Dynatrace training

Dynatrace Training

Introduction to Dynatrace Training:

Dynatrace Training at Global Online Trainings- Dynatrace is a full step monitoring solution power per one agent and we provided into deployment flavors. The one is Dynatrace SaaS where we run it in the cloud. So that’s an easy model also if you sign up for Dynatrace free trial, the SaaS trial is hosted in AWS. But we also have managed Dynatrace that means we give you the Dynatrace components and just you have to run it in the data center and it depends on the flavor it’s the same product you just either install it yourself or you can run it as a service provided by us. For more information register with us or dial our helpline to find best training guides for Dynatrace Corporate Training and Dynatrace Classroom Training and become a better executive. we can gather up profound trainers for all the possible latest technologies at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon and other such IT hubs. Global online trainings are the best in providing Dynatrace Online Training by our industry experts at a reasonable cost.

Prerequisites for Dynatrace Training:

Particularly there are no prerequisites for Dynatrace Corporate Training at our Global Online Training; basic knowledge on browsing is enough.

Dynatrace Online Training Course Details:
  • Name of the course: Dynatrace Training
  • Mode of training: We provide both Online Training and Corporate Training
  • Duration: 30 Hrs (can be customized as per the requirement)
  • Materials: Yes we provide materials for Dynatrace Training
  • Fees: Register with Global Online Trainings so that one of our coordinator will assist you
  • Basic requirement: Good Internet Speed and proper headset
  • Timings: As per the student flexibility
  • Experience of trainer: 10+ years of experience
  • Backup sessions: Yes we provide Backup Sessions
  • Batch Type: We provide batches like regular, weekends and fastrack

Dynatrace Online Training Course Content

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Overview of Dynatrace Training:

  • Now the key component to Dynatrace is really only one agent that you have to install on a host level and it’s very easy to use. So you download it either for windows or Linux.
  • We also have pass agents in case you do not control their underlying host but for instance you run something in Asia or in Cloud Foundry when uttered pass environments we don’t control the hosts we also have an option to simply inject the one agent into these platforms as well because we have partnerships but typically you would install it on a host.
  • It’s very easy you can see here if a download script for instance here is a Linux verify the signature and then run the script and you can obviously fully automate that using your automation scripts that you use for deployment automation already.
  • Now once the agent gets deployed, it automatically sees everything that is happening on that host and with that we mean every single process, all the network connections, all the applications that are hosted within these processes. So gone are the days where you have to figure out how do I monitor this JVM? How do I get injected into that application server, how do I get into this web server? How do I get into the Docker container? All of this is taking care for you by only installing one agent on a host level and we automatically detect what’s running and we automatically inject into all these processes and also into containers that are running in to Docker. Global online trainings is best in providing Dynatrace Corporate Training with live projects.
  • Automatically the one agent collects all the data from the US, the infrastructure maybe the network connections but also all the processes and if these processes host applications we automatically inject an agent into like in this case a spinner is hosted IIS and if some Apache running here Tomcat and diametric automatically injected all of that and if these applications are then actually used by end users.
What are the features of Dynatrace Training?Features of Dynatrace Training

The features of Dynatrace Corporate Training are as follows.

  • We can automatically monitor the end users by using real user monitoring capabilities. So Dynatrace detects the full stack running so it is called as the vertical stack everything where is the machine running and what runs on that machine but we also do automatic in Dynatracing. So we actually know who is talking with whom.
  • We still underneath the hood off technology where we can trace every transaction end to end because we actually install on a host level we automatically also see every single network connection. So we also see that we call them as the horizontal dependencies not only on service level but also process to process and host to host level and we give you all this information for every single transaction in Dynatrace Training.
  • Coming to every single transaction, a key technology is when you started to manage was pure path. Pure path is the pure execution path from the initiate, the originate of a request, all the way through the different micro service is baked in to the database way external systems and giving a code level visibility right without any configuration.
  • So now the cool thing is you have pure path but not only for the individual apps where you install an application technology specific agent but for every single app that runs on these hosts where you have a one agent installed and you still get the visibility all the database statements, the exceptions, the third party calls everything is there.
What are the benefits of Dynatrace Training?

Some of the benefits of Dynatrace Training are as follows.

  • We also have a lot of time serious data so I mentioned network before obviously visibility into your servers you can either use our nice out-of-the-box dashboards which are very appealing visually but you can also create your own charts whether its host container service network and obviously also the cloud. We are rich in providing Dynatrace online training by industry experts at flexible timings.
  • So we are medically pooling data additional data that the cloud providers like for instance AWS provides by pulling in metrics from cloud watch again all this data is available we automatically baseline and we automatically alert because the AI our Artificial Intelligence gets all this information and then tells you where something wrong and because we have the complete dependency map.
  • We actually know which components are impacted by components that are critical in the norm and does it in the end impact your services and applications. Mentioned earlier everything is automatically baselined in Dynatrace training. We believe this is important because the more data we collect the harder it becomes and the more impossible it becomes to specify static thresholds.
  • So we baseline every single metric and then we feed any violations, any anomalies into the AI they can then tell you what’s actually wrong. We also do automatic log analytics, the one agent not only monitors the hosts, processes and these and the services in the APK.
  • But we also have the capability with the one agent to see every single log message that is written and we give you full access to these logs but more importantly log messages are written and we detect the critical pattern which some of them are automatically configured but you can define your own lock patterns that you are looking for then we automatically feed this information to the eye and say we have a component here where we saw a particular critical log message and then the AI can figure out if this log message is one of the root causes of another dependent service that is potentially failing.

