EMBEDDED SYSTEMS-online-training

Embedded Systems Course Content

1. What is embedded s/w?
2. What are real time systems?
3. Processor Architectures
  • CISC Versace RISC
  • Von Neumann Versace Harvard architecture
  • Memory Mapped I/O Versace I/O mapped I/O
  • Internal memory Versace External Memory
  • Understanding the processor architecture of TI DSP C5402
  • Interrupt, Interrupt Vector Table, ISR
  • Interrupt Masking Versace Disabling
  • Bootup sequence of C5402
4.C language fundamentals in context of embedded s/w
  • Volatile, static, Const
5. What is the difference b/w general purpose OS & RTOS
6.RTOS concepts
  • Difference b/w Process and Thread
  • Multiprocessing Versace Multithreading
  • Priorities
  • Preemptive Versace Non Preemptive OS
  • Interprocess communication
  • Process/thread synchronization primitives (Semaphores)
  • Device Drivers
  • Memory Management
  • Task execution states & scheduling
  • Stack Frame in C
  • Heap
  • Context & context switching
  • Deadlock
7. Embedded s/w engineering
  • Image formats (COFF, elf)