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Devops training

Introduction to Devops Training:

Devops training is provided by Global Online Training. Global online training is the leading online training institution in India. We are providing the best Devops training at an affordable price. Before going to the details of DevOps training, let’s have a look at the basics of Devops. Let’s see what exactly the Devops means. Devops is not a framework and it is not a tool. Global Online Trainings provides Devops Training by experts. The classes are taken here in flexible-hour, participants can take their classes at their spare time as per personal schedule. 

Devops is nothing but a strategy for the development of the software. The main aim of the Devops strategy connects the development team and operations team. We have so many tools available in the DevOps. With the help of those tools, we can do the tasks more easily. This is just a brief introduction of DevOps. We will be covering all the Devops basics and also Devops tools in our Devops online training. We are also providing training for Devops automation and devops security courses. 


Mode of Training: Devops Online training/Devops corporate training/Devops Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Devops online training.

Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.


Pre-requisites for Devops Training:

  • The pre-requisites for this course include basic knowledge of Linux & Networking.

Devops Training Course Content

Devops training course content



Overview of Devops Training:

Learn about the Different phases of DevOps in our Devops training:

Learn Devops phases in Devops Training

  • There are so many different phases available in the DevOps. They are planning phase, the coding phase, building phase, testing phase, deploy, operation, and monitoring.
  • We have so many tools available for those phases. The First DevOps phase is planning.
  • Once we get the client requirement, we can start planning our application. Once the planning is completed, you start writing the code.
  • We need a system to manage the code. We have so many tools like Git that can manage the source code. 
  • Git tool is nothing but a decentralized version control tool. This is one of the most preferred tools on the market.
  • The next phase is built. This cycle generally involves a lot of things such as compiling, validation and packaging of the applications etc.
  • The build applications go to the testing phase. This is a brief introduction of Devops phases and we will be covering all the basic and advanced topics of Devops phases in our Devops training.
Learn about the benefits of the Devops in our Devops training:

The most popular strategy for the development of the software is Devops. There are so many benefits to the Devops. Let’s see few of them.

  • The most important benefit of the DevOps is that it helps us to do things faster.
  • As the most of the things are automated, the errors are minimized. Then you will get the better software quality.
  • There are some practices in Devops that can help in releasing the release velocity.
  • With the help of devops, we can reduce the entire development cycle from design part to production deployment part.
  • The main and important benefit of Devops is defect detection. We can catch the defects before the production. That means Devops improves the quality of the software.
  • If any failure occurs, then we can recover that one very fast and easy manner with the help of the DevOps process.
  • With the help of devops, collaboration between operations team and development team increases.
  • Devops gives you the improved visibility of the IT industry. Devops provides the faster business response.

These are some of the important benefits of the DevOps. We will cover more benefits of Devops in our Devops training.

Learn about Jenkins DevOps tool in our Devops online training:

devops tools infographics

  • Jenkins is nothing but continues integration application. The Jenkins training is useful for building as well as testing the software applications continuously and makes it easier for the developer to build the software rapidly.
  • Now, let’s see what exactly the Continues Integration means. Continues integration is nothing but a development practice that actually requires the developers for integrating the code into the shared repository continuously.
  • The main target of the CI is to catch the bugs. The Jenkins is one of the best tools for the Continues Integration (CI).
  • Jenkins is also used as a Continues Deployment tool. It enables us to push the code to the production environment.
  • This is just a brief introduction of the Jenkins tool. We will be covering Jenkins tool in our Devops training. We are also providing the best Jenkins training.
Learn about Git and GitHub in our Devops online training:
  • We also provide the best online training for Git course. You might have heard about the term called Git in the software development company.
  • Let’s see what exactly the Git means. Git is nothing but a distributed version control system. The version control system (VCS) enables us to save the snapshots of the project.
  • Git is a command line tool. The next one, what is GitHub? GitHub is nothing but a platform that actually empowers the developers to solve problems by building software together.
  • To understand the GitHub, you must have the knowledge of Git. GitHub is nothing but a website that basically enables us to store our code in the cloud. GitHub is just like cloud storage but a complete VCS powered by Git.
  • This is a brief introduction of Git and GitHub. We will cover all the basics and also advanced topics of Git and GitHub in our Devops training. 
Learn Nagios tool in our Devops training:

Nagios is nothing but an open source and free computer software application which actually monitors the systems as well as networks and also the whole infrastructure of the IT industry. In simple words, we can check the health of our entire data center. It has the ability to monitor the storage systems. Nagios has a special feature i.e. alerts. With the help of that feature, Nagios alerts users if anything goes wrong. The alerts can be in the form of Email, SMS or phone call form. With the help of Nagios, you can get the reports of downtime on our servers. Nagios training gives the ability to gather performance statistics on a server. These are some important points about Nagios. Learn more about Nagios tool in our Nagios Devops online training.


