Cognos Controller Training

Cognos Controller Training

Introduction to Cognos Controller Training:

Cognos Controller Training is intended to show application engineers how to set up a controller application and successfully utilize controller in their association consolidation process. It is used to design and generate financial reports using controller and set up a controller application by creating the necessary structures, later it tests the application to ensure that it works properly.

Cognos Controller Corporate Training makes you to see how to function with currency translation, organization exchanges, interests in the auxiliaries, propelled equation estimations, and client characterized business rules, and in addition characterizes the arrangement settings and client access to the application. Cognos controller Training is proposed for Application Developers with basic knowledge of group accounting.

Prerequisites for Cognos Controller Training:

To learn Cognos Controller Corporate Training at Global Online Training the person must have knowledge on:

  • SQL
  • COGNOS consultants
  • Data warehousing consultants

Cognos Controller Online Training Course Outline:

  • Course Name: Cognos Controller Training.
  • Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location).
  • Duration of course: 30 hrs.
  • Do you provide materials: Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, Cognos Controller Corporate Training materials will provided by us.
  • Course fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.
  • Trainer experience: 15 years+.
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility.
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track.

Cognos Controller Online Training Course Content:

Cognos Controller Training Course Content

Overview of Cognos Controller Training:

The detailed information about the Cognos Controller Training will be given when you join the course. Now, let us discuss about the process in Cognos Controller Training. Controller web is a new component in version 10.3 of controller. It is a web application designed for a reporting site user. We need to log on to controller web and open a project. Then find out how to share data through the web interface and how to perform intercompany reconciliation.

  • After we log onto controller web, in that panel you can adjust the settings, export a log file containing user actions or log out of the system. You can also adjust the application language, the content language and the number format used in the application.
  • Controller web allows you to report for one or more subsidiaries into the group’s financial consolidation. The setting up in the administration will be done in the IBM Cognos controller rich client.
  • To perform reporting site tasks and controller web you must open a project on the landing page, select a company and a submission that you want to work on, populate the forms with data, reconcile intercompany transactions, manage the journals and check the account reconciliation, review your data and then submit your data.
  • Considering projects, from the landing page you can choose to work with the currently open projects or all projects or even you can search for a particular project using the search field. Consider one project, so that you can view all the companies that are available to you.
  • So that you can select a specific company for which you want to do the submission. Then you can click a submission that you want to work on. The status of a submission is indicated by an icon. If the submission has a lock icon then you can unlock it depending on your wish.
  • At the bottom of the screen the calendar will show you the deadlines for the submissions. If you open one of the submissions for one of the companies then the submission opens. IBM Controller web uses visual indicators which represent the status of forms, journals, intercompany reconciliation and the account reconciliation.
  • The different steps in the flow are indicated with the warnings on the corresponding tab. Mandatory actions will be displayed in red and non-mandatory actions will be displayed in yellow. IBM controller web shows the important submission dates in the calendar ribbon. Submission dates will be set in the IBM Cognos controller rich clients.  

What is about Cognos Controller Training?

IBM Cognos Controller accomplishes a multi-dimensional way to deal with financial arranging and anticipating. It robotizes manual procedures with the goal that the danger of mistakes from depending on spreadsheets is wiped out and the account group can convey knowledge to the business quicker and more dependably than any time in recent memory.

Who is the right person to take this Cognos Controller Training?

This Cognos Controller Training is intended for Application Developers.

Cognos Controller Tool

How to populate data using IBM Controller web:

  • You can enter period values manually or transfer them automatically using a file from an external system. You can use forms to enter data and controller web with some limitations.
  • The forms will be created and maintained in the IBM Cognos Controller rich client. You can select a form into which you can enter data, enter values, enter company values and comments and all relevant cells.
  • Then you have to save the changes. The green indicator in a cell means you can add a comment, the yellow indicator means that a comment has been entered.
  • If the account is an intercompany account then the cell will have blue mark. In IBM Controller web we can import data from external systems.

Intercompany Reconciliation:

Let us consider intercompany reconciliation, with intercompany reconciliation in IBM controller web you can reconcile transactions between a company and all the counter companies where intercompany transactions exist. The purpose of intercompany reconciliation is to provide a quick way of tracing differences before consolidation calculations are performed. The respective local reporting currencies are translated into your reporting local currency using the currency rates that have been entered for the period. In IBM Cognos controller the initial view is meant to give an overview of all the differences that you have to deal with. There is one record for each combination of counterpart and category. The largest difference is at the start of the list, all categories and all journal types are included as soon as numbers affecting your reconciliation are changed. For example if your counterpart changes values then control their web updates to reflect the change.  

