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Global Online Trainings offers proficient COGNOS PLANNING Training for experts yearning for making a vocation in information warehousing space. The whole preparing is outlined and intended to offer a far reaching course module containing online class addresses and distinctive contextual analysis for connecting information, for tuning and looking after applications. The course is guided by best topic specialists and the instructional exercise is made of most recent industry refreshes.

Takes an interest will figure out how to outline and assemble models for business arranging .For more insights about the course contact the assistance work area for particular preparing for every person and for corporate batches.




  • Attendees  should have knowledge of your organization’s data and structure for cognos planning training.


Introduction to cognos planning - administrator
  • review cognos performance management (pm) solution
  • identify cognos planning and its components
  • identify cognos bi and its components
  • examine the cognos planning architecture
  • examine cognos planning – contributor and its components
  • examine the development process for the contributor solution
Build a contributor application
  • examine best practices for building the underlying
Cognos planning - analyst model
  • configure cognos planning administrator
  • create a planning contributor application using the application wizard
  • specifying the navigation, orientation, and application settings
  • import the e.list and rights
  • run go to production and preview a planning contributor application
Manage workflow and web application activities
  • accessing application in the cognos connection
  • examine the user roles and workflow states
  • create annotations
  • attach documents to planning contributor application items
  • view and delete commentary
  • bounce users from the application
  • work offline
Apply security
  • examine cognos planning security: authentication and authorization
  • examine cognos planning roles
  • access rights to end users
  • examine levels of user rights
  • create saved selections
  • examine and create access tables
  • identifying the network considerations
Administer applications
  • review what happens during go to production
  • backup the datastore
  • display invalid owners and editors
  • create a planning package
  • reset workflow states
  • set advanced options for subsequent go to production processes
  • examine job management and the types of jobs that can be performed
  • create help text for end users
  • verify that data entered is valid
Manage data
  • synchronize the cognos planning contributor application with cognos planning  analyst model
  • import data into the planning contributor application as a planner, reviewer & administrator
  • publish planning contributor data
Use extensions
  • examine cognos planning contributor extensions
  • report from planning contributor data using extensions
  • configure planning contributor extensions
  • use administration extensions
Automate applications
  • examine automation of common administration tasks using macros
  • create and publish a macro
  • group related tasks into one macro
  • examine how to run macros
Consume planning data in cognos bi
  • examine cognos connection
  • create a portal page to group different types of content into a single view
  • examine how to access live data in cognos studios
  • create and run agents based on planning data in events studio
Case study
  • create a contributor application
  • ensure planners and reviewers have the required access to the appropriate data
  • modifying application to accommodate the addition of new locations
  • bring test data into the application in an administrator role and an end user role
  • publish data for reporting and automate this task
Use the contributor add-in for excel
  • examine the cognos planning contributor add in for excel
  • enter, save, & submit planning contributor data using the excel add-in
  • modify the display of planning contributor data in the microsoft office excel
  • annotate data in the microsoft office excel
  • save a workbook as a template
Move data between planning analyst and planning contributor (optional)
  • export data from planning analyst for use in planning contributor
  • integrate planning contributor with planning analyst
  • move data from planning the analyst to planning contributor using a d-link
  • move data from planning the contributor to planning analyst using a d-link
  • compare d-links to importing data in the planning administrator
Translate a contributor application (optional)
  • examine the translation cycle
  • create a translation
  • translate applications into the different languages
  • export files for translation

Cognos planning training Overview:

Cognos planning training may be a fully integrated, progressive, and extremely scalable Solution for planning, budgeting and statement. It integrates operational and financial planning on demand for immediate visibility into resource requirements and future business performance.

With Cognos planning training, you’ll access current actual knowledge to assess financial performance, build flexible plans and models to fit your business needs, and proceed from “what is” to evaluate the what-if scenarios important to forecasting future performance. The result: true predictability and accountability across the enterprise.

Cognos is a BI tool is a business integer intelligence mainly used for reporting. In Cognos we have various Studios like,

  • Report Studio
  • Query Studio
  • Analysis Studio
  • Event Studio
  • Metric Studio
  • Business inside
  • Business inside advance

Report Studio:

Report Studio is the expert report-writing device. The instrument takes into consideration the improvement of pixel-idealize reports, for example, solicitations and statements, and extremely complex designs, for example, those required for big business dashboards. An Author who approaches Report Studio is a Professional Author.

