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EXTOL Business Integrator Training Course Content

Start to Finish the Install of EXTOL Business Integrator 3.1 Studio
Start to Finish the Install of EXTOL Business Integrator 3.1 Server — ISeries/Windows/Linux
How to reference the objects among multiple projects.
Review of Versioning & Team Synchronization — Committing Changes, Locking EBI Objects, Reviewing History Changes
Set-up Sub versioning to force users to for before any updates are made to the EXTOL objects
Get accustomed to new Eclipse platform, screens, & editor frames
Discover new ways to search & filter EXTOL objects. Allows for faster access & less clicking.
Customize projects from EFR– EXTOL Free Repository by Sean the Hoppe Consulting Group
Interface EXTOL EBI 3.1 Studio with EXTOL EBI 3.1 Server
Kick-off of building integration projects
Deploy & monitor integration project
Interface EXTOL EBI 3.1 with EXTOL Dashboard
Understanding Auditor, advanced logging & Customizing Log Filters
Navigate Dashboard & feel comfortable using it on a daily basis
Set-up/Test SOAP Web service Provider & Consumer
Set-up/Test REST Web service Provider & Consumer
Mastering Sub versioning: Tags/Branches, Properties – svn: needs-lock
Promoting test objects to QA/Production Servers via change the management
Re-use EXTOL objects such as Receive EdiBPS to add additional parameters/logic