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documentum training

documentum training

Documentum Training Introduction:

Documentum Training is an enterprise content management platform, which provides management capabilities for all types of content. The core of Documentum is a repository in which the content is stored securely under compliance rules and a unified environment. GOT offers Documentum Training online specialized training for professionals on virtual interactive modes. Perfect learning / extending qualification opportunity for on job professionals at most reasonable cost. With Global Online Trainings the Documentum Training is coordinated by best industry experts and the EMC Documentum Online Training tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online training course contact reach at helpdesk of Global Online Trainings today.

Documentum Online Training course content:

  • Basic Overview of  Enterprise Content Management  
  • Concepts of Documentum Architecture &Product
  • Searching and Security
  • Objects & its Types
  • Hands-on with the Live Example
  • Doc-App
  • Users & Group
  • Alias_ Sets
  • Lifec_ycle
  • Work_flows
  • Hands-on with the Live Example
  • The Documentum Query Language (DQL)
  • API’s
  • Creating &  Managing Type
  • Managing the Content
  • Hands-on with the Live Example
  • LDAP_Configuration
  • Creating the Storage Area
  • Installation of Full Text Server
  • Dctm Architecture
  • Content Repository
  • Docbase
  • Docbroker
  • Storage
  • Object Model
Objects and Types
  • Cabinet and Folders
  • Versions
  • Renditions
  • User categories
  • User access
  • Basic permissions
  • Extended permissions
  • Table accessUsers and privileges
  • Simple search
  • Advanced search
  • My Files
  • Subscription
  • Configuring the  Index Agent
  • Hands-on with the Live Example
  • WDK Overview & Installation
  • Application Layer Configuration
  • Component_Configuration
  • The Advanced Component Configuration
  • Introduction to the Component Customization
  • Hands-on with the Live Example
  • Behavior &  Event
  • Overview on Controls  
  • Search_Component
  • Docbase &  Format Control
  • The Validation Controls
  • Themes
  • Hands-on with the Live Example
  • DFC Type Related Interface
  • Performing the Task Using DFC
  • Business Object Frame  
  • Hands-on with the Live Example
  • Interface Types
  • Jobs
  • Methods
  • Workflows
  • Lifecycle
  • DFC
  • Keywords
  • Functions
  • Logical Operators
  • Alter
  • Update
  • Select
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Register
  • Preset scope
  • Preset rules
  • managing presets
Groups and Roles
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • DQLS and groups


  • Basic Understanding of Documentum
  • Basic knowledge of client/server technology
  • Basic knowledge of Web browser / application server technology
  • Experience with HTML, XML, and XSLT
  • Knowledge of Java programming

Documentum Training Overview:

  • Documentum Query Language is similar to SQL commands and allows Documentum Training users to access database data in the Documentum environment.
  • The Documentum Training attributes are stored in a relational database table, and these attributes are configurable and fully extensible.
  • Users and developers access the storage systems in the same way, assuming the storage type is transparent.
  • The Docbase is the content repository, and several repositories can be linked together across logical and geographical boundaries to form a single content repository.
  • Documentum Training Server manages the communications between clients and the Docbase and manages the processing of scanned document input and auto rendering.
  • A developer studio is a GUI utility used to develop Docapps that consists of a set of business rules, workflow, document lifecycle, and security for each Docbase.
  • These Docapps can be migrated between Docbases, reducing the implementation time. Documentum Foundation Class (DFC) is an object-oriented API layer that provides interfaces to a variety of industry-standard languages and developer tools.
  • Documentum Training Foundation Class (DFC) is an object-oriented API layer that provides interfaces to a variety of industry-standard languages and developer tools.

Documentum Key Features:

  • Accelerating time to Web with accurate, reliable content.
  • Enabling rich media asset management integrated with enterprise content.
  • Managing XML components to fuel reuse and inter-enterprise exchange
  • Automating the production, review, approval, and publishing all marketing assets.
  • Meeting regulatory compliance with trusted content.
  • Enabling applications, including ERP, CRM, Enterprise Information Portal, and groupware systems with enterprise content.
  • Increasing the efficiency of business operations by effectively managing business-critical documents.
  • Supporting the development of content-rich applications built on solid, future-proof foundation.

