Cognos administration training


Cognos Administration Training Introduction:

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We will cover all the basics of Cognos in this online Cognos administration training. Now, what is Cognos? Cognos is an IBM tool. Cognos is a business intelligence tool. It is used for ad-hoc reporting, operational reporting, and analytical reporting. Cognos BI is also used for the event notification and score carding. IBM Cognos supports both ROLAP and MOLAP data sources. MOLAP and ROLAP are two types of OLAP. MOLAP is multi-dimensional online analytical processing. It allows multi-dimensional data modeling for data analysis. ROLAP stands for relational online analytical processing. It allows for dicing and slicing of the information. It is more scalable in handling the large data volumes. Cognos is a web-based business intelligence suite. In the IBM Cognos, both the end user and development viewing can possible on the web. 

Prerequisites of IBM Cognos administration training course:

  • Attendees should have a good comprehension of Microsoft Windows and the office suite.

IBM Cognos 10.2 Online Course Content:

IBM Cognos BI Basics in Cognos administration training:

Cognos admin training

IBM Cognos BI is a platform independent. It is built on various platforms such as XML (Extensible Mark up Language), WSDL (web service definition language), and SOAP (simple object access protocol). Based on the business functions, the architecture of Cognos BI is divided into three tires. They are web server, applications, and data. The first tier is web server; it is used for all the communication through the gateways. The second one is applications; the application has one or more servers which process the requests. All these requests are received from the gateways. Now, what is data tier? It is a repository. It is used to store different types of data. These entire three tires are under the IBM Cognos BI and network firewall separates each tier.

User Interfaces in IBM Cognos Administration Training:

There are two types of the user interfaces in the IBM Cognos BI. They are web-based tools and windows based tools. All the installation process of the windows based tools is to be done on the client machine. Here we will have new concept i.e. framework manager. It is used to create a relational model and dimensional model. It is a tool for creating Metadata. This Metadata helps in IBM Cognos BI analysis and reporting. There is another tool for creating power cubes called the transformer.

Web-based tools are accessed from the web browser. All Cognos web tools accessed from one entry point called Cognos connection. There are some tools such as report studio, query studio, analysis studio, report viewer, event studio which are available in the web-based tools.

Report studio is one of the web-based tools. It is used for creating reports. We can create both simple and complex reports using report studio. Query Studio is used to create ad-hoc reports. Analysis studio is used for multidimensional analysis. Event Studio is a tool to set up agents to monitor the data and perform the tasks. 

Content manager in IBM Cognos BI:

The content manager is nothing but a Cognos BI service. Content manager manages the databases. These databases are known as Cognos content DB or Cognos content store. The content manager gives the permission to access the information from the Cognos content store or Cognos content DB. Content manager stores and manages the user security information, packages, report schedule data, and models etc. Content manager service is present in the data layer which is one of the tiers of the IBM Cognos business intelligence.

Reporting data sources:

Data sources are nothing but dimensional cubes, files, relational databases or any other data stores. All these can be accessed through the Cognos user interface. It is present in the data layer. If you want to access the data in the Cognos application, you need to create the data source connection.

Learn Features of Cognos BI architecture:

 IBM Cognos BI architecture is popular architecture due to its features.

  • It reduces the maintenance cost.
  • It is an open source platform and extensible.
  • The data in the IBM Cognos BI is more secure due to data is guarded by firewalls.
  • It is scalable and reliable.
  • It is platform independent.
  • It does not take up any space on the client’s server.
  • It supports RDBMS (relational database management system).
  • IBM Cognos BI is a multilingual platform. Reports can be created in multi-languages with the help of Cognos BI.
  • It improves the decision making.
  • Using different data sources, we can create the complex reports in IBM Cognos.
  • It also supports load balancing.

Overview of IBM Cognos Administration Training:

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If you install the IBM Cognos software on your computer, you can do some administrative tasks such as data management, content administration, server administration, security administration, and activities management. You will learn all these activities one by one in Cognos administration training. Server administration helps to maintain Cognos system and performance of the tune. You will also learn how to automate the tasks in the IBM Cognos administration training. You can access the IBM Cognos administration in the IBM Cognos connection.


Cognos Administration trainingIn the IBM Cognos administration training, we can configure the databases for the multilingual reporting. We can easily install the fonts for displaying HTML reports and pages. Web browser configuration can be done by the Cognos administrator. IBM Cognos administrator has a power to restrict the access to the Cognos software. We can also set up printers. We can also manage the printers in the Cognos administration. In the content administration, we can administer the imports & exports, report updates and also index updates. In the status bar of the IBM Cognos administration, we can access the past, current and future activities and also schedules to monitor activities of the server.

We can manage the styles and portlets in the Cognos administration. In the IBM Cognos administration training, we have the option to manage users, roles, groups, and namespaces. With the help of IBM Cognos administration, we can manage schedules easily. We can create distribution lists and contacts and also we can manage these two. In the server tuning administration area, we can optimize the efficiency and speed of the IBM Cognos software.

In the deployment administration area, you can deploy the Cognos, to export from source and then import in a target. In IBM Cognos administration, we have an option called security which is used for controlling the access to certain product functions.