Cognos Transformer Training

Cognos Transformer Training

Introduction of Cognos Transformer training:

Cognos Transformer training provides an Analytical processing tool used for analyzing the data in multi-dimension.  This analysis process includes extracting the data and evaluating multiple expects of the business against the key performance indicators. It is better for decision support because it increases the understanding of the data and has the ability to make the decisions. The models of Cognos Transformer 11.x online training are helpful for structure the data coming from various sources into multi-dimensional power cubes. It is a tool to create Cognos multi-dimensional cubes model which is also called as Cognos powerplay cubes. The transformer is one of the important components of Cognos Transformer training and it is used to describe the structure and data of OLAP cubes. It helps to build power cubes which contain calculated, measured and summarized data organized in dimensions. 

Prerequisites for Cognos Transformer training:

  • Having basic knowledge of SQL and TABLEAU.
  • Should have strong skills regarding COGNOS and Data Warehousing.

Cognos Transformer Training Course Content:

Transformer Fundamentals
  •  Basics of OLAP Analysis
  •  Importance of Business Requirements
  •  Define model (model types.mdl, .pyi)
  •  What is power cube?
  •  What are dimensions and levels?
Transformer development process
Data sources
Building a Model
Time Dimensions
  •  Purpose of time dimensions
  •  Type of time dimensions (Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar)
  •  Relative time
  •  Types of Relative time categories
Using multiple data sources
Working with measures
Allocated Measures
Customize cube content
Cognos 10.2 cube security
Optimizing powercubes
Partitioning powercubes
Maintain Models and Powercubes
Blank Model Plans
Identify common Data structures
Analysis studio ( Dimensional reporting)

Models in Cognos transformer training:

Cognos Transformer training has a model component which is a structure that enhances data on the pieces of dimensions. This model can be used to build one or more cubes and can be processed locally or on the server. The transformer model gets the data from data source and creates power cubes. Cognos Transformer 11.x online training has two types of models creating a file by using “.mdl” file and by using “.py?” file.Cognos Transformer training overview

  • Mdl file is a model stored in ASCII file format which is well-suited among various versions of transformers and can be used to find and replace different activities. The creation of the .mdl file is a time-consuming process. It can save only user credentials such as user id and password.
  • Pyi file is a model stored in binary format and it is larger in size and quicker to load. It is recommended that you can save the .pyi model file as a .mdl file, open the file in the transformer and then save it again for the default .pyi format. It can store passwords for connecting the database.
  • Global online trainings also provide Cognos Administration training which helps the administrator for monitoring and maintaining the development environment of Cognos. 

Cognos Transformer training’s Power Cubes:

After getting done with the model, we have to create a power cube. Cognos Transformer training provides an interactive process for building a power cube and we can create several power cubes before meet up with the user requirements. So power cubes have some properties that are power cubes are static which means they must be updated prodigally. The Power cubes store the data at summarized levels which makes securely data accessing and fast retrieval of data. It has dimensions, levels, and measures.

  • The dimensions are the highest level of descriptive data and common dimensions strength to dealing with the major aspects of the business needs such as date, product, and the regions. They typically address the keys of when, what, where who and how dimensions.
  • Levels are the categories or members means it shows the information about how data is arranged at various levels. It divides the data into various levels to make it understandable. Our Cognos TM1 training will help you to understand more about defining OLAP cubes and provide a scalable environment for reporting component of the database engine.
  • The power cube can be viewed and analyzed in the analysis studio of powerplay explorer. Cognos Transformer 11.x online training creates a metadata file with .mdl extensions, which generates a physical cube with .mdl extension and store data in the format of the .mdl file. 

Benefits of Cognos Transformer training:

Cognos Transformer 11.x online training comes with the following benefits:

  • It is easy to customize means it can be simple to update the required columns like adding a column or deleting a column.
  • It is flexible and portable enough to access and an important part of the Cognos Business Intelligence’s infrastructure.
  • It helps to build multi-dimensional cubes called power cubes which stores the configured data and provide secure and fast data access.
  • Cognos Transformer training has advanced modeling capabilities to integrate the query data into the model and the data is more secure as it is guarded by the firewall.
  • As a querying tool, it prepares queries tools automatically means no need to write any statements to access the data from the data warehouse.
  • Cognos Transformer training also provides facilities such as platform independent, scalable and reliable to integrate with various web technologies.

Cognos Transformer training for Analytics v11:

Cognos Analytics is a modern business intelligence platform which provides the ability for faster business user enablement, simple user interface, and functionality scales for higher skill curves. It allows creating reports of summarized data directly from the data warehouse and solving the rules of eighty percent of the analysis only uses twenty percent of the data in a given data model. Along with Cognos Transformer 11.x online training, our Global team is also leading training provider for Cognos Developer training by which the developer will get the ability to develop and manage the infrastructure for any business requirement. 

Cognos Transformer has three major perspectives of Analytics which are consumption, authoring, and modeling.

  • Consumption is the role which is used to make the standardized reports, giving permissions to transfer the reports and managing the dashboards. It is designed with a search first approach which allows you to filter object type and modify the date. It also allows saving search parameters with responsive interface controls.
  • Authoring is the job to create and design the reports and recording all the activities regarding consumption part. It provides one-stop authoring service with user’s scale and visualization guidance to reduce the time for business users.
  • Modeling capabilities include sending the personal information as well as integrate it with enterprise data source and managing the activities for consumption and authoring process. Cognos Transformer 11.x online training helps to easily update the personal or any external information in the data modules and merging it with the organizational data source.



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