EMC Training

EMC Training Course Content

  • Overview of available tools & software
  • What you can expect to accomplish
Numerical EM Modeling Tools & Techniques
  • The hype vs. the reality
  • 2D, 2.5D & 3D tools
  • Static field solvers, time-domain & frequency domain codes
  • Boundary element codes & the method of moments (BEM/MoM)
  • Finite element codes (FEM)
  • Finite difference time domain codes (FDTD)
  • TLM, GMT, FETD & PEEC codes
  • GTD, UTD & PO codes
  • Hybrid methods
  • Learning to use EM modeling tools
  • Validating EM modeling tools
  • Applications to problems of practical significance
  • Specific-purpose tools employing numerical techniques
  • Software suites & development platforms
  • Recommended tools for novices & power users
Analytical Modelling Tools
  • Impedance calculators
  • Interference & crosstalk estimators
  • Maximum emissions calculators
EMC Rule Checkers
  • For PCB layout
  • For system design
EMC Expert Systems
  • For printed circuit boards
  • For automotive designs
  • For electronic products
  • Strategies for choosing the appropriate tools for your application
  • Making the best use of the tools you have
  • Industry trends that will affect the way tools are used in the future