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Introduction to Data science Training:

Data Science Training is not about making complicated models. It’s not about making awesome visualizations, not about writing code. Data Science is about using data to create as much impact as possible in your organisation. Now impact can be in the form of multiple things. It could be in the form of data products or in the form of product recommendations for a company. Global online training is rich in providing Data Science online training with real time scenarios.

Preview of Data Science Training:

 Data science training is a comprehensive field used to expand insight from complex data. It is a field of big data which provides significant information for the reason of decision making.

Data Science with python online course content

Data Science Online Training Course Content

Overview of Data science training:

  • It is very significant to be aware of the business problem first. In our meeting with the clients it is very important to ask the relevant questions, to understand and define objectives for the problem that needs to be tackled. One of the many traits of a good data scientist is to have a curious heart who asks a lot of questions. At Global online trainings we provide Data Science training with 100% practical.
  • In Data Science training, Next step is Data Acquisition to gather and scrape data from multiple sources like web servers, logs, databases, API’s and online repositories. So to find the right data it takes both time and effort.
  • After the data is gathered comes Data Preparation. This step involves data cleaning and data transformation. Do I have your attention? Data cleaning is the most time consuming process as it involves handling many complex scenarios as you may deal with inconsistent data types, misspelled attributes, missing values and duplicate values and what not? Then in data transformation, we modify the data based on defined mapping rules. In a project ETL tools like talend, informatics are used to perform complex transformations that helps the team to understand the data structure better. If you are interested in learning more about this course, we are best in providing Data Science training by professionals.
  • Then understanding what you actually can do with your data is very crucial for that you need to do exploratory data analysis. With the help of EDA you can define and refine the selection of feature variables that will be used in the model development but what if you skip this step, you might end up choosing the wrong variables which will produce an inaccurate model. Thus exploratory data analysis becomes the most important step in Data Science training.
  • Now the next step is to proceed to the core activity of a Data Science project such as data modelling, and repetitively applies type force machine learning techniques like KNN, decision tree, Naive bayes to the data to identify the model that best fits the business requirement. Trains the model on the training data set and test them to select the best performing model. You can go for Python for modelling the data. However, it can also be finished using R and SAS.
Who can learn Data Science?
  • Good Knowledge on  R Programming, Hadoop platform, Python coding.
  • So having knowledge on above mentioned concepts will help you to easily work on Data Science.
 Learn Features of Data Science in Data Science online training:                                                                     KEY FEATURES OF DATA SCIENCE TRAINING                       
  • You might be wondering, the trickiest part is not yet over Visualization and Communication. You will need to meet the clients again to communicate business findings in a simple and effective manner to convince the stakeholders. Use tools like Tableau, Power bi, and Qlik view that can help you in creating powerful reports and dashboards and then finally deploy and maintain the model.
  • Test the selected model in a pre-production environment before deploying it in the production environment which is the best practice right? If you are passionate about doing certifications, we are rich in providing Data Science certification training by experts.
  • What’s the bottom line? After successfully deploying it you may use reports and dashboards to get real-time analytics. Further you can monitor and maintain the projects performance. Well, that’s how you complete a Data Science project. If you want to learn more about this course, Global online trainings provide Data Science training with live projects. Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!
  • We have seen the daily routine of a data scientist is a whole lot of fun, has a lot of interesting aspects and comes with its own share of challenges. Now let’s see how Data Science is altering the globe.
  • Data Science method beside with genomic data offers a deep understanding of genetic issues in reaction to particular drugs and diseases. Logistics companies like DHL, FedEx have discovered the best routes to ship the best suited time to deliver, the best mode of transport to choose. Thus leading to cost efficiency. With Data Science it is likely to not only expect employee attrition but to also be aware of key variables that power employee. If you are interested in doing certification, Global online trainings provide Data Science training with certifications.
  • The turnover also the airlines company can now easily predict flight delay and notify the passengers before hand to enhance their travel experience.To know more about this Data Science training please do contact our help desk.
  • Well, if you are wondering there are various roles offered to a data scientist like Data analyst training, machine learning engineer, deep learning engineer, data engineer and of course data scientist.
  • Now to do those things, then you need tools like making complicated models or data visualizations or writing code. But fundamentally as a Data Scientist your job is to resolve real company problems using data and what kind of tools you use we don’t bother. If you want to learn advance topics, we provide Data Science training with real time scenarios.
Learn Data science using Python in Data Science online training:
