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Cognos Administration Training

Cognos Administartion Training Introduction:

Cognos Administartion Training provides a rich set of tools with a clear view into system metrics, allowing administrator to monitor and manage environment agnostic installation including fail over, load balancing capabilities. Even with this comprehensive administrative capability, maintaining complex installations without a proper understanding of Cognos architecture can lead administrative resources.

Global Online Trainings offers professional Cognos Administartion Training for professionals on virtual interactive platform by subject matter experts. This course is intended for the professionals in IT and who are looking to explore their professional career in the domains like financial enumeration, strategy management, business intelligence, analytic applications and more.


Prerequisites of IBM Cognos 10.2 Online course:

  • Attendees should have a good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and the office suite.

IBM Cognos 10.2 Online Course Content:

Installation of Cognos BI 10.2.1
Configure the Cognos Connection
Configure the Web Server & LDAP Authentication
Announcement Pages & Configuration of Portal Tabs (portal pages)
Configuration of Styles
Performance Management
Configuration Audit Reporting
Configuration of Dispatchers etc
Setting up Security Model
Creating User groups and Roles
Migration from the one version to another version of Cognos
Managing user profiles etc


Cognos Administration Training Overview: 

  • Cognos Administartion Training is part of the web-based Cognos portal named Cognos connection and can be accessed via the via the launch menu in Cognos connection. This module is only visible is the user has the required permissions.
  • A lot of important Cognos Administartion Training activities can be managed in this module. With the correct permissions you can setup user security, manage servers & reports. Besides all those tasks, it is also possible to configure settings, dispatchers, portal services and manage schedule activities. An Cognos administrator can also grant access to folders, packages and capabilities.
  • The IBM Cognos 10.2 Online course covers complete elements of Cognos Administartion Training counting application administration, system administration, server administration and troubleshooting.

Cognos Administration Training Objectives:

  • Cognos Administration Training provides an rich set of the tools with an clear view into the system metrics, allowing an administrator to the monitor and manage the environment agnostic of a installations including the failover and the load balancing capabilities.
  • Even with this comprehensive of a administrative capability, maintaining complex installations without an proper understanding of a Cognos architecture can be lead to an administrative resources to be often become an overwhelmed.
  • Without the diligent oversight, in the time, the system itself may become an fragile and the resistant to the change leading to the service level agreements not be being met.This is self paced training version of Cognos Administration Training classroom of a course.
  • Cognos Administration Training is a self paced course that is a designed to the allow to the new administrators to learn a fundamental tasks of a administering servers and the content in the IBM Cognos BI.
  • IBM Cognos 10.2 Online Course is a combination of the information and also hands-on exercises, students will install and also configure the IBM Cognos BI software, implement of a security, and manage then server components.


Application administration

  •         Personalization of Cognos connection
  •         Creation of portals & report views
  •         Connection with different data sources
  •         Setting up security
  •         Login credentials or access authorization
  •         Deployment of packages (import and export)
  •         Scheduling reports


System administration

  •         Performance Tuning
  •         Login credentials or access authorization
  •         Management of portals
  •         Logging levels


Server Administration

  •         Server Rebooting
  •         Online classes on windows and Unix environment
  •         Log, core and BIB analysis



  •         Diverse issues Solving
  •         Log analysis
  •         Different error codes in Cognos
  •         SLA/2/3/4 scenarios