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data analytics training

Introduction of Data Analytics Training:

Data Analytics Training is still an evolving field and hence these roles are slightly usually defined. Data Analytics Training can vary from one organization to the other but still, you will give it our best shot to put them into buckets. Some of the goals are learning all the basics everything you need to know to be a competent data analyst.

You also go through and build some functional. We also follow a story and it’s really important for us to relate to something. GOT provides the Best Big Data analytics training with online and corporate training from India with all required aspects and along with reasonable price. We also provide Data Analytics course classroom training at client premises Noida Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

Data Analytics Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: Data Analytics Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (classroom training)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Data Analytics Course Content

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics Training is a method of collecting both quantitative. The qualitative information about a digital property, therefore, allowing marketers or product managers or anyone in a digital company to make informed decisions about their customers. For examples, data analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mix panel which both allow you to track metrics like how many visitors came to your website, how many visitors came back after like a certain amount of hours or days or many people did the same action more than once within the application and etc. The main purpose of data analytics tools to allow marketers to find those patterns and get those in insights from the data which otherwise they wouldn’t be able to.

The big data analytics training comes into play a combination of high technology systems and mathematics which together are capable of analyzing all this information and providing it with a meaning of great value for companies or governments. GOT is offering best Data Analytics Training along with corporate training by real-time expert trainers at flexible hours.

Overview of Data Analytics Training:

Data Analytics Training is designed with kind of two methods of learning. One is thought to finish so if you’re new to the idea of data analytics maybe it’s a field you want to get into or something that you is already in or maybe just barely getting into. Just want to use this as a reference, either way, you can use it as a start to finish or a place to fill in the gaps.

Each Data Analytics Training module is designed with four basic topics in mind though what, where, how; and why.

  • What: It is whatever the subject is for the module.
  • Why: It is why you’d use it why it exists or anything like that.
  • How: this is where we get into the functional piece
  • Where: You can find more info so that way if you do want to dig in deeper.

Data Analytics Training just like many other fields is one where there is an entire world of things and avenues for you to explore a CAREER path. We have a technical team of senior trainers for big data analytics online training and corporate batches as well as job support from top faculty with latest updates.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big Data Analytics training is the study of huge amounts of stored data in order to extract behavior patterns. These data are characterized by the high speed they are being generated with the huge volume they represent the immense variety of typology they encompass Andres agree with veracity. They are more than 2.5 trillion bytes of information are generated every day through our smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices sensors spread all over our cities bank cards.

Types of Big Data Analytics Training:Big Data Analytics Training

There are four types of Big Data Analytics Training

  • Descriptive Big Data Analytics: It explains what happened in the past based on data presented through graphics or reports but not why or what will happen in the future.
  • Diagnostics Big Data Analytics: Diagnostics closely linked to the previous type seeks to understand the reasons why any given event took place in the past.
  • Predictive Big Data Analytics: Predictive most useful for companies goes through data in order to predict what could happen.
  • Prescriptive Big Data Analytics Training: The prescriptive an advancement of the previous approach in view of automation processing or A/B testing the framework chooses to analyze and foreseeing information advice on the most proficient method to continue as indicated by them by prescribing. For example, the best area on your site to put a banner or the most convenient gas station along your way on the off chance that your needs to maintain a strategic distance from movement.
Big Data Analytics Application with Data Analytics Training:

Big Data Analytics Training helps companies or public administrations to understand the users. It’s better to find previously unnoticeable opportunity provide a better service. These on mitigating fraud the revolution of data fictions.  Global Online Trainings provides the best real-time Data analytics 9.x, big data analytics training, and Business analyst training from our best faculty at a reasonable price.

Skills of Data Analytics Training Overview:Skills data analytics training

Excel – Data Analytics:

Exel is a fundamental skill. Data Analytics Training most people maybe already have or if you haven’t. It is the key that you need to be able to use when becoming a DATA ANALYST. The Excel is getting your hands dirty working with the data by hand. And having that understanding is incredibly valuable as you progress through the more advanced ways of working with your data.

SQL – Data Analytics online Training:

SQL is a programming language the structured query language. It is to understand how to work with DATA UNIVERSALLY across all database systems understand SQL and that is fundamental. If you know these two things you’re in really good hands.

Databases and Warehousing – Data Analytics:

You get into Databases what they are data warehousing.

Choosing Chart Types – Data Analytics:

It choosing chart types understand when you visualize data when we’re trying to tell a story, what chart types are appropriate for data.

Tableau – Data Analytics:

This is data visualization platform that has really dominated the analytics world in the past several years.

Presentation Design – Data Analytics:

This is a key piece. It understands how to design presentations is the final step in communicating and conveying meaning to your audience.

What is Analytics?

We tend to use the word analytics frequently but in reality. We have a number of different flavors of analytics to work with and each of these has its own specific purpose. Analytics is broadly classified into four categories.

