Cucumber Online Training

Cucumber Course Content

Why Cucumber
  • Automated Acceptance Tests
  • Behaviour-Driven Development
  • Living Documentation
  • How Cucumber Works
Gherkin Basics
  • What’s Gherkin For?
  • Format and Syntax
  • Feature
  • Scenario
  • Comments
  • Spoken languages
Step Definitions- Given,When,Then
  • Steps and Step Definitions
  • Capturing Arguments
  • Multiple Captures
  • Flexibility
  • Returning Results
Expressive Scenarios
  • Background
  • Data Tables
  • Scenario Outline
  • Nesting Steps
  • Doc Strings
  • Staying Organized with Tags and Subfolders
Support Code
  • Fixing the Bug
  • Bootstrapping the User Interface
  • Making the Switch
  • Using Hooks
  • Building the User Interface
Feature file
Configuring the java code behind the feature file
Multiple scenarios in a feature file
Regular Expressions
Running with Hudson - Continuous Integration
Configuring Maven for Cucumber project