entity framework training

entity framework training Course Content

Introducing Entity Framework
  • Object Relational Mapping & Data Access
  • The Entity Framework & Data Model
  • Building a Simple Application Using
  • Entity Framework
  • Entity Framework APIs & Tools
The Entity Data Model
  • Creating & Using Entity Data Model
  • Entity Data Model in Raw
  • Using Stored Procedures in the Model
Querying & Updating Entity Framework Data
  • Querying Options Overview
  • Using LINQ to Entities
  • Other Querying Options
  • Updating Entities & Saving the Data
Customising Entities
  • Unleash Power of Object Relational Mapping
  • Modifying Entities in the Model Designer
  • Using Partial Classes & Methods to Customise Entities
  • Hooking into Entity Framework Events
Code First Development
  • Domain Centric Modelling
  • Creating & Using a Model with CodeFirst
  • Customising the Database