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Cognos Training

Cognos Training


COGNOS Training is a BI tool which is represents Business Intelligence tool mainly used for the reporting. In COGNOS Training have various studios like report studio, query studio, analysis studio and the even studio. COGNOS Training helps in the operational reporting, analytical reporting, ad- hoc reporting, score card and the event notification. COGNOS DEVELOPER Online Training is an the web based tool both the developer and the end users doing there development on their web and viewing there results on there. COGNOS DEVELOPER  Online Training supports both the ROLAP and the MOLAP. Global Online Trainings gives the best training regarding this CONGOS TRAINING we will provide materials also about this course. Online classes will also there based up on you there we will keep the different session for each person. COGNOS Training is so important for the business process improvement.

Prerequisites of COGNOS Training:

  • For learning the COGNOS Training should have knowledge on the SQL.
  • Familiar with the data warehouse concept also for getting training on this.
  • Should working consultants on COGNOS Module.
  • Report studio, Framework manager, BI Admin and consultants should be known for this COGNOS Training.

Cognos Online Training Course Content:

Introduction To Dataware Housing
  • Introduction to Dataware Housing
  • Characteristics of Dataware Housing
  • OLTP Vs OLAP Databases
  • Different Approaches of DWH (Kimball Vs Inmon)
  • Data mart Vs Data Warehouse
  • Fact Table Vs Dimension Table
  • Concepts of Schemas (Star schema & Snowflake schema)
  • Industry leading ETL and Reporting tools
Introduction to Cognos Training
  • About Cognos 8.4
Tier Architecture
  • Cognos Release (EP series7, Reportnet , Cognos 8.0/8,1/8.2/8.3)
  • Features of Cognos 8.4
  • Cognos Training Vs other OLAP tools
  • Cognos components (Modeling & Reporting)
  • Different cognos services
Cognos Training Connections
  • Personalize cognos connection
  • Create and manage portals, shortcuts, report views.etc
  • Working with Cognos Training configuration, content Store
  • How to Connect to different Data Sources
  • Security setup
  • Import and Export of Package (Deployment)
  • Running the Report Burn
  • Scheduling Reports
Framework Manager
  • About Framework Manager
  • Framework Manager, Metadata Modeling
  • Creation of Interface and Usage
  • Creating Model & Namespace (Layers)
  • Importing Metadata
  • Naming convention for objects in a project
  • Creating Query Subjects & Query Items
  • Merging Query Subjects
  • Creating Relationships & Setting Cardinalities
  • Creating Parameter Maps & Macros
  • Creating of Model Filters, Prompts & Calculations
  • Add Business Rules and Set Governors
  • Assigning package level security
  • Improving performance
  • Publishing Package
Query Studio
  • Introduction
  • About Ad-hoc Reports
  • Types of Report(List, Cross Tab, Chart Reports & Others)
  • Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations
  • Sorting, Grouping, Sections & Aggregate Functions
  • Run and Manage reports
Report Studio
  • Type of Report Templates
  • Creating list, Cross Tab, Chart, repeater, Maps & Other Reports
  • Report templates, formatting Reports – fonts, style, header, footer, boarder…etc
  • Generating and Creating Prompt Page
  • Types of Prompts
  • Query Calculations & Layout Calculations
  • Static Filters and Dynamic Filters
  • Conditional Block
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Master Details
  • Cascading Prompt
  • HTML Items & Hyperlinks
  • Set Operators
  • Setting Burst Options
  • Drill through
  • Drill up & Drill down
  • Setting Variables
  • Report Functions
  • Report Validation
  • Reports Run with Options (separate course not included in this package)
Analysis Studio
  • Insert Data
  • Change the number of Visible Items
  • Nest Data
  • Replace Data
  • Sort Data
  • Explore Data
  • Change the measure
  • Drill down for Details
  • Hide Items
  • Insert a calculation
  • Save a custom set
  • Define a filter
  • Compare sets of data
  • Using Dynamic Context
Event Studio
  • Creating Agents
  • Adding Event conditions
  • Task and Task execution rules
  • Scheduling Agents


