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Cognos BI Training


Cognos bi provides tool for data warehousing and data modelling, through the report development and advanced visualization. Cognos bi training provides you, the knowledge regarding the comprehensive and feature rich business analytics product suites. The prerequisites to learn this cognos bi is the person should have the prior knowledge on Microsoft windows and office suits.

Cognos bi training at Global Online Trainings is rich at providing the online training as well as corporate trainings on this vast and upcoming IBM tool. The entire training is done with latest business updates and development hence the participants can expect grand exposure in the field of Information Technology.



  • To learn Cognos BI you should have basic knowledge of  SQL,
  • Knowledge about TABLEAU,
  • COGNOS consultants,
  • And Data Warehousing consultants, they can enlist in Cognos BI training.



Cognos Business Intelligence Training Introduction
  • Describe Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) and Financial Performance Management (FPM)
  • Describe Cognos BI components
  • Describe Cognos architecture at a high level
  • Define Cognos groups and roles
  • Explain how to extend Cognos BI
Consume Content in Cognos BI
  • Identify the advantages of using Cognos Connection
  • Schedule and manage reports
  • Personalize and organize content
Create Reports in Cognos BI Training
  • Create ad hoc queries in the Query Studio
  • Create reports in Report Studio
  • Analyze data using Analysis Studio
  • Work with Cognos Business Insight Advanced
Create Dashboards in Cognos BI training
  • Describe Cognos Business Insight
  • Explore navigation & general functionality
  • Create a dashboard from existing content
  • Modify an existing dashboard
  • Collaborate on a dashboard
Create Metadata Models in Cognos BI
  • Define Framework Manager and its purpose
  • Describe the Framework Manager environment
  • Describe Transformer capabilities and its role in Cognos BI
  • Describe Transformer components
Extend Cognos Business Intelligence
  • Describe Cognos Mobile
  • Explain Cognos for Microsoft Office
  • Describe Cognos Event Studio
  • Explain Cognos Metric Studio

Overview of Cognos BI training:

In Cognos BI training you will learn about, how it helps in your business. It is a tool that makes your business performance better. It shows the data in the visualized format.

Components of Cognos:

In the business insights and business insights advanced dashboards, there are various studios with the Cognos admin page. Here these studios are connected to the middleware tools like Framework manager, Transformer and Metric Designer.

  • The framework manager will process the data, and it will check that which package is in use, it is a metadata tool which helps in creating the reports.
  • In this we can also create relational and multi-dimensional model.
  • Transformer is also a tool that will form cubes for the analytical processing report.
  • In the Cognos BI training ,the metric designer helps to create the scorecards for the metric studio will be explained in detail.
  • These all are involved in the databases, every file in the Cognos is connected to the database.

Cognos Architecture:- Cognos BI training

It is a three tier multi-layered architecture; those are presentational, Application and Data layers.

  • To authenticate the user there is a gateway in the Presentational layer will send the response to the application layer like requesting and then the processing the data.
  • In the application layer there are Dispatcher and the IBM content manager and report server.
  • The servers will be running in the Cognos these servers are seen by the Dispatcher.
  • For loading the reports there is Report server. These report files are stored in the database that is content manager.
  • In the last layer that is Data layer, there will be content which is related to the internal database and the security related information of Cognos.
  • The security Namespace, IBM Cognos Content store, Data source, OLAP etc. will be in the data layer.
  • This is totally related to the Data warehousing, It is a repository where you can store any amount data that will be derived from the sources.
  • This is mainly used for the decision taking system. These source can be any system, for this the ETL is applied (Extraction, Transformation and Loading), which will extract the files and will apply the tools and then load to the destination region.
  • Here the destination will be the data warehouse, the data warehouse can contain any kind of data like Meta data, raw data and summarized data. The framework manager is used for modeling for Cognos.

Cognos TM1 Training is essential while you work with TM1, it passes on community condition with combined association and database organization and outfits of business with the scorecard and formative limit. TM1 use a profile based structure that is cube; somebody like alternate tables yet TM1 can have up to 256 measurements in a single cube, with the Cognos BI training Cognos planning training is also available.

