comptia cloud training

comptia cloud training Course Content

  • Understand common terms & definitions of cloud computing
  • Describe the relationship b/w cloud computing & virtualization
  • Name early examples of the cloud computing
  • Understand the several common definitions of cloud computing
  • Recognizing what types organizations might benefit from cloud computing
  • Recognizing what types organizations might not benefit from cloud computing
  • Distinguish b/w the different types of clouds, including XaaS, IaaS & PaaS
  • Recognize the similarities & differences b/w cloud computing & outsourcing
  • Understand the characteristics of clouds from a business perspective
  • Demonstrate how the characteristics of the cloud computing enhance business value
  • Understand the difference b/w private & public types of clouds
  • Explain the technical challenges & risks for cloud computing & methods to mitigate
  • Describe the impact of cloud computing on application architecture
  • Explain typical steps that lead to a successful adoption of cloud computing services
  • Understand roles of cloud computing vendors & dependencies on the vendors
  • Understand the organizational capabilities that are relevant for realizing cloud benefits
  • Describe multiple approaches for migrating applications
  • Understand impact cloud computing on IT service management in an organization
  • Use a structured approach to explore the potential impact of cloud computing
  • Explain & identify the issues associated with integrating cloud computing
  • Explain the implications for direct cost & cost allocations
  • Understand how to maintain strategic flexibility