Data Federator Online Training

Data Federator Course Content

Introducing Data Federator
  • Data Federator concepts
  • Data Federator architecture
  • How to use the Data Federator Designer
  • How data federation differs from extraction, transformation, load (ELT) technology
  • The benefits of Data Federator
Determining the Data to Include in the Target Table
  • What data to include in the target table
  • How to create a new target table
  • How to create a target by copying a data source schema
Mapping the Source Data to the Target Table
  • The basic mapping rule concepts
  • How to create mapping rules with multiple data sources
  • How to create and administer a lookup table in a mapping rule
  • Multiple mapping rule management techniques
Refining the Mapping Rule Definitions
  • How cases and aggregates are used to refine mapping rules
  • How to create case statement formulas
  • The benefits and caveats of combining case statements
  • Aggregate formula concepts
  • How to manage multiple mapping rules on a single target table
  • How to use a target table as a datasource
  • Complex mapping rules workshop
Ensuring the Integrity of Target Data
  • Data integrity concepts
  • How to resolve key conflicts
  • Integrity checking procedures and best practice
Managing Projects
  • Manage Data Federator projects
  • Merge Data Federator projects
  • Manage project evolution
Administer the Query Server
  • The Query Server Architecture
  • Managing Data Federator users and resources