is also called as VSTS (Visual studio team system) Coded UI automation tool.
  • We can execute a JavaScript in Coded UI  to test the functionalities of the application.
  • Coded UI is very useful to test the windows applications effectively.
  • We provide Coded UI with Microsoft visual studio 2015 and visual studio 2012 Training by top trainers.
  • Scripts are written using the visual studio IDE and to run the test cases automatically.
  • Having basic knowledge on Manual Testing Training will be useful to learn Coded UI Training.
  • Are you facing any problems in your coded UI project virtual job support provide coded UI project support. Trainers will solve your project problems. Not only project support job support also given. For fresher also we provide job/project support. Virtual job support has 15+ years experience in IT industry. Our trainers have professional background on coded UI job/project support.

Different types of tests performed in Coded UI:

We can perform different type’s tests by using Coded UI Test Automation. Each type of test performance is different from other type. Some of them are:

  • Unit Testing
  • Perform Functional regression testing
  • Load Testing
  • Testing for Window applications and many more.

Different types of tests in Coded UI

Why Coded UI Training?

  • Coded UI is Automation Testing tool used for automate or functional testing the desktop applications and also web applications.
  • But with the help of Selenium we can test the only web applications not desktop applications.
  • To maintain Test Scripts in selenium are not full comfortable. But by using Coded UI we can get the 100% comfortable.
  • For Coded UI we purchase the Microsoft Visual Studio. In that we get the MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) and also TFS (Team Foundation Server).From this we get all the project related documents and also having the entire test cases information in MTM.
  • Coded UI tool only supports the Windows phone application .No other tool is not supported for windows phone application. Virtual Job Support has best trainers for Coded UI Job Support and they will train you on your project/subject also.

Features of Coded UI Training:

Microsoft Coded UI Test Automation having two different features.

  • Record and playback of coded UI
  • descriptive programming support
Record and playback of coded UI:
  • In this Coded UI test builder record the all user activities. This coded UI builder is a tool which is available along with the Coded UI Testing project.
  • This Feature is also available in QTP.This coded UI test builder having some of the options like record button, cross hair option, generate script, insert assertion and show recorded steps. And all these recorded actions are available in UIMap.
  • Recording of the coded UI test is very important to get the effective applications.
Descriptive programming support:
  • To create test classes, to add the bindings. Coded UI test classes, Coded UI test methods, and test method attributes.
  • To define custom write code by using C#.This is the wonderful option to given Microsoft for us. Micro soft given us all API’s and libraries for us to do a hand coding of visual studio test .That we can do has the same option in recording of the code. Virtual Job Support offers Coded UI job/project support at reasonable price.

UIMap in Coded UI Testing:

The Coded UI Test builder generates the UIMap. This is a file which is used to store the user actions. UIMap is has two classes. All the methods, clasees and properties created with UIMap.Designer.cs file are automatically created, any change made in UIMap.

  • UIMap.cs
  • UIMap.Designer.cs

These UIMap.cs and UIMap.Designer.cs are generated automatically by Coded UI Test builder. We do not modify any code in those two files. If we do any changes the code will be automatically deleted.

Coded UI Testing Attributes:

We have more number of test attributes are available in Coded UI. Some of them are:

  • CodedUITest
  • TestInitialize
  • TestMethod
  • TestCleanup
  • ClassInilialize
  • ClassCleanup
  • AssemblyInitialize

We have more attributes are available in this Coded UI Testing.

Test Attributes

Search and filter Properties in Coded UI Testing:

  • To identify the coded UI Testing Objects for the user interface application controls. Using the Breath first order all the controls is identified.
  • The search property is applicable for those applications like windows, web, WPF etc.But Filter property is not used in windows and wpf applications it is only applicable for the web application controls.
  • The filter property is very important to identify the control names which are having same name but it has different properties altogether. This is the process of control recognizing in application use interface.

Data Driven Testing in Coded UI Training:

  • Data driven testing is the very important for all the automated testing tools like selenium, QTP etc.
  • Data driven testing in Coded UI Testing is effceted specially to recover the hand coded worth with external data source. Some of the external data sources are like Excel, CSV, Data base Table and XML etc.

Exception Handling in Coded UI Testing:

  • We use try and catch block are used to handle the errors that are occur in Coded UI Training testing execution process.
  • Note that the try catch block should not connected if the control itself does not exist, rather it should to be connected just if certain check property does not meet certain conditions, since adding try catch block  to control itself will make accidental conduct of your test.

Assertion in Coded UI Training:

To find out a control exist or a control having a particular text that time we can use assertion.Nunit.Framework namespace is used to get the different number of Assertions methods. By using this namespace we can get the required method based on situations.

Most important Assertions are in Coded UI Test Automation:

  • AreEqual
  • AreNotEqual
  • Contains
  • AreSame and many more.

To know more about the Assertion concept please register in our website to learn the Coded UI automation framework.

How to do Automation Testing using Coded UI Test:

  • Using this Coded UI Test Automation tool we can test the User interface of a web applications, windows applications, WPF applications etc.
  • Infrastructure of every UI technology is different because every application having different features likes back end code for windows applications, web applications, and WPF applications.
  • Very difficult to accommodate each of these use interface infrastructure and testing on them.
  • The best way to test User Interface is by recording and playing means we record the test and then play.
  • In ordered to test the user interfaces Microsoft given to us Coded UI training to test the applications.
  • By using Coded UI Training automation test we can record the test steps and play the test.
  • The important thing in coded UI training test is recording and play test are the planning part. If we did not plan well definitely coded UI test of recording done are completely waste. For that first do planning part then only start recording.
  • We record the test cases by using the Coded UI Test Automation testing tool.
  • To test the User Interface first need to plan the testing then we go for recording then logically separately step by step and finally run that test case.

Global Online Trainings provide best Coded UI Training from top Trainers.We also provide Coded UI Training related course like   Selenium Training.

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