Business with Cognos: (Cognos BI Training)

  • In the organization we need information of every department which should be collaborated and connected through the integrated process and every department that should be able to easily analyze that data for the insights. 
  • With the insights and analytical there is a way to connect the departments and make better decisions.
  • IBM Cognos with the business intelligence, it integrates the enterprise and delivers a new user experience and it is the big advantage with the reporting and dashboards.Components-of-Cognos
  • IBM Cognos will make the interconnections of the organizations with the other insights. It makes the better decisions and strategic levels.
  • It is a complete environment that provides best planning, reliable and forecasts and budgets.
  • Thus, in the Cognos BI training, IBM Cognos family covers all your information through the intelligence performance management and business analytics needs.
  • IBM Cognos insights, work for the desktop analytics and the required information and shares the information for the community.
  • IBM Cognos express will work with the workgroups of the company to manage the data.
  • For the entire organization the IBM Cognos enterprise will help you to deploy the analytics.
  • It is the easy to manage even it is analyzing, reporting or modeling, planning or collaborating these will give you the insights to take easy action.
  • It is a web based intelligence suite; it provides the reporting and analysis of the events. There are two types of architectures, single tier architecture and distributed tier architecture, in the Cognos BI Training you will know the details.

Cognos Planning: (Cognos BI Training)

  • Enterprise planning is the most important one and it is a key of a business. After planning you need to check the best way to manage those plans.
  • We have some modules of the OLAP admin for the performance; this interface makes the plan management easier.
  • In the Cognos BI training, we have the workspace that is used for the users in the organization. Here there is an embedded planning portal for the enterprise plan, each and every sales plan is submitted in here, and then the administrator can secure those plans if there is any kind of mistake.
  • But the managers only can access their plan only, and administrator will be able to see total logs.
  • You can adjust the flow charts using the interactive charts and then apply the new scenarios. You can even find the problems in the built in annotations.Cognos-BI-Training
  • Cognos TM1 plan will allow the multiple users that can analyze planning.
  • Through the dashboards they can send the plans share and those are in the graphical formats. The team members can also comment, IBM Cognos report studio training is also available with Cognos BI training.

This will be stored in excel with a dynamic storage in memory cube based engine this will allow to store huge data. In a single cube it will have more space. There will be multiple cubes that become a robust planning solution that can be of any domain, Cognos administration training will be helpful with the Cognos BI training. 

  • The end users will present the web sheets that resemble the forecast data. They can do any changes that they have assigned for. And the administrators can view the spread sheets. In the IBM Cognos we have the built in tool that is for the calculations that will simplify the built process.
  • The IBM TM1 will automatically update the changes in the dashboard. The IBM Cognos software solutions are easy to use same as the spreadsheets, they can be shared among the personal and enterprise level.
  • Through the IBM Cognos forecasting and the analysis, you can note the problems.
  • The design concepts among the security layers; with the cube structures you can create the calculations. You may be having the difficulty so there is a quick view for comparison. That will highlight the sections.
  • There will also be indicators like warnings to check, if we are going in correct format or not.

With Cognos planning, you’ll access current actual knowledge to assess financial performance, put up flexible plans and models to robust your business desires, and proceed from “what is” to estimate the what-if circumstances important to forecasting future performance, you can check with Cognos planning training.

Cognos Concepts: (Cognos BI Training)

  • Cognos planning might be a completely incorporated, dynamic, and extremely adaptable, Solution for planning, budgeting and statement.
  • It incorporates operational and money related anticipating interest for prompt deceivability into asset necessities and future business execution.
  • The result; true predictability and accountability commencing end to end in the enterprise.

Cognos Training: – Cognos BI training

  • In the Cognos BI training you learn about BI tool which is represents Business Intelligence tool for the most part is used for the reporting. In COGNOS Training have different studios like report studio, query studio, analysis studio.
  • COGNOS Training helps in the equipped reporting, analytical reporting, ad- hoc reporting, score card and the event notification; COGNOS DEVELOPER Training combines both the ROLAP and MOLAP.
  • COGNOS DEVELOPER Training is the web based tool both the developer and the end users doing there development on their web and presentation results there are displayed.