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Discovery Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
Descriptive Data Analytics:

The Descriptive Analytics typically looking to the past or the present. These are the types of questions along the lines of telling me what happened and why it happened as well as tell me what’s happening right now and then why.

Predictive Data Analytics:

The Predictive Analytics ask questions such as tell me what is likely to happen and why.

Discovery Data Analytics:

The Discovery analytics these are questions along the line of looking at something important within all of our data even without asking very specific questions in other words. We tend to be mining through our data and looking for interesting patterns and correlations.

Prescriptive Data Analytics:

Prescriptive Analytics telling us not only what is going on or what might have happened or what is likely to happen but what we should do about it and other things related to the specific business activities.

We should be taking the outputs of all three of these categories of analytics. We feed them into our prescriptive analytics engines to find all the insights of our business. This entire analytics process is essential for us all four of these categories need to work together in order for us to give the greatest business benefits. GOT is also providing the best trainers for all aspects in Data Analytics Training. And also provide related courses Business analyst training, Predictive analytics course, Hadoop training, and Data Scientist Training with 24/7 support.

Business Analytics of Big Data Analytics Training:

Business Analytics involves using tools and techniques to turn data into meaningful business insights. It is using tools and techniques to turn data into meaningful business insights. That data could be from spreadsheets and traditional databases. It techniques might be statistical models or machine learning something.

They are starting to realize that in order to really be competitive. Business Analytics Training needs to take advantage of their data leverage and turn it into insight. That is where you know using the power of analytics we’re able to take the information that we have on hand take information that is available out there and help our clients fully realize what their potential.

Data Science of Data Analytics Training:

Data science is all about performing research on data and unearthing insights to drive businesses at Excel. The Excel is have put together an intensive course with a unique case study approach covering various module of data science with hands-on activities on leading tools such as R, Python, Minitab, and Excel.

You will get lifetime access training that includes 25 plus hours of tableau which helps you tell visual stories to audiences. You also get access to sox and Hadoop learning modules what else you get to work on a real-time project from inception to delivery it doesn’t stop there we will assist you in preparing your training. You also have our support in handling.

Data Science with R, Python, Tableau – Data Analytics Online Training:

You would be learning the concepts of Data Analytics signs using a tool called art predominantly. It will be exposing you all to Python also because this is also fast catching the attention of the world. The tableau will be the prime focus of the tutorial and as a data scientist you all should be briefly aware of what Hadoop is and what is that ecosystem all about right and you can probably explore SAS also.

We would be predominantly dealing with this programming language called R. Python is also fast catching the attention of the world there are five key things. To learn to become a successful Data Scientist

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data mining supervised and unsupervised: Data mining is also called as machine learning and this is heavily used in the space of artificial intelligence algorithm all of these things.
  • Text Mining and Nature Language Processing
  • Visualization using Tableau
  • Forecasting using time series: Forecasting is also called as time series for that case.

These concepts would be sufficient for you all to switch your careers into data science and to be a successful data scientist. Global online training provides many courses online training and classroom training by top trainers. We also provide best Data Analytics training as well as job support.

Latest version 9.6 of Data Analytics Training:

Additional we have added several new features that drastically enhance our scorecard functionality. The Data Analytics 9.6 platform has been made to the workflow, modeling, optimization, visualization, scorecards, and usability features and enhancements. The transaction is our data science platform has undergone from version 9.0 to 9.6. Data Analytics Training will highlight a few of the features for those in previous versions.

February of 2015 launched the 9.4 platforms and with it brought to you knowledge core. It knowledge core provides you with the ability to write and execute programs in language staff our and sequel. It’s easily integrated with null studio nodes secure software in the later version 9.5 angles also introduced to other products insights optimizer and the knowledge manager.

Data Analytics course is inside optimizer prescriptive analytics application. That really allows you to maximize and minimize any user-defined metrics or KPI with representing. The KPI is represented in your business objective. The same time maintains your relevant business can train its constraints.

Foundation of Data Analytics Training:

In Data Analytics Training, We will learn how to answer the questions that we are interested in using that data. You will learn the basic analytical framework that will first examine our question to what it’s really asking. Then you will learn how to apply the correct analytical tool to help answer our question of interest. And finally, we will summarize our findings to give meaning and relevance to our answer.

The conclusion of Data Analytics Online Training:

Global Online Trainings provide best Data Analytics Training with online and corporate as well as job support for many courses. Our senior trainers are always available for the best Big Data Analytics Training courses. And also we provide classroom training at client premises Noida Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

Many people are already taken our Data Analytics Online Training and got the job in India and foreign countries also. In this training, you will understand the complete architecture of Data Analytics Modules Training software tool. It is a new version and with many new features. By learning this Data Analytics course you will get 3 to 4 lakh per annum packaged salary job. To know more about this online training course contact reach helpdesk of Global Online Trainings.


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