CruiseControl.NET Online Training

Cruise Control.NET Course Content

  • Install CruiseControl.NET
  • Create a CCNet Website in IIS
  • Install Nunit
CruiseControl.NET Server Configuration – General
Structure of a ‘Project’ Configuration File
Source Control Block
Trigger Block
Labeller Block
Tasks Block
MsBuild Task
  • MSBuild and ReferencePath – CruiseControl.NET not resolving reference to Nunit
  • An Alternative MSBuild Logger – Christian Rodemeyer’s MsBuildToCCNet
  • CruiseControl.NET Webdashboard fails in finding images if not installed in virtual directory
  • MSBuildToCCNET reports wrong number of compiled projects
  • CruiseControl.NET, MsBuild Task and Resources – Assembly Linker
  • CruiseControl.NET, MsBuild Task and Web Application projects
Nunit Task
  • Nunit Task
  • Executable Task
Publishers Block
PreBuild Block
  • Install Nant
  • Nant Fundamentals