Eclipse Framework Online Training

Eclipse Framework Course Content

  • Model Driven Architecture
  • Meta Modeling
  • Meta Object Facility (MOF)
  • Eclipse
  • EMF
Using Ecore
  • The ecore editor
  • A quick look at XMI & the XML foundations
  • Limitations of ecore
TOPIC 1 : A First Case Study
Introduction to case study
  • A music library
  • The UML Model
  • The goals for the application
The Model A First Look
  • Creating a model using ecore
  • Define the types
  • Define the attributes
  • Define the associations
Creating Generator Model
  • Purpose of the generator model
  • Creating the generator model
  • Optimization of the generator model
Using the EMF generator
  • Generating an application
  • What is generated?
  • The generated model implementation
  • The generated EMF.edit implementation
  • The generated EMF.editor implementation
Running the Application
  • How to run the application
  • How to use the application
  • What is missing?
TOPIC 2 : Defining the EMF Models
Overview of EMF Models
  • The role of the EMF models
  • The language for EMF models
  • Limitations of ecore
he EMF Meta model
  • What is a meta model?
  • Eclipse Meta Object Framework (emof)
Modeling with Java Interfaces
  • Defining a model based on Java interfaces
  • The @model attribute
  • Extensions to the @model
  • The @generated attribute
  • Other Java annotations
  • Creating ecore models from annotated Java
Using Rational Software Architect (RSA)
  • Why Rational Software Architect?
  • The stereotypes
  • Creating ecore models from mdl files
Modeling using XML Schema
  • XML Schema mappings
  • Limitations in mapping
  • Creating an XML schema
  • From XSD to ecore
TOPIC 3: Running the Default Generator
EMF Model Generator Patterns
  • Generating the model
  • A class becomes
  • Generated code and inheritance
  • An enumeration becomes
  • An attribute becomes
  • A reference becomes
  • An operation becomes
  • Factories
  • Packages
  • Switch classes
  • Adapter factories
EMF edit generator patterns
  • Commands
  • Label providers
  • Factories
EMF Editor Generator Pattern
  • Tree editor
  • Table tree editor
  • Table editor
  • Action bar contributor
Java Emitter Templates (JET)
  • Purpose of JET
  • A simple example
JET Concepts
  • The JET model
  • JET directives
  • Scriptlets
  • Expressions
JET Case Study - Extending the generated code
  • Extending options
  • Changing JET?
  • Changing generated code?
  • Heuristics
  • Patterns
  • Extending the model
  • Extending the edit code
  • Extending the editor
Advanced EMF
  • Chaining meta models
  • Using emof
  • Chaining generators
EMF used to define domain specific language
  • Graphical Modeling Framework
  • EMFText
  • XText