Documentum Training Curriculum:

Enterprise Content Management Overview

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Overview, ECM Challenges, Need for ECM, ECM Components, ECM Key players

Documentum Overview

EMC Documentum Training Overview, EMC Documentum Solutions, Documentum Key Characteristics

Documentum Product Overview

Documentum Training Products, Content Services, Process Services, Repository Services, Integration Services, Administration & Development, Documentum CenterStage, MyDocumentum Offline

Documentum Concepts Overview

Content Server, Docbase, Docbroker, DFC, WDK, Documentum Objects, Cabinets & Folders, Users and Groups, Virtual Document, Alias Set, ACLs, Virtual Document , Workflow, Lifecycle

Objects and Types

Introduce and describe Object, Introduce and describe Types, Type Hierarchy and inheritance, Define object ID, Type Storage, Lighweight SysObjects, Shareable Objects, DQL

Users & Privileges

Users, User Authentication, Client capability, Basic privileges, Extended privileges, Creating Users, Useful DQL Queries

Groups and Roles

Groups, Creating Groups, Roles, Creating Roles, Useful DQL Queries

Object Security

Object Permissions, Permission Sets, Special Conditions, Folder Security, Creating a Permission Set, Assigning Permissions, Advanced Security, Useful DQL Queries

Documentum Component Architecture

Documentum Training layered Architecture, The Kernel Group, The Kernel Group Components

System Administration Overview

System Administrator Tasks, Documentum Administrator, Content Server Installation and Configurations, Methods & Jobs

Alias Sets

Introduction to Aliases, Alias Set, Defining Alias, Kinds of Alias, Creating Alias Set, Alias Scope, Alias Resolution Scopes, Useful DQL Queries

Custom Types

Introduction to Custom Types, Super Types, Permissions & Null type, Types and Data dictionary, Benefits of the Data Dictionary, Creating Custom Type using DAB, Document Templates, Modifying Custom Types, Dropping Custom Types, Useful DQL Queries

Virtual Documents

Virtual Documents Definition and Benefits, Create Virtual Documents, Create a Snapshots, Add components to a virtual document, Virtual Document Preferences, XML Management, Useful DQL Queries

Object & Content Relationship

Describe document content, Introduction to content object, How content files and objects are related, Brief on Primary content & Renditions, Page number, Rendition source

Lifecycle Overview

Difference between Lifecycle & Workflows, Describe Entry Criteria, Entry Actions, and, Post-entry Actions, Extended Permissions with lifecycles, Lifecycles & Alias sets, Lifecyle Related Actions, Lifecycle States, Useful DQL Queries

Workflow Basics and Workflow Manager

Workflow Concepts, Workflow Templates, Activities, Performers, Flows and Packages, Building a complex workflow, Simple workflow, Path selection, Dynamic performer, Advanced Features, Automated activities, Workflow Manager


Searching Overview, Simple Search, Advanced Search, Search Results, Saving Searches, Search Preferences, Subscriptions, Shortcuts, Useful SQL queries

Documentum Query Lanugage

DQL Overview, Advanced DQL, DQL tools: IDQL

xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) Overview

xCP Overview, Process Builder, Forms Builder, Taskspace, Business Activity Monitor & Process Reporting Services

Documentum Foundation Classes

DFC Overview, Clients and Sessions, Session Management, Type related DFC Interfaces, Common DFC Tools, DFC Operations

Business Object Framework (BOF)

BOF Overview, Global registry, Service Based Objects (SBO), Type Based Objects (TBO), Aspects

Documentum Web Development Kit (WDK)

WDK Overview and Installation, Application Layer Configuration, Component Configuration, Component Customization, Behavior, Events and Controls, Presets, Documentum Webtop, Documentum Administrator

Documentum Foundation Services (DFS)

DFS Overview, OOTB Platform Services, DFC Vs DFS, Building DFS Service

Documentum Composer & Application builder 

DocApps Overview, Documentum Training Application Builder, DocApp Archives, Installing DocApps, Documentum Composer & Documentum Application Archive (dar), Installing Composer, Documentum Artifacts, Build and deploy Documentum Training Application Archive (dar)