Another thing we provide is we detect changes in your environment whether automated by monitoring certain log messages but by monitoring if you know you deploy a new app you can also let us know through a REST API where you can say you are deploying a change. For instance if you have a CICD pipeline you deploy a new version into your hosts, into your containers then you can let the Dynatrace training know about these deployment changes again these all become events, make it easier for the AI.


In case there is a problem to tell you we believe the problem, the root cause is this deployment change which later on resulted in a bad log message here and a service outage which impacted application. So this is the cool thing about having the complete model and so much data but obviously you need something that fits through the data in Dynatrace training.

Importance of Dynatrace Training:

We live in a world that demands stand out digital experiences, our customers, users, prospects and co-workers expect the apps behind these digital experiences to work flawlessly regardless of device type, operating system programming language or supporting networks. As IT operations development and digital business professionals how can we possibly guarantee the perfect digital experience?

  • Given today’s hyper complex and dynamic ecosystems comprised of literally billions of dependencies. You can’t do it alone we have reached a breaking point where humans can no longer decide such enormous complexity.
  • The demand for more apps and more places is too much for us mere mortals to manage that’s why Dynatrace Corporate Training has redefined application monitoring.
  • We see every user across every application, everywhere in application resides in the cloud, in a car or in your hand. Best of all its powered by artificial intelligence and fully automated.
  • So it will tell you about issues and set you on the right path to self healing before you even know those problems exist? So how does this all work? We measure real customer interactions device interactions and even synthetic or virtual user interactions as they hit the technical infrastructure supporting your app.
  • As these transactions reference networks, servers, databases, third-party services and containers across cloud on-premise or hybrid hosts. Only Dynatrace full stack monitoring has the breadth and depth needed to show you the experience of a user. As they access your application and with pinpoint precision can diagnose problems.
  • Right down to an individual device single line of code or TCP connection because as digital business owners IT operators and developers. You know that every digital moment matters optimizing customer experience, modernizing operations and accelerating innovation is your future.
  • Monitoring with Dynatrace will take you there. Get AI powered full stack and automated digital performance management from Dynatrace.
Dynatrace Real user monitoring:

Dynatrace Real user monitoring covers web applications on all types of browsers no matter if there is a desktop browser of course or a tablet or a phone which you are using to use that web application then and of course also Android native mobile applications that would also work of course then on and TV OS for instance and for an Apple TV or the equivalent of the TV for Android. The terminology here used typically is on the channel. So Dynatrace supports every channel you are trying to reach your customers.

  • Different Scenarios of how Dynatrace Real User monitoring can help solve different problems. The first one is User performance analysis and this is typically a topic for engineers, for technology focused people, front-end developers or technically persons responsible for a foreign application and the questions that we are answering with the performance analysis is what response times are my real users dealing with facing right and how are those driven influenced.We also provide Dynatrace Performance Monitoring Tool Corporate Training from our experienced trainers.
  • How do they break down what time is spent in the front-end? And what time is spent on the backend and Do I optimize this the different views that I roll out to my end users give them the bandwidth they have to connect to my web applications.
  • The second question is around Javascript errors and how Javascript errors influence user happiness. So for instance can they still work with my application is probably the most fundamental question this around.
  • Javascript errors but also it could be other issues that are not that heavily influencing the user experience but you get a break down into those and then the third one is more about optimizing rolling out the application is around third party resources and specifically if I come back to the optimizing thought is CDN’s.
  • To deliver CDN’s what’s my performance off my CD Enberg network and the other aspect of third-party resources are integration with ad banners and social ad servers in social media resources.
  • Pretty much that I include embed in my website that is not communicating back to my own application back-end. But ofcourse still heavily influencing mu user performance.
  • The second topic is user behaviour analysis and this is a more from a business angle. So marketing could be interested in those use cases or an application owner coming more from a business side. SO I would be interested in for instance what is my peak activities? Do I have a day in the week that is super busy or do have an hour of the day that is super busy.
  • How do I accommodate that right? With my application back-end then another question is entry and exit actions. What are my landing pages? what are the last pages that my customers are looking at and then just that another question actually referring to that is what is my bounce rate? And how does my response time influence my bounce rate.
Learn AWS Training along with Dynatrace Training:

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and it is one of the most advanced technologies. It provides services to IT sector. These services are offered in the form of Cloud computing. Its maintenance cost is less and it gives Quick results. This plays an important role in the development of the business. Amazon EC2 is one of the web services that give security. Where Amazon EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.  Amazon EC2’s web service interface helps to achieve and configure the ability with less friction.


  • Elastic Webscale Computing: Amazon EC2 empowers to increment or lessening effectiveness in no time, not hours or days. You can at the same time hand over server forms, hundreds, or thousands of server variants.
  • Completely Controlled: We have the full command over the conditions, with the root get to and the capacity to cooperate with any machine. When you have recovered the information in the boot parcel, incapacitate any specific situation and afterward restart a similar setting utilizing the Web Service APIs. You can remotely reboot utilizing the Web Services APIs, and you likewise approach their reassure yield.
  • Inexpensive: Amazon EC2 offers the monetary advantages to Amazon’s level. We need to pay a low rate for the computation productivity we use.

These are just the basics of AWS. You can get the detail knowledge on AWS Training along with Dynatrace Training.


Conclusion to Dynatrace Training:

 Dynatrace Training collects performance and behavior analytics analyzes them in real time and automatically presents insights designed to enable action and collaboration. Dynatrace course is one of the most demanding courses in the present market. Many organizations are looking for the candidates who are having good communication skills along with practical knowledge on Dynatrace course. This is the right time for the candidates who want to build their career in the field of Dynatrace. At Global Online Trainings only you can get the practical knowledge because we provide training by our experienced trainers at a reasonable cost. If you have any doubts regarding the training always feel free to contact us or you can also register in our website so that one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.


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