Django Training

Django Training

Introduction to Django Training:

In Django Training, Django is a Python-based web application development framework to develop full-length websites in Python and which was developed in 2003. Majorly Django’s web server is used to reduce the complexity of data based websites and web apps while developing. In recent times Django2 was released in 2017 December with new features and capabilities. There are some popular sites that use Django are Instagram, Disqus, Washington Times, Facebook and Mozilla. One of the major advantages of Django allows you to create dynamic web apps using python. What are you thinking? Enroll today! Django Online Training at  Global Online Trainings is coordinated by 15+ yrs industry experts. We also provide Classroom Training for Django at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. If you want to learn Django Online Training please contact  Global Online Trainings.


Django Online Training Course Details:

 Course Name: Django Training

Mode of training: Global Online Trainings provide both Online Training and Corporate Training for Django Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the Django Course Materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track!


Prerequisites to learn Django Online Training:

To learn Django Training there are some prerequisites.

  • Python language is a simple programming language to go with.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Basic knowledge on HTTP, SQL

Django Online Training Course Content:



Overview of  Django Online Training:

What is Django?

  •  Web development is endless for every business and has many opportunities in the framework. Django is one of the most popular frameworks!
  • Django is a High sophisticated Python Web framework. It is free and open source Python framework includes a set of components that help you to develop your websites faster and easier.
  • We can design web applications with no time. Why because it has a lot of attention while doing web development. So, we can easily concentrate on writing web applications.
  • Generally, the web framework helps to build your web applications in very simple. Web Framework prevents you from rewriting every time you create each website.
  • Actually, Django is software backed by a database helps us to create website applications. It contains an interface that operates through a browser and it can easily cooperate while framework offers a structure and general methods for making this type of software. 

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Learn about  Web Framework in Django Training?

Before getting started with Django Training, we take look at web framework.

  • The framework is a three-layered structure and collation of written programs to control access to databases based on the permissions provided by the creator for flow, security and specific architecture.
  • Now a day’s Framework is widely used by the website developers to save the time of them by decreasing the need to rewrite the code.
  • First, Frameworks are helpful in eliminating repetitive coding
  • Second, stability and availability are the two main reasons for why developers are using frameworks to develop custom applications.

Learn about Web Framework purposes in Django Training:

As a development platform Web Frameworks develop applications and have several purposes. They are

  • Since every software application needs to be changed, it helps in making that change succeed without affecting other parts of the app.
  • The framework is mainly developed in keeping in mind the principles of oops concepts especially abstraction and various design patterns are used in them.
  • Regular tasks will be handled by web frameworks that are occurred in each and every application.  By this way, it reduces the developer’s responsibility.
  • It manages all the necessary validations in the application so that the program focuses primarily on application logic
  • It highly reduces the development time and protection of the application 

 So, the framework is very important for every software application. Most of the enterprise applications are developed on Java Frameworks i.e.  Spring and struts.

 Here we cover only a brief introduction about Frameworks. But you can learn more about web frameworks in Django Training. For more details contact Global Online Trainings.


Learn about Django Python in Django Training:

We all know that Django is an open source web framework and it is one of the great upcoming web frameworks for developing web applications. Where python is an independent platform and having powerful programming language mainly helps for developing software applications. Meanwhile, Django is a Python-based web application framework tool developed for building web applications include web servers, web recourses, and web APIs.

                        Django python is also a framework working on a principle “Don’t Repeat Yourself” and help us to build better web applications with no time, no code. Django was originally developed for CMS (Content Management Systems), but at present, we are utilizing them for a variety of web applications. This is mainly because of its tempting, automatic database generation, DB access layer and automatic admin interface generation. Dango also provides a web server for development use. However, the python and Django both are used to develop software applications with less time and less code with easy.


Installation of Django in Django Training:Django-Online-Training

For installing Django firstly install the python, because the Django is the python web framework. To install python go to the and click on downloads. Then install pip, for this go to the pip.docsorg and click on the installation. So the downloading of python is finished on your computer. So go the python file and double click on that and it shows the user install click on and go to the next and save it in the default location.  The python executes within the command prompt, python actually runs inside the command prompt it does not open a new program because we are going to use the command prompt to do the python. 

I know this much of information is not enough to learn about Django. If you want to know more info about Django, please attend demo for Django Training

Bootstrap is also a free open source and is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework developed by Twitter for creating responsive web applications. It includes HTML and CSS based design templates for common user interface components. Bootstrap framework is based on all open standards HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; this means bootstrap can be used with any server-side technology and any platform.

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Learn  about Django Python Features in Django Training:

There are some great features which allow python web developers to convert concepts into web applications with incredible time.