  • You must have already heard Python is really becoming very popular. Everybody is talking about python, not only Data Science training in IOT and AI but also in different places. So if you are not yet well-known with Python this may be an excellent time to get started with it.
  • Basically Python is used as a programming language because it is for Data Science, it has some rich tools from mathematics and from a statistical perspective. So that is one of the reasons why we use Python and if you see some of the trends , if you probably tracking some of the trends you will see that over the last few years Python has become programming language of choice and especially for Data Science.
  • SAS was earlier one of the most popular tools but now increasingly Python is being used for doing Data Science and as well as R. If you are interested in taking your career to a next level global online trainings is with you, we provide Data Science training with real time use cases.
Why do you want to use Python?
  • One of the reasons of course is that Python and R are open source compared to SAS which is a commercial product. So that could definitely be one explanation but beyond that I think it is the ease of understanding Python language which is also making it very popular in addition to the accessibility of unbelievable libraries for performing Data Science. What are the other factors? There are speed, then there are accessibility of number of packages and then of course the design code. Our consultants are highly skilled at Data Science with Python training.
  • Alright, so what are these design goals? Primarily the syntax rules in Python are relatively intuitive and easy to understand thereby it helps in building applications with concise and readable code base so with the few lines of code you can really achieve a lot of stuff and then there are lot of packages that are available, that are being developed by other people which can be reused. So we don’t have to reinvent the wheel and last but not the least the speed.
  • So Python is relatively faster language of course it is not fast as let’s say C or C++ but then relatively there is still faster so these are the three factors which may Python the programming language of option. Our consultants are highly skilled at Data Science training.
Learn Data Science with R in Data Science online training:
  • First of all let’s see what is R? And why do we use it? R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics at its core. So it’s a full functional programming language, it has a lot of built-in very useful statistical and structural aspects. The R project started back in the mid 90’s. It is one of the earliest open-source projects. It’s a very mature project with a large amount of community support. It’s a dynamically, but strong typed language for those of you who have some computer science background. If you want to learn some advance topics in this course, we are best in providing Data Science with R Training.
Learn Data Science with SAS in Data Science online training:                                                                                                                 
  • Have you faced challenges during data processing because of the size of the data? Have you felt the need to combine, separate, compare and extract data based on a specific requirement? As interpreting data been difficult because you couldn’t manipulate. Have you ever wanted to learn the most in-demand analytics technology? SAS can help you achieve all this and more.
  • It offers a variety of data analysis tool in Data Science training that can deal with large data. SAS provides an end to end solution for the entire analytic cycle. It’s the undisputed leader in the commercial analytic space. SAS is an integrated system of software solutions which enables you to perform data entry, retrieval and management, report writing and graphics design and so on.
  • SAS can help in all three stages with the tools at their disposal in SAS. Data scientists can organise analyse and provide interpretations or results. SAS as an edge over other tools with its huge array of statistical functions, user-friendly, graphical user interface and technical support.
  • Data Science training at Global online trainings – Industries that use tests include automotive banking, capital markets, and consumer goods and so on. Demand for SAS professionals has increased dramatically compared to other data analysis software professionals. If you are passionate about learning this course, Global online trainings is rich in providing Data Science with SAS training at an affordable cost. Join today in Global online trainings for best Data Science Training.
What are the Benefits of SAS?
  • If you are someone interested in the field of Data Science and analytics then this course is ideal for you. All you need is an analytical bent of mind and the rest is taken care of Data Science with SAS. It covers the essentials of statistical techniques and basics of programming using this tool.
  • Data Science with SAS will enable you to understand the role of data scientist, Use the SAS tool, apply data manipulation and optimization techniques, apply data analysis method to real world business problems, understand and apply predictive modelling techniques.
  • What is Statistical analysis system? It is a software group formed by the SAS institute for higher analytics, multivariate analysis, Business intelligence and projecting analytics.
  • SAS is a set of solutions for enterprise wide business users and it provides a powerful fourth generation programming language for performing tasks such as data entry, retrieval and management, statistical and mathematical analysis and so on. Join the Global online trainings for the best Data Science training by industry experts.

Conclusion of Data Science Training:

In Short, Data Science Training is concerned with organizing packing and delivering data. The medium base salaries of data scientists can range from $95,000 to $165,000. This Training Course equips will all the latest technologies in the Big Data, analytics, and R programming. Thus you can easily take your career to the next level after completion of this Course. So that was about Data Science. Are you ready to be a Data Scientist? If yes, then start today, the world of data needs you. For more information  about Data Science training please do contact our help desk.


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