Learn about Docker Devops tool in our Devops online training:
  • Docker is nothing but a tool that actually designed to create, deploy, and also run the software applications easily with the help of containers.
  • Now let’s see what exactly the docker containers are. The docker containers are nothing but lightweight alternatives for the VM (Virtual Machine).
  • We do not need to allocate any RAM in the docker containers. In order to run the docker containers, you need to have virtual machines as a host.
  • Docker containers don’t run on the windows. Docker containers actually provide consistent computing platform throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Let’s have a look at what docker images are. The docker images are nothing but templates.
  • These templates are used to create the Docker containers. The docker images are built by the user.
  • All these docker images are actually stored in the local registry or Docker Hub. This is all about the Docker tool. We will be covering all these concepts in our Devops training.
Learn about Puppet develops tools in our Devops online training:
  • Let’s have a look at one of the popular develops tools i.e. puppet. A puppet is basically a tool which is for the configuration management.
  • This puppet training is used for the deploying, configuring as well as managing the services. The architecture of the puppet is master-slave architecture.
  • The best thing we can do with the puppet is the automation of our whole infrastructure. Puppet enables the devops and administrators to work faster and better.
  • Let’s have a look at how the puppet works. There is a puppet manifesto in which we can store all the information.
  • With the help of facter command in puppet, it discovers the information. The puppet master is nothing but a service that actually runs on the main server.
  • With the help of that server, we can manage all the clients to configure, deploy, and also maintain the entire environment.
  • There is an important term catalog. The catalog is nothing but a document that actually describes the system state for the single particular server.
  • This is just a brief introduction puppet tool. We will be covering all the advanced topics of puppet tool in our Devops online training. 
Learn about Chef Devops tool in our Devops training:
  • The chef is one of the best devops tools. The chef is nothing but an automation platform which is used to configure and manage the infrastructure.
  • Chef training helps us to transform the infrastructure into code. Let’s move on to the topic called chef framework. Let’s see what exactly the chef framework is.
  • The combination of the workstation, nodes, and chef server is known as chef framework.
  • Nodes are nothing but end systems and nodes are managed by chef server. Nodes actually make up the infrastructure.
  • Chef server has the configuration information and this is also known as Cookbook.
  • There is a command line tool i.e. knife that is available in the chef. Knife command line tool runs on the workstation.
  • These are some of the basic concepts of chef tool. We will be covering all the chef concepts in our Devops online training.
Learn about Ansible devops tool in our Devops training:
  • Ansible is one of the best devops tools on the market. Let’s see what exactly ansible is. Ansible is nothing but configuration management, automation, and also provisioning tool.
  • Ansible automates the configuration management, application deployment, and so many IT needs.
  • Ansible training helps us to provision the software application throughout the testing process. There are so many features available in the ansible tool.
  • Let’s see few of them. We don’t need any agents for the management and installation of Ansible.
  • Ansible actually builds on the top of python and therefore it offers so many functionalities.
  • We have a very fast and easy setup for ansible and also minimal requirements. If you want to do any configuration changes on the nodes, then you have to push all the nodes at once.
  • In simple words, it follows the push-based notification to send the configurations. We will teach all the basic and advanced topics of Ansible in our Devops training.

What is the most important thing DevOps helps us achieve? 

The most vital thing that DevOps causes us accomplish is to get the progressions into creation as fast as could reasonably be expected while limiting dangers in programming quality confirmation and consistence. This is the essential goal of DevOps. In any case, you can include numerous other beneficial outcomes of DevOps. For instance, more clear communication and better working connections between groups for example both the Ops group and Dev group team up to convey great quality programming which thus prompts higher consumer loyalty.

What is DevOps engineer’s duty with regards to Agile development? 

DevOps engineer work in all respects intimately with Agile improvement groups to guarantee they have a domain important to help capacities, for example, computerized test-ing, consistent Integration and constant Delivery. DevOps engineer must be in consistent contact with the designers and make every single required piece of condition work flawlessly

what are the key aspects or principle behind DevOps?

There are few key aspects behind the devops they are the infrastructure, deployment, automation, security and monitoring.


