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Drools training Introduction:

Drools is a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) solution & a Business Logic integration Platform (BLiP) which is written in the Java. It provides a core Business Rules Engine (BRE), a web authoring & a rules management application  & an Eclipse IDE plugin for core development. It is an open source project that is backed by JBoss & Red Hat, Inc. Its tool collection allows us to separate and reason over logic and data found within business processes.Drools use the rule-based approach to implement an Expert System. 

Drools API online course contnet:

Drools introduction
  • Drools introduction
  • Production rule systems
  • Pattern
  • Rule engine
  • Difference between a JAVA method and Rule
  • Rule integration within Business Process
  • Business Rule task
  • Rule flow graph
  • Setting up Eclipse
  • Sample drools project, say,  Hello World
  • Sample claims process
  • Sample Business process using Drools
3. Drools Traditional Programming
  • Drools – Traditional programming v/s Declarative programming
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Drools
  • When NOT to use a Rule Engine
  • KIE
  • Stateless session
  • Claim validation example
  • Stateless session example
  • Batch Executor
  • Stateful session & its example
  • Cross products
  • License example
5. Execution Control-Agenda Rule Set
  • Execution control – Agenda
  • Meaning of Agenda
  • Execution Control – Rules matches & control
  • Execution control – conflict resolution
  • Decision table
  • When & when not to use decision table
  • Rules set part
  • Understanding decision table
  • Rule set attributes
  • Rule table attributes
2. Persistence & Transaction
  • Persistence & Transaction
  • Why persistence & transaction
  • Persistence
  • Internal working of persistence
  • JBPM DB model
  • JBPM persistence entities
  • JBPM persistence & Transaction Dependencies
  • JBPM persistence API
  • Kie session


4. Overview Of Work Item
  • Overview of Work item
  • External interactions
  • Work item in JBPM6
  • Out of the Box work item handlers
  • Service task example, configuration and execution
  • Custom work item & its example
  • Hands on exercise
6. Rule & Function
  • Rule templates
  • Rules authoring using workbench
  • Data enumeration
  • Guided rule
  • Guided rule template
  • Guided decision table
  • Decision table spreadsheet
  • Functions in Drools
  • Type declaration

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