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Cognos Report Studio Training


Cognos Report Studio Training at Global Online Trainings- IBM Cognos connection is a web-based user interface. Using IBM Cognos connection we can access all the available reports, can create reports, can run reports, share reports and can access admin panel to connect to control all the available services.

Cognos report studio is an intense web-based business reporter writing tool. Cognos Report Studio Online Course exposes you to the unlimited possibilities of extending your basic business reports to advanced levels utilizing HTML , JavaScript and Macros. Call the help desk for more details about Cognos Report Studio Training.

Prerequisites for Cognos Report Studio Training:

To learn Cognos Report studio Training at Global Online Trainings the person must have knowledge on:

  • SQL
  • BI
  • Cognos BI
  • Cognos developers


Create Query Models
Create Query Reports Based on Relationships
Create Advanced Dynamic Reports
Design Effective Prompts
Create Additional Advanced Reports
Examine the Report Specification
Distribute Reports through Bursting
Enhance User Interaction with HTML
Analyze Data Using Statistical Reports

Components of Cognos:

Let us consider that we have a database which has data it may be a sales data, inventory data which are stored in the tables. And you have users in the company who wants to see the reports. Where the reports may be in the form of Excel or as web page. So the reporting tool is used to solve this problem. It will take the data and publishes it in a user-friendly manner. The basic components of reporting tool are: extraction of data, publishing, access control and scheduler.

After installing Cognos, to get into report studio we need to sign in as administrator into the Cognos manager console. Then click on the provided link and launch the report studio. Then from there we need to pick a package to start and pull data from recently used packages. Otherwise you need to select the sample models and then pick the package from the latest model. Once you pick the package then an Internet Explorer will open a new window and search reports to do. Create a new port. Report Studio

Cognos Report studio interacts with a model and then helps you to create reports. Where a model is created using a framework manager from the database. There are some additional tools called as query studio and analysis studio which helps you to create and publish reports.

Create professional reports is the tool for creating report studio. Analyze my business is analysis studio and query my data is a query studio and it also helps you to create reports.

In Cognos we have various Studios like,

  • Report Studio
  • Query Studio
  • Analysis Studio
  • Event Studio
  • Metric Studio

Objects in Framework manager:

Namespace- It could be name of any application.

Query subject – It could be a table or a view. Query subject includes query items. Query items include important properties like data type.

Overview of Cognos Report Studio Training:

  • Cognos includes many modules. They are Cognos Controller, Cognos Connection, Cognos Planning, Cognos BI, Cognos TM1, Cognos Transform, Cognos Administration, Cognos Analytics etc..,
  • COGNOS Training includes operational reporting, analytical reporting, ad- hoc reporting, score card and the event notification.
  • Cognos Training helps in making good decisions. It is a web based application. Presentation web tier, Application web Tier, Data Tier are the layers present in the architecture of Cognos. By joining Cognos Training you will get more information about its architecture and also benefits of Cognos.
  • Cognos Connection helps to access the query, report, analysis and metric studios. It is a web based user interface.
  • Cognos Controller is mainly used to create financial and management reports.
  • Cognos Planning acts as an important element for any type of business to grow. It means planning plays a major role for all the enterprises. Cognos Planning helps in fast distribution and it is easy to use.
  • Cognos TM1 is an analysis tool. Cognos TM1 doesn’t require database but it includes RAM memory. It is the main advantage of Cognos TM1.
  • Cognos Transform is used for multi dimensional process for business.
  • Cognos Administration takes the responsibilities of server, security regarding Cognos and it will also take the users feedback. It plays an important role throughout the project.
  • Cognos BI means Cognos Business Intelligence. Cognos BI tool is a reporting application which is used to develop reports for senior management, higher management. It is used for reporting, analyzing and monitoring the business information. Cognos BI is a web based integrated BI tool. By joining Cognos BI Training at Global Online Trainings you will know how to use Cognos BI tool and how to become an expert user in Cognos BI tool.
  • Cognos Analytics helps us to understand and manage our business. It uses built-in intelligence. It makes our work easy and fast.
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Cognos Report Studio Training
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