Learn about Splunk tool in our Devops training:

  • Splunk is one of the devops tools. Splunk is nothing but a software or tool which is used to analyze, report and monitor the data.
  • There is a web graphical user interface GUI to visualize and search the data. Splunk also gives the operational intelligence.
  • Splunk also built on the top of python and c/c++. The backend is built in C/C++ and the frontend is built in python.
  • Splunk has its own database called flat files. Splunk also contains on-fly schema which is also known as a reading schema.
  • Splunk is able to analyze any kind of the data except binary. Splunk tool does not depend on the other SQL databases.
  • We can implement this and also it is scalable. There is a map reduced technology available in the Splunk and that is used in the data analytics.
  • This is just a brief introduction of the Splunk tool. We will be covering each and every concept of Splunk tool in our Devops training.

Learn about the Vagrant tool in our Devops training:

Vagrant helps us to create the repeatable as well as a predictable development environment. For that, Vagrant uses Virtual Machines. The ultimate aim of the vagrant is to provide the developer productivity. A vagrant is a tool that helps to create and maintain the virtual machines. It actually simplifies the management of the virtual machines. With the help of the Vagrant file, the developers can find the properties of the virtual machines such as software installations, and operating systems. This is just a brief introduction of a vagrant tool. We will cover all the topics of Vagrant tool in our Devops training.

Learn about Travis CI in our Devops training:

  • This will be a simple and brief introduction of Travis CI. Let’s have a look at what exactly the Travis CI means.
  • Travis CI is nothing but continues integration service which is used to create, test the project hosted on the GitHub.
  • Travis CI is free for the open source projects. Travis CI is a very useful tool for identifying the development errors in the software development.
  • Continues integration is nothing but a development practice that actually requires the developers for integrating the code into the shared repository continuously.
  • This is a brief introduction of Travis Continuous integration tool. We will teach you all the topics of Travis CI practically in our Devops online training.

Which technologies can act as driver to enable DevOps?

PaaS: It is a category of cloud computing services that provides a platform
allowing customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure

IaaS: It is a classification of distributed computing administrations that theoretical the client from the subtleties of foundation likes physical processing assets, area, information dividing, scaling, security, reinforcement and so forth.

Configuration automation: Mechanization is a major win to some degree since it eliminates the work related with dreary errands. Systematizing such errands likewise implies recording them and guaranteeing that they’re performed accurately, in a sheltered way, and over and again crosswise over various framework types.

Micro services: It comprises with a certain goal in mind of planning programming applications as suites of autonomously deployable administrations.

Containers:  Holders modernize IT conditions and procedures, and master vide an adaptable establishment for executing DevOps. At the authoritative dimension, compartments take into account fitting responsibility for innovation stack and procedures, diminishing hand-offs and the exorbitant change coordination that accompanies them.

Docker Devops tool:  

  • Docker is only an apparatus that really intended to make, convey, and furthermore run the product applications effectively with the assistance of holders.
  • Presently how about we see what precisely the docker holders are. The docker holders are only lightweight choices for the VM (Virtual Machine).
  • We don’t have to dispense any RAM in the docker holders. So as to run the docker holders, you need virtual machines as a host.
  • Docker compartments don’t keep running on the windows. Docker compartments really give steady processing stage all through the product improvement lifecycle.
    We should examine what docker pictures are. The docker pictures are only formats.
  • These formats are utilized to make the Docker compartments. The docker pictures are worked by the client.
  • All these docker pictures are really put away in the neighborhood library or Docker Hub. This is about the Docker instrument. We will cover every one of these ideas in our Devops preparing.

How do you secure certificates and signing information?

Since manufacture have to to be marked and difficult to deliver a rendition of the product not made on the assemble server keeping the endorsements and private keys limited is critical. In any case, engineers should most likely form the product for their testing. The reaction ought to examine how a hopeful can work for them-selves while just the assemble server makes official forms.

How do you expect you would be required to multitask as a DevOps professional?

Concentrate consideration on crossing over correspondence holes among Development and Operations groups. Comprehend framework plan from a modeler’s point of view, programming advancement from a designer’s viewpoint, tasks and foundation from the viewpoint of a prepared Systems Administrator. Execute to have the capacity to really do what should be finished.

What are the goals of Configuration management processes?

The reason for Configuration Management (CM) is to guarantee the trustworthiness of an item or framework for an amazing duration cycle by making the improvement or sending process controllable and repeatable, along these lines making a higher quality item or framework.

Conclusion of Devops training:

Global Online Trainings provides the best Devops training by corporate trainer. Devops online training helps you to learn the different Devops tools easily. Devops is a new revolution and latest buzz in the software industry. The primary objective of Devops is automation and constant monitoring at each phase of software development. Devops engineers work with various tools to implement continuous integration and continuous deployment.  There is a huge demand for the Devops engineers and expert professionals. There are so many benefits to earning the Devops certifications. Devops career is a highly profitable career. The average package of Devops engineer ranging between 4 to 6 lakh per annum. Get high quality Devops training at Global Online Trainings. 

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