Distributed .NET Online Training

Distributed .NET Course Content

Distributed Programming and .NET
  • Discuss the evolution of distributed architectures
  • Learn the advantages/disadvantaged of n-tier development
  • Define scalability: scaling up vs. scaling out
  • Learn the core principles of distributed programming
  • Compare .NET distributed technologies with COM
Serialization, Attributes and Garbage Collection
  • Review the .NET fundamentals that impact distributed programming
  • See the utility of attributes & reflection
  • Discuss the impact of garbage collection on design
  • Leverage and customize .NET serialization
Introduction to .NET Remoting
  • Learn about remoting boundaries
  • Understand the role of proxies, channels, & messages
  • Compare marshal by reference with marshal by value
  • Discuss server activated versus client activated remote objects
  • Discuss the distributed garbage collector & remote object leases
  • Host remoted objects in a Windows service & ASP.NET
Deploying Type Metadata
  • Define the issue: what is type metadata & why is it needed?
  • Build & deploy metadata assemblies
  • Build & deploy interface assemblies
  • Use Soapsuds to generate metadata & wrapped proxies
  • Creating sponsors
Asynchronous Remoting
  • Understand the need for asynchronous remote calls
  • Study the internals of the .NET delegate
  • Use delegates to make local & remote asynchronous calls
  • Combine delegates & interfaces for remote asynchronous calls
  • Study call context & call context headers
Distributed Programming with Web Services
  • Understand the history and purpose of Web services
  • Understand the role of HTTP, SOAP & XML
  • Learn the structure of a SOAP message
  • See the relationship b/w IIS, ASP.NET & Web services
  • Build & consume a simple Web service
  • Use XML Serialization & expose custom types
  • Build custom SOAP headers & SOAP extensions
  • Contrast Web services & remoting
Deploying .NET Applications
  • Understand Assembly Binding & Versioning
  • Survey the Package & Deployment projects
  • Study smart clients & see how they ease deployment hassles
  • Learn how to configure CAS security permissions for smart clients
Leveraging Component Services
  • Understand utility of COM+
  • See how to leverage COM+ services from managed code
  • Use attributes to configure a class for COM+ services
  • Use the regsvcs tool to populate the COM+ Catalog
  • Apply just in time activation, object pooling & construction strings
  • Use COM+ role based security
  • Understand COM+ automatic transactions
  • Expose managed COM+ objects to clients using .NET remoting
.NET Message Queuing
  • Define message queuing & discuss why it is needed
  • Learn to install & configure MSMQ
  • Use the System, Messaging namespace
  • Survey the different .NET message formatters
  • Build a queued component in managed code
Indigo & Service Oriented Architecture
  • Discuss motivations behind Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Preview SOA development with Indigo
  • Survey the Indigo architecture
  • Learn how to port your current code to Indigo