Corel Draw X3 Training

Corel Draw X3  Training

Introduction To Corel Draw X3 Training Course:

MEANING OF COREL DRAW , It is an vector-based drawing software that makes it easy to create professional artwork from simple logos to intricate technical illustrations. It provides tools & effects that make it possible to work efficiently to produce high_quality graphics. Drawings in Corel Draw are vector based because as the objects are  drawn defined mathematically as a series of points joined by lines. Graphical elements in an  vector file called objects. Each object is an self contained entity, with properties such as colour, shape, outline, size & position on the screen included in its definition While you register for Corel draw x3 training you will learn  how to add brilliant colors, designs & exquisite text to your original artwork & then export them, at the end of the training the participants will be able to  boost your personal Web page, or design an original greeting card by using the dazzling images you’ve created with CorelDRAW and many more.


Corel Draw X3 Online Training Course Content

  •        Corel DRAW X3 navigator of the interface New
  •        Setting up a document page
  •        Six viewing modes
  •        Adjusting computer memory usage & auto-backup settings
  •        Opening & saving file options
Operation of Objects
  •        Selecting &viewing objects
  •        Moving & duplicating objects
  •        Reshaping objects by changing size, Skewing, Rotating and Mirroring
Managing Multiple Objects
  •         Arranging the order of the objects
  •        Grouping, combining, & locking object
  •        Object Manager New
  •        Aligning and distributing multiple group of objects
  •        Aligning objects to grid
  •        dynamic guides
Creating & Editing Object Shape
  •        Filling object with color
  •        Rectangle Tool, the Ellipse Tool & the Polygon Tool New
  •        filleting, scalloping &chamfering corners New
  •        Creating a perspective
  •        Transforming objects
  •        Reshaping objects using interactive envelope tool
  •        interactive distortion tools
  •        Creating irregularly shaped objects
  •        Smart tool
  •        Cropping, splitting and erasing  New
Working with text and effects
  •        Insert &  Formatting text
  •        Fit text to path  New
  •        Advanced Level
Advance Editing and Creating object
  •       Drawing lines with freehand tool
  •        Bezier tool and pen tool
  •        Drawing close path object
  •        Combining use of line and property bar
  •        Convert Objects to Curve
  •        Edit a vector image and use nodes editing tools New
  •        Use reduced nodes to simply an object New
  •        Join two nodes and make a curve a closed object
Advanced Color Filling
  •        multiple color palettes
  •        Outline Pen Dialog
  •        Fountain ,pattern, texture, postscript fills
  •        Color Docker Window
  •        Interactive Fill Tool
  •        Smart Fill Tool New
  •        Customizing color filling system
  •        Interactive Blend Tool  & Transparency Tool
  •        PowerClip
  •        interactive fill and Interactive Mesh Fill tool
  •        Eyedropper Tool and Paint Bucket Tool
Creating Outlines with Special Effects
  •        Using Contour to create outline
  •        Converting outline to object
  •        Using Artistic Media Tool to Create vector objects
  •        Using Artistic Media effect to modify lines and objects
  •        Creating Bevel Effects New
Creating Eye-catching Texts with Special Effects
  •        Using interactive Drop Shadow to create text with shadow
  •        Creating a tube light effect
  •        Creating a contour text
  •        Creating Metallic Effects
  •        Metallic text effect
  •        symbol as object
  •        Extrude Tool to create 3D object
Importing, Adjusting & Exporting Bitmap Images
  •        Adjusting & transforming objects with Lens tool
  •        Importing bitmap images
  •        image adjustment lab New
  •        bitmap color mask
  •        Converting a bitmap image to vector image with PowerTrace New
  •        Exporting bitmap images to variety of format