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edge animate training

Edge animate training course content

Topic 1: Edge Animate Introduction
  • What is Edge Animate?
  • How Animation and Interactivity Easier to be made in Edge Animate.
  • WYSIWYG Design versus Hand-Coding
  • What are the possibilities of do with Edge Animate
  • The Edge Animate Interface
  • Creating Your First Edge Animation
Topic 2: Basics of Edge Animation
  • Creating and Importing Objects in Edge Animate
  • Text Objects
  • Timeline for Edge Animate
  • Auto Keyframes and Auto Transitions
  • Revisiting Simple Animations
Topic 3:Deploying the Edge Animate and its Creations
  • Animating Existing Web Pages
  • Inserting Edge Animations into Your Web Pages
  • Dream weaver Deploying and  Your Edge Animations
  • Testing and Tweaking
Topic 4: How to Create Sophisticated Edge Animate Layouts
  • Laying Out the Stage
  • Animating Multiple Objects
  • Reusing Content with Symbols
  • What Else You can do with Symbols
  • Deploying Symbols
Topic 5: Interactivity of the Edge centres
  • Understanding Edge Animate Interactivity
  • What is Interactivity?
  • What Kinds of Interactivity can Edge Create?
  • Creating Simple Links
  • Creating Simple Buttons
  • Navigating the Timeline
  • Loading External Edge Animate Content
Topic 6: Utilities of Edge Animate
  • Coding Your Edge Creations and Individual Objects
  • Adobe Edge Code Preview
  • Adobe Edge Inspect
  • Adobe Edge Reflow
  • Adobe Edge Web Fonts
  • Adobe Typekit
  • Adobe Edge PhoneGap Build