  • Django’s Python-based web application is an independent platform having a powerful programming language.
  • Django Include batteries, which are integrated with the general functionality framework for building web applications.
  • Django’s built-in admin is also one of the major features that allow you with a customizable and extendable interface.
  • One of the most popular features of Django is Packages. It having many of them.
  • Django’s Security also plays a key role while offering default protection against XSS stacks, CSRF attacks.
  • The scalability feature of Django helps you to allow running separate servers for your database, application, and media.

Why we choose Django?

There are reasons that, why we choose Django for building web applications.  

Rapid Development of web applications:

Django has the ability to give fast development while building web applications with clean and practical designing.

Having a number of packages:

Having a group of components with numerous packages is a great advantage to speed up the web application development process.

Well Security:

Django is a Python-based web application development platform. It offering default protection against XSS stacks, CSRF attacks. This is one of the great advantages of Django is choosing as a web application development platform.


As technology develops, it is important to write and execute scalable codes. Django offers great scalable codes while writing programs.

Flexibility or versatile:

It helps us to develop all kinds of web applications. For example, it is used from information management systems to social media networks to scientific computing platforms


Why do we learn Django?

Below are the reasons that,  why we learn Django. Have a look at them.

  • Django having packages with powerful features and more much more important than other alternative frameworks available.
  • Django protects considerable parts of Web development with more security
  • Being free and open source, Django has received quite a reception in the community, So the contribution of users increases at a high level with more packages and utilities.
  • It is used by giants like Instagram and Mozilla, and even Facebook for many of its utilities.
  • Additionally, Django is SEO responsive unlike many other frameworks, and allows the use of human-readable URL’s, helping with SEO and page ranking.

This is the overall and basic knowledge about the Django.

If you want to learn Django then it’s no wonder that there are dozens of source and in-person programs that will help people become Django Expert. But Global Online Trainings is the best place for Online Trainings. So get ready to take Django Online Training!

Some popular online programs can be found on Lynda, Udacity, Coursera, General Assembly, and so much more.

This tutorial adheres to ‘learn by doing’ approach. In this course, not only will you go over the theoretical aspects of Django, but you will learn how to actually build websites with this amazing framework.


Is Django is good for Web Development?

If you ask this question to any Python/Django developer definitely he will say that it is good for Web Development. Why because there are many advantages to the Django Framework. They are:Top-10-Benefits-of-Django

  • Rich ecosystem: Developers believe that Django is like a system that there are many third-party applications include with Django. These applications are incorporated based on project requirements. And also there are many Lego blocks. In application development, almost every project has the power to email sending “block”. Django has many applications – such as sending authorization and emails – are easily plugged into a system.
  • Written in Python Language: Django is one of the web frameworks written in the Python Programming Language. Hence, it is easy for programmers or developers to build web applications with hygienic, readable and managing code by taking advantage of Python’s syntactic rules. Also, developers can easily reduce the development time by building custom web applications without writing additional code.
  • Easily compatible with major operating systems and databases: Nowadays, users access web applications on different devices and platforms. Increase access to web applications in support of major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS. At the same time, ORG system provided by Django makes it easy for programmers to work with widely used databases. They can change ORM data from a database to another page without writing additional data to perform general database operations.
  • Batteries included Web-framework: Django is one of the web frameworks that came up with batteries-included. When developing a custom web application, Django provides the necessary resources to Django developers. It also provides code for general operations like database manipulation, HTML templating, URL routing, session management, and security. Batteries Application Help developers reduce the amount of web application development time significantly.
  • Having robust security features:  Django helps developers provide security features that protect web applications from targeted security attacks – cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and cross-site request forgery.
  • It is easy to extend and scale:  Django is stable to enable programmers to create better web applications. At the same time, Django developers can easily customize, scale, and adjust the web framework by modifying its specific parts.
  • Libraries: Django developers allow libraries to build any project. Some well-known libraries have the Django REST frame, which is responsible for building application programming interfaces.

This is the basic information about Django Web Development. We will be covering everything through Django Online Training. At Global Online Trainings, we provide Django Training Videos and training materials. Through this Django Training Course, you will get a job easily. Then why are you waiting? Join Today!


Conclusion of Django Training:

Thousands of projects have been created successfully with Django. Still, Django is up-to-date. Python is one of the most popular and widely used high-level programming languages for web development. We should say thanks to this web development framework. Django is not only one of the largest in Python. But it also in all web frameworks in all languages. The chances of getting jobs for Python-Django is very high. So be ready to take Django Online Training!

Want to start your career with Django?…. Just learning Python-Django is not enough to get a job. You have to practice very well. Global Online Trainings is the best place to get online trainings. We provide Django Online Training with real-time projects. So, you can work on real-time and can learn practically. We have a team of certified experts who are having more than 10 yrs of experience will help you to learn from basic level to advanced concepts through Django Training. We provide 24×7 support for Django Training. Through our Online Training, we always get in touch with you to solve any issues regarding Django Online Training. The average pay scale with Django-Python is $40K-70K for annum.  Don’t miss out this opportunity! Join immediately.


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