  • We have a data base which has data it could be sales data and the inventory data this is stored in tables then we have users in our company to see the report and this report could be the XL and then the reporting tool could be solve this problem it will gets the data and publish in a user friendly manner.
  • There is basic concepts of reporting is extraction of the data and the another one is publishing this are the main components. You may are not to report to any one that is called access control.
  • Scheduler some reports could be scheduler to run every day. Maps our data base to something which COGNOS Training can understand model and the model could be a data model or business model.
  • Then it has component called report studio the work of this studio is it interrupt with or models and then helps to create the report.
  • For example our data base relation with the model which stores the meta data information of the data base. Where it will interact with the report studio creates the reports and there is an additional tool is query studio and the analysis studio this is also do the same work as the report studio.
  • We can create the model with the framework manager using this manager we can create the model. Best COGNOS Online Training is provide in our global online trainings.

COGNOS Training Financial Performance Management:

COGNOS Training is the tool which helps mainly in the taking good decision making because we are going to present the data more visualized format and the reporting format. COGNOS Report Studio Training material provides and it contains all information about the training.

COGNOS Training Framework Manager create Data layer:

In COGNOS Training Framework Manager have some data layer types they are

  • Data layer or Import layer or Database layer
  • Business layer or logic layer
  • Presentation layer

For example creating any project first wants to create these three layers it is not mandatory what the name have given. Maintain the separate layers for the creating the projects if it is not there separate layers it is hard to maintain the project.

Not about the layer name want to see the whats the performing are performing in each layers is the main if the layers are ABC, CDE, XYZ in the first layer we want to import the query subject if an the usage type of each column and create the relationship between the tables and the tasks are to be performed, for the next layer we want to create the query subject based on the existing in the first layer and the last layer is to create the short cuts. CONGOS Framework Manager Corporate Training is rendered by the best trainers from india.

COGNOS Training Architecture:

COGNOS Training is an free tier architecture  it has the three layers like

  • Presentation Web tier layer
  • Application Tier
  • Data Tier

cognos training architecturePresentation Web Tier layer:

Presentation Web tier layer have the gateway which is for the authenticate the user that means getting the request from the user and processing from the front end user.

Application Tier Layer:

  • Application tier layer have the dispatcher of the ibm content manager, ibm report server and dispatcher will take care all those services that means running in the top.
  • We have the report server which will take running the report, serving the report.
  • Content manager which they will take access of the data base for the COGNOS Training services it contain all the data about the report server and the report specification everything will be stored in the report manager.

Data Tier:

  • Data Tier contain all the data bases, security and also content stored which act as the internal storage for the COGNOS Training. It is an the default storage for the test and the proof of the concept installations.
  • Design files and the files which are related to the log will not store in the content storage.
COGNOS Group and the roles:
  • We have the various admin activity where we can create the various roles and the groups many users are using the COGNOS Training for that each user should have specific group and the role and assign the specific permissions on that only we would have to rewrite and rewrote.
  • Without having this access permission anyone will take there problem will occur.


  • IBM CONGOS Training is an the querying tool being a tool COGNOS  Training prepare the automatically no need to write any selection statement. With this tool CONGOS creates query automatically in most cases queries is prepared by the COGNOS not by the expectation.
  • By COGNOS Tool we can write the single selected tool for both of the data bases and the COGNOS will manage internally.

Why We Need CONGOS Training:

  • Basically it is an web based application and it is the cloud enabled that means we needed not to pay.
  • COGNOS  Training can be used with the relational and the complex data source from the number of the business person. It will hold the large amount of the data regularly.
  • It provides the self services and the dependent behavior for the end users.
  • Many companies are using the COGNOS Training because for the resolution needs.

