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SAP Data Archiving-online-training

SAP Data Archiving Online Training Course Content

Data Archiving
  • About to Archiving
  • Archiving Benefits
  • Determining the data to be archived
  • The archiving process
  • Archival of standard data using SAP standard objects
  • Archival of custom tables using SAP standard objects
  • Customizing of archiving objects
  • Scheduling & administering archiving sessions
  • Using third party storage media
  • Archive the information system
  • Accessing the archived data
  • Reload Archived data
  • Make standard reports/transactions archive enabled
  • Document Relationship Browser
  • Setting up an archiving project
Data Archiving – Programming Display Functions
  • Data archiving Principles
  • ADK development tools
  • Logic of archiving the programs
  • Customer specific sequential & index based read programs
  • Access to individual documents in the Archive Information System
  • Customer specific field catalogs in the Archive Information System
  • Business views in the Archive Information System