The counterpart transactions section will show all existing transactions that are reported by other group companies with your company. As counterparts are included in the calculation of the selected difference amounts and other currencies are translated into your local currency. The difference section will show the difference between my transactions and counterpart transactions.


Journals are used to correct and adapt your reported data. Journal types are defined in the IBM Cognos Controller rich clients. They can be set to read or write mode depending on the user rights settings. In the existing journal you can view and update the debit and credit amounts for each account. You can also add and delete accounts. Later you need to click the post journal button to save your changes and post the journal. You can also delete the journal from the window.


If you find any differences that must be fixed before completing the reporting to the submission then reconciliation is necessary to check that entered and imported values are correct or not. If the reconciliation is completed without errors you can update the status of the company and IBM controller web. Reconciliation will be done according to the rules that are set up in the account structure.


To review your company’s balances you can create reports. Reports provide basic reporting and analysis for a reporting site in IBM controller web. You can use reports to check the numbers before submitting them to the group or you can create a new reports or view existing reports. Before you view the content of the report we have to select the values from the filters and then you can view the reports. During the Cognos controller Training you will learn how to create new reports and also the importance of them.

How to submit data from IBM Controller web:

  • On the submit tab, you can submit button to complete your reporting and lock your data for further updates in IBM Controller web. Before you submit your reporting in IBM Cognos controller you must make sure that no data entry forms have a status of missing. In addition account reconciliation must show no difference over the accepted limit. Finally all previous submissions for the period must have been reconciled correctly. If these conditions are not met, then the submit button will be grayed out.
  • Thus, we have covered how to populate the data through the web interface and how to perform intercompany reconciliation and how to create, modify journals and perform account reconciliation. Finally it is also explained that how to examine the review and submit data to lock it for further updates in controller web.
  • Cognos is a tool which helps you in good decision making. Cognos includes various components in it. They are Cognos BI, Cognos Planning, Cognos Analytics, Cognos Transformer, Cognos TM1 etc., It is an web based tool. Cognos tool is very strong software. The security features for Cognos are also quite high. Although Cognos is little expensive because of its license based and you need to purchase licenses for all the coding modules that you use. But, still it is the leading software in the market. Cognos Training also includes the concepts of data warehousing.
  • Cognos BI Training helps you in your business. It helps an organization to know whether the business is in loss or is in profit or what are the best sales figures, who are the best sales person, the reason which is giving the maximum profits etc.., So Cognos BI tool is basically a reporting tool which uses the common core data and converts them into actual useful information.
  • Cognos is the market leader in the BI section. Because Cognos have very high advanced security features. And it is heterogeneous software which works on different databases. Thus there are many advantages of Cognos BI Training. So join Cognos BI Training at Global Online Trainings to get more information regarding Cognos BI tool.

Cognos TM1 Training in Cognos Controller Training:

Cognos TM1 is the financial planning management solution by IBM. Cognos TM1 Training is the powerful solution that is like excel on the steroids. It allows to leverage the knowledge that you have in excel but puts it in a dynamic 64-bit in-memory cube based engine underneath allowing you to leverage huge data sets with rapid data load and query response. It helps to eliminate the barriers to effective planning and engage the entire organization in collaborative decision making for better business outcomes. We provide Cognos TM1 Training by experienced trainers with flexible timings and reasonable cost. Enroll for Cognos TM1 Training to know more information this course.

Conclusion for Cognos Controller Training:

IBM Cognos Controller is interesting in the market as a money related solidification arrangement that is truly worked for the account client, who keeps up the arrangement autonomous from ICT. The total application approach empowers account clients to characterize and keep up all monetary solidification measurements, rules and procedures. The arrangement gives start to finish process control and review for the combination procedure including information and compromise.

Participate in Global Online Trainings. We furnish Cognos Controller Training course with essential level to cutting edge ideas as indicated by IT needs. This self-guided course is exceptionally intended to acquaint you with key distributed changes in structures and reporting writing. We provide Cognos Controller corporate training from our experts. We also provide classroom training in Hyderabad, Nodia, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Banaglore. We give Cognos Controller Online Training by ongoing specialists who having 10+ years of experience. You will get a brief idea about all the components in Cognos by joining Cognos Controller Training at Global Online Trainings.


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