IBM COGNOS Connection:

  • IBM COGNOS Connection is web based user interface access all those installed services in the CONGONS. Using the COGNOS Connection we can access all the studios like query, report, analysis and metric.
  • We can get link of this from administrator after that we can open that we have id and the password for this because no one will not access our data.

CONGOS  10.2 Report Studio Training:

  • COGNOS Report Studio Training in this report contain the data, metadata like that and the clients can use already exist report or they can set up the unique report with the query, analysis and the report studio.
  • First of all select the report studio and then the packages should be select the packages which is a view for the data base to access the CONGOS data base which are the a framework manager publish the CONGOS SERVER as the package.
  • Click on the package and open the report studio once the report studio opens click on the create new and it gives you the templates which is used for the importing in this we will select the list and then we can drag and place what we want the data. In the form of the x axis and the y axis form.

COGNOS TM1 Training:

  • COGNOS TM1  Training is an analysis tool it is meant for doing the analysis for example if we have a product we want to do some marketing on that  we want to sell that product to every one for our investment what we kept has to return for that we will do marketing on that product. COGNOS TM1 Training is important and we will also give training on this also.
  • COGNOS TM1 is an the in memory OLAP 64 bit multi dimension tool and this is comparing with the COGNOS Planning or any other product available in the market.
  • The main advantage of this we don’t required any data base if there is no data base there is no concept of the data warehouse, if there is no data warehouse there is no ETL tool. We can pull the data base to the COGNOS TM1 with the thermo integral system. Since it don’t have the data base but it has the ram memory and the will be stored in the ram memory. COGNOS TM1 Corporate Training will also provide with the reasonable price.


  • COGNOS BI  Training is Business Intelligence where BI reference to technology, application for the collection, migration of our business information. COGNOS BI Training is mainly web based integrated  BI  tool which provides the reporting , analysis and monitoring.  COGNOS BI Training also given in global online trainings.
  • There is two types of the architecture in the COGNOS BI Training is single and the double tier architecture. Best COGNOS BI Training is provided by best corporate trainers.

COGNOS Controller Training:

  • COGNOS Controller training is an the web application resides reports are used we need to reports to the users. The main purpose is to it will hand over all of the financial results it will help in that and also create the financial and the management report.
  • CONGOS Controller Training is an the basic for the financial unification with the complete set of the efficiency for the management report, financial unification and the financial report.

COGNOS Planning Training:

  • COGNOS  Training Planning is the key component for any type of the business to grow. Planning is the main for all the enterprises and this presented by the COGNOS TM1 and imbrutes the planning, budget and the analysis process.
  • With the planning the time and the other things will be saved and the speed of the project will increase. COGNOS Planning Analytics Training will give the fast distribution and the using is easy.
  • It will focus on the planning, budget and the forecasting. It helps in the decision making and with this you can recognize directly from the data and it will allow to take the business self decision like planning, modeling and the analysis.

COGNOS Transform Training:

COGNOS Transform Training is an the analytical processing and used for the multi dimensional analysis, multi dimensional analysis is the process where you select extract  data and evaluate the multiple for our business. Common data will be shared to the different data source.

COGNOS Administration Training:

COGNOS Administration training will take care of all the server, security all of this regarding the COGNOS . They will take the users feedback. It is the main for all the project. Global online trainings will give provide the training regarding this.

CONGOS Powerplay Transformer Training:

CONGOS Transformer is the tool which is to create the COGNOS Training  Multidimensional cubes are called the COGNOS Training Powerful cubes. This tool will set up the metadata file with the mdl extension which induce a physical cube with the mdc extension. Where the transformer cubes will be store in the mdc extension file.

Scorecard and Metrics in CONGOS TM1:

  • SCORECARD mainly used in the business and the industry because it is the critical planning and the administration system and it will improve the internal and the external communication and the monitor system. It help us in the plan defining.
  • Metric studio view is to built tool without the calculation engine and they are create and give the scorecard report for the monitoring and the analyzing metric.