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Dynatrace Training

DynaTrace Training Introduction

Global Online Training provides DynaTrace training it is a new generation tool for monitoring & profiling of Java & .NET applications. Dyntrace patented PurePath technology provides one of the most accurate & detailed view of application behaviour. Dyntrace training started as a tool which profiles applications and gives detailed information at a code level during load, & evolved as a product that can be used in continuous development and in production environments.

Global Online Trainings conducted DynaTrace training is rendered by best subject matter experts and it is done on best  platform for providing all the participants insight over the subject.

About DYNATRACE Training Overview:

Dynatrace offers the most advanced deep dive web performance diagnostics into javascript execution DOM access, rendering activities and network traffic for analyzing and troubleshooting web applications. It quickly trace and profile web apps to understand performance characteristics. Dynatrace identify hotspots and isolate performance problems. Dynatrace work with various browsers like internet explorer( 6-10) firefox (3.6-20) on windows (xp.7.8,8).

The Dynatrace Training platform is the smartest & fastest time-to-value APM solution available for today’s modern application architectures. Dynatrace captures timing & code level context for all transactions, end-to-end, from the user click, across all tiers, to the database & back. With this exact, deep atomic level detail across 100% of transactions ,infrastructure, Dynatrace enables the fastest path to root cause determination on the market – from one click to an line of  a code.

Following API’s define the Dynatrace , APM best practices that are designed to ensure the necessary level of visibility, right context, deep insight, and adaptability required to proactively solve application performance and end-user experience problems.

  • End-User Perspective: It manages user experience across users, devices, browsers and geographic.
  • 100% Transaction Visibility : With deep diva diagnostics for rapid problem solution.
  • Smart Analytics : Real time and historical business and it analytics provided answers.
  • Lifecycle by Design : Unified platform fosters, collaboration between production, test and development teams.
  • Fast Time to Value: It allows you to realize actionable benefits in hours, but not in weeks or months, so you can quickly develop &deliver software that will positively impact the end-user experience.

Why should we use Dynatrace ? 

  • To find out whats causing web performance
  • Investigate potential web performance improvements
  • To build more interactive web apps faster
  • Understand exactly what is happening in the browser.

DynaTrace Training Course Content:

DYNTRACE Platform Overview
  • Understanding DT and its architecture
  • application Monitoring 
  • Monitoring Overview Dashboard

• Incidents and Alerting • Runtime Diagnostics • Browser Diagnostics


• Usage of Business Transactions • Error Analysis • Usage of Sessions

Monitoring Performance
  • About to Monitoring
  • Monitoring – Agent-based
  • Application Monitoring
  • Overview of Infrastructure
  • Analyzing a Slow Transaction
  • Memory Analysis

Dynatrace Training Prerequisite

  • Responsible person for Performance of any big application environment

Capabilities of Dynatrace:

  • It supports cross browser diagnostics
  • Code level visibility into frameworks
  • It Speed up the page loading time
  • It optimize page rendering
  • It compares website to peers
  • Deep JavaScript and DOM tracing
  • Share data with your peers


KPIS in Dynatrace Training: the Key performances indicators (KPI’s) tell you how fast or slow your website is to the end-user.

It also drives the efforts from web performance specialists such as steve souders and companies like Google and yahoo. The KPI’s are divided as foolws:

  • KPI’S on load time :
  • Time to first impression
  • Time to onload event
  • Time to fully loaded
  • KPI’s on Recourses:
  • Total number of requests
  • Total number of HTTP 300s/400s/500s
  • Total size of website
  • Total size of images/CSS/JS
  • Total number of XHR requests
  • KPI’s on Network connections:
  • DNS time
  • Connect time
  • Server time
  • Transfer time
  • Wait time
  • Number of domains / single recourse domains


Supported Environments
  • Mobile: Native and Hybrid iOS and Android, Mobile Web
  • Browser side: Everything hosted on Apache, IIS, NGINX, IBM & Oracle HTTP Services
  • Server side: Common Java App Servers, .NET, PHP, CICS
Hardware Requirements for Dynatrace:
  • Windows: x86/x64 8.1/8/7 Vista or Server >= 2003
  • Linux: x86/x864 with a recent kernel >= 2.6
Where and for how long is data stored?
  • Time series data ends up in a database. The Free Trail to an im-memory DB
  • Pure Path data is stored on disk
  • Both options can and should be configured when used in a real and not an eval environment



Basic Diagnostic Steps with Dynatrace Training:

Individual Complaining End User

  • Analyze individual visitors through Visits Dash-let

General End User Experience Impact

  • Start with the End User Experience dashboard

General Root Cause Diagnostics

  • Transaction Flow: Identify Hotspots and Architectural issues
  • Response time Hotspot: Which Tiers, APIs are a Problem
  • Database Hotspots: Identify DB Access Problem Patters
  • Exceptions: Identify configuration and bad coding practices
  • Web Requests: Identify long running and failing URLs


Dynatrace is the innovator behind the industries premier digital performance, making real time information about digital performance visible and actionable for everyone across business and IT. We help customers of all sizes see their applications and digital channels through the lens of their end users. Dynatrace software a provider of continuous application performance management for the java and .NET applications, announced the launch of a portal and community based site for the posting and exchange of the performance management information. The dynatrace community portal will provide updates best practices, products tips and techniques, training materials and re-useable software modules for dynatrace training uses.

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