Query Studio:

It is an exceptionally easy to use adhoc inquiry instrument that enables clients to effectively get to data. With Query Studio, the client moves fields to execute inquiries, and with various accessible choices at a touch of the mouse, it can assemble information, make synopses, show graphs, channel data and fare information. An Author who approaches Query Studio is referred to as a Business Author.

Analysis Studio:

Analysis Studio is the easy to understand apparatus used to rapidly break down outlined data with intense measurement and variable intersection for complex examination, disclosure of patterns and determining. An Author who approaches Analysis Studio is a Business Analyst.

Event Studio:

Event Studio is an observing instrument takes into consideration the meaning of operators that will screen certain client characterized occasions and will execute errands as needs be. They can be spared to Cognos as operators. Event Studio gets to is incorporated for Professional Authors.

Metric Studio:

  • Metric Studio is a capable scorecard instrument that takes into account the creation and checking of objectives through an association. An Author who approaches Metrics Studio is a Business Manager.
  • So Cognos helps in operational reporting, analytical reporting, ad-hoc reporting, score carding and event notification.
  • It is a web based tool so both the developer as well as end user would be doing their development so on the web also they would be viewing the results all also on the web.
  • Its supports both Relational Online Analytical Processing (ROLAP) as well as Multi Dimensional Online Analytical Processing (MOLAP), so you would be dealing with your relational data as well as your multi dimensional data.
  • Cognos is a tool which mainly helps you to take a good decision making. Various components in Cognos like IBM Cognos Connection page, Business inside and Business inside advance its more mostly it is for dashboarding and you have various Studios like Report studio, Query studio, Analysis studio, Event studio, Metric studio and Cognos administration page, so all these studios are connected with the middleware tools with modeling tools framework manager transformer and a metric designer so you use. Framework manager is a metadata tool using a framework manager only
  • We would be processing our data and would be publishing as a package which package would be used in Cognos connection page to create the reports, so in framework manager we can create both relational model as well as our multi dimensional model.
  • Transformer is a separate tool which is used to create cubes, using cubes you can create analytical processing reports that is more into analysis, deeper analysis which we used in analysis studio, so may we also have a matrix studio which is used to create scorecards for that you need to have metric designer so all these are connected to the data warehouse databases, so you have your dimensional or relational data or any Cognos files your Cognos content so all these are connected to a database.
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How to generate cubes in cognos?

Power play transformer contains measurement, measure, model and shape. We can produce cube different way. Without flaw tap on shape name and manufacture. We can compose content in Unix. Utilizing that we can generate cube.

Responsibility of Cognos Architect:

An architect is answerable for designing the interface by fulfilling the user needs. Once the interface has been designed it ought to be strictly tested before distributing to the top user population.

Cognos planning training Architecture:

Cognos planning training is three tier architecture, multi layered or three tier architecture, so this is a three tier,

  • Presentation layer
  • Application layer
  • Data layer

Presentation layer it mainly have your gateway which you authenticate the user and it would be getting the request from the user and process a request and sent to the second layer application layer or application tier where you have your dispatcher IBM report server and your content managers or dispatcher mainly takes care of all the services which is been running in the Cognos.

Report server which takes care of running the reports loading the reports and you also have a Content Manager which would be act as a database for the Cognos server which will have all the information related like our report files, outputs report specifications everything would be store in our Context manager.

Data later or Data tier so you would be having all your databases your security namespaces also the content store which act as the internal database for the Cognos, So everything would be in your data layer.

Application Tier: Content Manager:

Content Manager is an administration that deals with the capacity of the accompanying client application information:

  • Security settings and setups
  • Server setup settings
  • Packages
  • Dashboards
  • Metrics
  • Report specifications
  • Report Output

Content Manager keeps up data in a social database that is alluded to as the substance store database.

At least one IBM Cognos Content Manager Benefit is required for each Cognos Platform usage.

Data Tier:

The IBM Cognos BI information level contains the:

  • Content Store
  • Data Sources
  • Metric Store

Content Store:

  • Content store is a social database that contains information that Cognos item needs to work.
  • Incorporates the IBM Cognos Content Database as a default content store for test and verification of idea establishments.
  • Configuration models and log documents are not put away in the substance store.
  • The IBM Cognos benefit that uses the Content store is named Content Manager.
  • Content Manager utilizes a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) API to get to the substance store and metric stores.
  • Cognos BI refreshes the diagram intermittently.

