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Creo Parametric  Training

Introduction To Creo Parametric Training Course :

The Creo Parametric is  an 3D modeling software which can make mechanical, automotive designs. The Pro E  is an parametric software which relates with the dimensional orientation modelling software. It is purely an parental_child relationship software which depends upon one function to another. By using the Creo Parametric  software, product design can be done by following methods of procedures modelling, assembling, drafting,  and much more . While  you  join for Creo Parametric Training you will learn the core modeling skills &quickly become proficient with Creo Parametric 2.0. Topics includes sketching, part modeling, assemblies, drawings, & basic model management techniques. This training course also includes an comprehensive design project that enables you to practice your new skills by creating realistic parts, assemblies, & drawings.

Creo Parametric Online Training Course Content

1. Part modelling and assembly
  •        Introduction to Creo-2 modelling and basic concepts
  •        Using the creo-2 interface
  •        Selecting and Editing
  •        Sketcher geometry
  •        Creating datum Features: Planes &  Axes
  •        Creating extrudes, Revolves & Ribs
  •        Creating sweeps and blends
  •        Creating holes, shells and drafts, Creating rounds, chamfers
  •        Copy and mirror tools
  •        Creating patterns
  •        Assembling with constraints
  •        Exploding assemblies
  •        Using layers
  •        Managing design intent
  •       ailures and seeking help
2. Surface modelling
  •       Surface modelling overview
  •       selection
  •        Surfacing tools
  •        Sweep
  •        Creating and editing solids using quilt