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Introduction about COMMVAULT Training:

Commvault Training is complete data Management Software. Commvault simpana11 corporate training supports nearly 10+ cloud libraries. We can see as a platform by that we can manage any type of application or operating system, database.  We can back up the data, magnetic describery or cloud library. CommVault take care of all the data, different type of data and secure the desire location that may be a compress data. The commvault training next generation platform is an all-inclusive software powerhouse that integrates modules to effectively protect store index and retrieve your data. The entire training session will be conducted by our experts with real time examples.

Global Online Trainings provides online COMMVAULT Training for individuals and corporate batches.  Commvault simpana11 Corporate Training will also offer standard material with latest industry upgrades & provide job support for technical issues. Our trainers will be available in weekdays or weekends for training and  clarifying your doubts. 

Commvault Simpana11 Corporate training course content:

Topic 01: CommVault Fundamentals
  • Configuration and management of CommCell
  •  Configuration of library and media options and data
  •  Paths for secure and optimum use
  •  Data retention configuration and rules in CommVault Simpana11 corporate training
  • Creation
  • Configuration
  • Association of policies
Topic 02: CommVault Implementation and Maintenance Module 1:
  • Identifying Deployment Requirements 
  • Designing a Comm Cell Infrastructure
  •  Understanding Simpana Software Indexing 
  • Designing a Storage Infrastructure
  •  Designing a De duplication Solution
  • Protecting Virtual Environments
Module 2
  • Installing Simpana Software 
  • Understanding Installation Options and Requirements
  •  Sizing
  • Locating and Installing Components
  • Installation Methods and Best Practices 
  • Common Installation Problems and Solutions
Module 3
  • Advanced Configurations
  •  Configuring Encryption 
  • Advanced Stream in CommVault Simpana11 Corporate Training
  • Management and Library Configuration 
  • Advanced Retention Design 
  • Advanced Media Management Handling
Module 4
  • Maintaining a CommCell Environment 
  • Understanding the Simpana Software Update Process, Configuring / Managing Simpana Software and Update Caches 
  • Understanding and Using CommVault Troubleshooting Tools 
  • Troubleshooting Methodology

 CommVault Training Overview:

CommVault Training is complete data management software. We can see as a platform by we can manage any type of application or operating system, database we can back up the data, magnetic describing or cloud library. Commvault training supports nearly 10+ cloud libraries. CommVault Simpana11 online corporate training take care of all the data, different type of data and secure the desire location that may be a compress data and obvious we can say different type of inclusion technologies also we can reduce the data obviously deduced data depending on the data types. This is commVault training architecture. CommVault Simpana11 online corporate training has amazing features that are simple to use like best-in-class duplication, integrated backup and archiving cloud infrastructure management an enterprise level virtual infrastructure protection.

Here we have 3 main components in CommVault Training: 

  • CommServe
  • Client
  • MediaAgent


Commserve it’s a controlling unit of the environment. We can say its brain of the environment. All the decision making power has only to the Commserve (CS) on the environment. Cs can take only the decision, CS’s also responsible to send the task to Client and MediaAgent. CS is also responsible to manage data and also store the metadata of all dates. So all the information used to your data will be store on the CommServe and this CommServe uses in a database to store all the metadata related to the data that we are securing. The Commserve will be only move on an environment and they are can be in number of Client and in number of MediaAgents. So Commserve is a kind of processer of a computer system or a brain of a human body. So all decision making will be done here.


A consumer may be a logical grouping of the agents put in on a pc. A consumer level is made within the CommCell Browser the primary time an agent is put in on a computer. You can perform consumer operations as long because the consumer is out there and has agents put in thereon pc. Operations performed on shoppers area unit applicable to all or any the agents that area unit put in on it consumer.

Client is a form of raw data. That may be a server that may be a laptop that may be my SQL database that may be an exchange server anything can be a client. So where our raw data is located that is called a Client.


MediaAgent is a storage unit, so where we are going to back up our data from client we have a backup copy. So this MediaAgent will be attached with different type of storage’s including disk or cloud. This is also software package that will be installed server and we can connect all the storage devices using this MediaAgent. Whenever the data will be coming from the client and it will be send for agent depending on the configuration of the storage policy or the clients.

Where the data will be located we pushing the data on the define type of library obviously the users have an options to choose the location type of the storage. When we start backup of a client data may be client can be a files and be a database anything it can be. So we should send the instruction to the CommServe because we cannot send any instruction directly to Client or MediaAgent. Now CommServe will send an instruction to corresponding client so that it can start reading the data and MediaAgent also to be ready to receive the data from that Client.

Until CommServe sending a message to MediaAgent to be ready to receive the data from the Client. The MediaAgent will not receive any data even Client sending. So whatever the operation Client or MediaAgent does that always depends on the CommServe instructions. We have to give instruction to CommServe not Client or MediaAgent, to give the instruction to CommServe Commvault training was different type user interfaces. Commvault training has Java interface on the software programming that can be installed or it have a portable on our laptop we can connect to CommServe. Commvault training has a command line operation tool make all the changes the CommServe or the Client or the MediaAgent are to send the instructions of the task to the CommServe.

So mainly CommVault training has 3 types of interfaces.

  • Graphical Interface
  • Wave Interface
  • Command Line Interface

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