Cognos Planning training Groups and Roles:

Cognos we have different administrator exercises like you have organization page where you can make different gatherings and parts the consents for the gatherings and parts, such huge numbers of clients would get to the Cognos so every client would be performed in a specific gathering and each there would be doled out a particular part and they would be relegated particular authorizations so in light of that lone we have will relegate the gatherings and parts thus for certain reports or bundles you would allot the gatherings so in light of the authorizations just that are permitted to have either a perused compose or a read consent.

Cognos Reporting Tool:

Cognos is a Reporting instrument from IBM which helps in revealing and examination of different information from an information distribution center.

Cognos Connection:

It is a Web entryway for Cognos 8 and a segment which interacts with the Content Store. It is a frontend to distribute, find, oversee, sort out, and see association’s business insight information.

Framework manager in Cognos Reporting:

Framework manager could be a data modeling tool. A model may be a business presentation of the information in one or a lot of data sources. Once you add security and multilingual capabilities to the current business presentation, one model will serve the coverage, adhoc querying and analysis wants of the many teams of users.

Advantages of Cognos Planning Training:

The main advantages of Cognos are,

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Scorecarding

Features and benefits of Cognos Planning Training:

Rapid development:

Cognos planning training helps you to build a model in days – not months. And you’ll import knowledge from sources like ERP applications to additional accelerate the method.

Sophisticated modeling:

Cross-functional planning processes rely on advanced logic and dependencies. Cognos planning training quickly delivers subtle coupled models that accurately reflect your business.


With flexible modeling options, you’ll revise underlying business logic and principles quickly and simply and then see the impact of the changes.

Less time on method, longer on analysis:

The proprietary high-speed, bi-directional calculation engine in Cognos planning training allows you to measure models and check assumptions in minutes to support really informed business choices.

Eliminates unproductive computer program activities:

Avoid tracking down numbers, fixing broken links, and debugging macros. Instead, Cognos planning  training offers refined options like break-back, multidimensional slicing-and-dicing, and drill-down to assist you explore knowledge absolutely and with efficiency. On-demand info flow allows you to form flexible rolling forecasts and provides larger visibility into future operating performance.Virtual Job Support provides best Cognos Planning online job support by experts.


This unique capability mechanically spreads high-level, top-down targets over any profile – like previous period actuals or projected seasonality – and over multiple dimensions like product, customers, territories or time periods, while not anyone eager to outline special business rules.

Multi-dimensional analysis:

Cognos planning training makes it simple to compare and manipulate knowledge in multiple dimensions, perspectives or versions. As an example, you’ll compare targets among groups and people with current and historical actual and with external benchmarks to quickly confirm the viability and consistency of your targets.

Unified view:

Cognos planning online job support provides a unified view of your arrange with key metrics and essential underlying data. With one version of company reality, you’ll pay your time creating business choices, instead of debating knowledge definitions and accuracy.

Publish capabilities:

Publish options assist you quickly transfer knowledge for news in downstream databases and OLAP tools. Extended analytics and reporting: agreement with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence means you’ll be able to extend your planning with increased analytics and reporting:

  • Perform financial analysis and extremely complicated. profitability and operational analysis with IBM Cognos TM1
  • Gain larger insight with enterprise news, scorecards, analysis, dashboa
  • rds, event detection and notification.

Cognos Administration training:

Cognos Administration training provides an expensive set of tools with a transparent read into system metrics, permitting administrator to watch and manage surroundings agnostic installation together with failover, load equalization capabilities. Even with this comprehensive administrative capability, maintaining complicated installations while not a correct understanding of Cognos design will lead administrative resources.

Cognos Administration training is an element of the web-based Cognos portal named Cognos association and may be accessed via the via the launch menu in Cognos association. This module is simply visible is that the user has the desired permissions. Our trainers will skilled you on the Cognos Planning project support at reasonable price.

Cognos bi Training:

Cognos bi Training provides tool for information warehousing and knowledge modeling, through the report development and advanced visualization. Cognos bi training provides you, the data regarding the great and has rich business analytics product suites. The conditions to find out this cognos bi are that the person ought to have the prior data on Microsoft windows and office suits.

Cognos is IBM’s business intelligence and performance management software suite. The software designed to the enable business users while not technical data to extract company information, analyze it and assemble reports. Cognos business intelligence training provides reports, analysis, dashboards and scoreboards to assist support the approach individuals assume and work once they are attempting to grasp the business performance. You’ll freely explore data, analyze key facts and quickly collaborate to align selections with key stakeholders.

Global Online Trainings will give brief information about the course content and the Cognos Planning Training also. There will be online session will provide and session will be there for single or individual person. If any queries regarding this training you can visit our website.

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