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Introduction to Confluence training:

Confluence training at Global online trainings – Confluence makes it really easy to bring all of that desperate information into one consign or it’s centralised, prearranged and easy to find when you need it. So how do you organise all that information? Well, in confluence your work is organised in spaces and spaces are the containers that hold all of your files, documents and confluence pages. We have various Consultants who are experts & highly experienced real-time professionals. Global online trainings is rich in providing best Atlassian Confluence online course by experts.

Atlassian Confluence online course content:

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Prerequisites of Confluence training:

  • One should have subscription from Confluence Cloud Atlassian.

Who can learn Confluence training?

  • Data Architects
  • Software engineers
  • Anyone who is keen to learn this technology

Overview of Confluence training:                                                                                              CONFLUENCE TRAINING                 

  • Let’s start with organizing your work in confluence spaces. Most likely most of your work is found in documents, conversations you have with other people, spread sheets , email or even presentations and all this information is valuable and it helps you get your job done but it’s all over the place in different systems and applications and only accessible to certain people.
  • You might be wondering , So everything your team is working on is located in a space and this space really becomes the portal for your team to go and find all of that information that you are currently working now. And once your confluence instance is running at full capacity, you will want to have spaces for every team, every department and every major project in Confluence training.
  • So every person within your team or your larger organisation should have a go to space to find the work that their team is working on. So as a new user or an old one looking for best practices around creating spaces. What types of spaces should you start with in Confluence? So the best way to start is with the space for each person and a space for each team and major project.

Do I have your attention? So the best way to get started in Confluence training is by creating a personal space where you can organised all your personal work and it is pretty easy to get started with that simply by going to user profile and selecting adding a personal space in atlassian tools. In this course you will be learn about Confluence from very basic till intermediate concepts of Confluence training. This course is well thought and designed in a way that will suit the very basic and intermediate Confluence user.

So this is a personal space for one of our fictional employees, your personal space should be the one place you can go to organised your personal  work and also the one place other people can go to learn about you individually and what you are working on. Spaces really have this dual purpose of both helping serve you to organised your work but also helping serve other people who might be looking for the work that you are currently working on.


User management in Atlassian Confluence online course:
  • The home page of your personal space which is what we are looking at right now. Should have a brief section about you and give anyone who visits a little more information and contact details for you.
  • There is an about me section which as all the contact information right there in a table, You should also capture the work you are currently doing and a great way of doing this in confluence is by publishing updates from your personal blog. If you want to learn more about this course, Global online trainings provide Confluence Training with live projects by experts.
  • So you can publish blogs from your personal space to give updates on what you have been working on and as a best practice at Atlassian tools each new hire must publish an introductory blog post and share with the entire company and it’s a great way to break the ice with colleagues and get a crash course in using Confluence training.

For automating the software application we use Atlassian bamboo training. Atlassian Bamboo provides very good services for automating any application.Finally you will notice in Confluence that every space has a space sidebar on the left and are really useful in that sidebar what we call space shortcuts. So the space shortcuts in your personal space are there to keep track of important pages to you. So a few things that you might want to track are quarterly goals one-on-one’s and meetings that you have scheduled and again this is your space so organised your way that best suits you. And then looking at these space shortcuts, all of these are pages that you create right there within Confluence training.


Managing Content in Atlassian Confluence online course:
  • Once you start pre-planning your work into spaces and then creating content and pages you can see how easily it is to keep that stuff organised both on a personal level and you will see coming up on a team level in confluence training.
  • So the personal space homepage is pretty simple as there is one table with contact information. So if you just go in and click edit we can kind of see what exactly is underneath the hood of that personal home page and as I said it is pretty simple stuff, there is a table there with contact information, we use the blog post macro there which will automatically post blog posts that have been published from that space and then we have what’s called the page tree macro in the bottom right which helps you find pages in your space easier.
  • Confluence training at Global online trainings – All of these macros are automatically included in your homepage once you have created a personal space in confluence administrator. So we make it really easy for you to get started. So the second space you should create is for your team or if you are working on a major project you can create a space for any big major upcoming project. Are you passionate in doing certifications? We provide Confluence Certification Training by real time experts at an affordable price.

So starting from the confluence dashboard it’s easy to create a new space by just going up and clicking on the create space button. In the confluence administrator we give you the option start your space with one of our mini templates which includes a template for a documentation space, one for a knowledge base and also one for a team space. This is a training concept specifically ensuring maximum knowledge transfer to your daily work environment, designed to meet your individual needs and your company.


Features of Confluence Training :
  • In Confluence training, the team space should be your team’s go-to location for finding the files, pages and links they need to get work done. It should be easy not only for your team to navigate your space but also for other people who might be navigating to your team space to see what you are currently working on.
  • So again looking at this team space, here are few things that you should definitely have on your team’s homepage. An introduction to the members of your team and a brief description of what you do and how you can be contacted, a brief section that covers what your team does and where they might be located geographically for those distributed teams and finally just as we had in our personal space include a blog stream to keep people up to date with what the whole team is currently working on.

There is a current blog making progress on the Android app and in that blog stream is literally self. If anyone’s navigating to your space and they want to see what your team is currently working on. There is a Quick stream there that should have all those important updates for people to browse through. Are you interested in learning advance topics on this course, We are rich in providing Confluence Corporate Training by industry experts at flexible timings. So just go ahead and enroll with Global Online Trainings for best Confluence online  training by experts. Again use the space shortcuts to link off the most important pages for your team. Anytime you create a page using one of the templates that come included in confluence such as the meeting notes, product requirements or retrospective templates.


Learn how to create a space in Atlassian Confluence online course:

  • Confluence training will repeatedly create a space shortcut for them. So all the pages you create from those templates will be stored in the collector page and organised automatically. So on top of important confluence pages you should also use your space shortcuts to link to other important pages.
  • So for instance in this  we link to important Atlassian JIRA  training Url’s that our team might use like our team road map or a rapid board  and again it’s really easy to customize those space shortcuts. All you have to do is go down to your space tools option and the space shortcuts and you can add to that space shortcuts. So you can link to any page inside confluence or not that’s important to your specific team.

Finally after creating space for your team make sure to have a look at your spaces permissions. So if you click on the space tools option at the bottom of the space side bar you can find your spaces permissions. As the best exercise we leave our team spaces open to all users in the site but only team members can delete content. So this makes it really easy for anyone to come in and make edits or comments to content that’s in our space but unable to delete anything.


Conclusion of Confluence Training:

Want to know the best part? In Confluence you have complete control over who has access to what content and those permissions are very granular. Once you are creating a team space and you are settings permissions for that space you want to allow anyone within your site, access to the content within that space but you do want to restrict the ability to delete or move content so that way no one can come in and delete or move content out of our space they can only view and edit. Many of the organisations are using Confluence in their project to act as a team in their work. So what are you waiting for? Global online trainings is rich in providing Best Atlassian Confluence online course. Hurry up!!


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