Disk Storage Administration Training

Disk Storage Administration-online-training

DISK STORAGE ADMINISTRATION Training Course Introduction:

DISK STORAGE ADMINISTRATION Training course provides Sun partners, resellers, and customers with the knowledge and skills to ensure proper implementation and support of the Solaris Volume Manager software. To learn DISK STORAGE ADMINISTRATION Training course targeted audience is IT Professional doing administration, testing, development, and maintenance and support activities for IT hardware and/or software.  IT Professional planning to do CompTIA Storage+ / SNIA SCNP Certifications. fresher planning to enter the Storage Networking Domain.

DISK STORAGE ADMINISTRATION Training Training at Global Online Trainings by the expert trainers in more flexible hours. Register today at the website to learn more and call us directly at the help desk.

Disk Storage Administration online training course content

Hands-On Lab & discussions on RAID
  • Checking detailed status of RAID1 & RAID5 Luns
  • Creation of file systems on the RAID1 & RAID5 Luns
  • Corruption/Failure of one of the Luns in RAID1/RAID5
  • Check for RAID to degraded mode
  • Check for Filesystem I/O – No impact even after disk failure
  • Addition of Spares to RAID device
  • Rebuilding RAID
  • Addition hot spare to RAID
  • Failure of one disk again & automatic rebuilding by RAID
  • Growing & Destroying  RAID   device
Hands-On Lab & discussions on Volume Manager
  • Creation of Physical Volumes on disk devices
  • Check status of Physical Volumes & Volume Group
  • Creation of Logical Volumes & Checking status
  • Renaming Volume Groups  & Logical Volumes
  • Creation of Logical Volume with various stripe sizes & Mirroring
  • Creation & Mounting of File system on the volume
  • Corruption/Failure of a Physical Volume in the Logical Volume
  • Converting Logical Volume to Mirrored volume
  • Extending & Reducing Logical Volume
  • Removing Logical & Physical Volumes
Hands-On Lab & discussions on File-systems
  • File Systems
  • Checking parameters
  • Resizing
  • Issues during resizing & solutions thereof