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Introduction to Domo Training: 

Domo Training at Global Online Trainings provides outstanding skills on Business Management Platform. At Global Online Trainings Our Trainers having 15+ years of real-time experience and teach you from basic level to advanced Domo concepts.  In our Domo Online Training you will learn and attain knowledge to build alerts in Domo and become expert in application card level and page level filters, usage of CSV as a Domo Dataset, and Basic card creation. We also provide corporate and classroom training for Domo at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. This is the excellent opportunity to learn Domo. By the end of this Domo Online Training you can attain mastery in Domo. Get enrolled at Global Online Trainings and Certified Today!

Domo Training Course Details:

Course Name: Akka Framework Training

Mode of Training: We provide Online Training and Corporate Training for Akka Framework Online Course

Duration of Course: 30 Hrs

Do we Provide Materials? Yes, if you register with Global Online Trainings, the Domo Training Materials will be provided.

Course Fee: After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer Experience: 15 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

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Overview of Domo Training: 

Nowadays, information is moving faster than your business. In order to do your job well, you need the right information at the right time. Unfortunately, that information lives on in the growing confusion of disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases, and applications.

There is only One Platform to access all your data, on any device, at the speed of now i.e. Domo. Let’s see what is Domo?


What is Domo?

Domo is a platform for combining and analyzing data among employees, managers and analysts. Due to the functionality of the solution, discussion and decision making has become much simpler than before. Domo is a great feature that can connect more than four hundred data sources. Additionally, adjusting the program is not a problem because its customization is multi-optional and affordable for users with diverse skills and knowledge.

Through Domo cloud-based business management platform the employees can easily build their own dashboards and combines data from various programs and platforms, and then manage tasks and projects. By using this platform you will be able to converting messages and files into one solution. Domo is a very suitable platform for collaboration due to the notification system. Additionally, their automated reports are really high quality. So, we all say that this is the right platform for small, medium businesses to large enterprises, and is compatible on Windows or Mac platforms, and in fact you can access the data on any devices.


Learn new data science suite in our Domo Training:

In our Domo Training, you will be going to learn about new data science suite. Here you will have a question i.e. what is DOMO Data Science Suite? Domo Data Science Suite was launched by Domo, which brings basic and advanced data science capabilities straight into the DOMO platform. By using this New Domo Data Science Suite you will be able to building flexible and fast deliver new insights to good business decision makers.

As most of the businesses look to control more sophisticated analytics on their data, the ability to perform data science tasks quickly, accurately and securely is becoming increasingly important to maintain competitiveness. The new Data Science Suite leverages the power and scale of the DOMO platform to enable more areas of business to benefit from sophisticated analytics to guide effective business decisions. So, the domo training trainers at Global Online Trainings are ready to teach you the new Data Science Suite techniques.


Learn Tableau Vs Domo in our Domo Training:

In this fast-paced era of data across almost all sectors, industries are looking to have business intelligence tools to help them analyze their data by turning their data into reports and dashboards for better decision-making. Some of the most prominent business intelligence products on the market are Tableau, QlikView, Microsoft Power BI, Amazons QlikSight, and DOMO. Here we compare two leading vendors: Table and Domo. The Data Visualization Champion and Domo Cloud-Based Dashboard with Self-Service Data Discovery feature on the table, which provides a variety of visualization at low prices. Therefore, Domo is proving to be an excellent competitor of Tableau.

Tableau and Domo are both popular choices on the market today; let’s have a look at some of the major differences between Tableau and Domo: The tableau provides features such as custom filters and drag-drop functionality, which enable the user to create interactive dashboards and share them online or with the help of a server. Some users find the interface in the tableau not so clear. Domo provides a more pleasant user experience with many pre-built pages, which can be auto-assembled, based on data inputs or the user can drag them if needed.

This is the brief information about the comparison of Tableau & Domo. If you want to know more info please join in Domo Online Training at Global Online Trainings. We also provide Tableau Training for data visualization You will get everything with advanced concepts. Register Now!


Conclusion of Domo Training:

Global Online Trainings is the globally professional in IT courses training which emphasizes on hands-on experience with examples from real-time scenarios by experts. We are the best provider of high-quality Domo Online Training course. It is conceptualized and initiated by several multidisciplinary and ingenious software technocrats having 15+ yrs of experience in the industry. The Domo Online Training Course in Global Online Trainings starts with the introduction of Domo and the use of Fusion to import large data sets to Domo. You will gain in-depth knowledge on the Use Magic ETL to perform various data transformations, such as Dashboard Wire Framing, in Detail, Join, and Card Analyzer Detail.



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