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ETL Testing Training


ETL testing authenticates that the Data values after a change are the predictable Data values from the source. Global Online Training offers competent professional course on ETL TESTING for professionals looking for building a rewarding and potential career in data warehousing. The entire project is based on industry allied course and latest updates on this data warehousing modules. The course of online ETL TESTING is specifically suitable for on job professionals as all the classes are arranged in flexi time modules.You can contact for more details on the online ETL TESTING Training from the help desk of Global Online Trainings. These training courses are available for individuals as well as for corporate batches.


TOPIC 6:Introduction to Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
  • Data ware house is relational database which is subject oriented, integrated, time-variant and non volatile collection of data used to support strategic decision making process.
  • What is Data Ware House?
  • Difference between OLTP and Data Warehousing
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Loading
  • Data Marts
TOPIC 7: Test Plan – Distinctive Features for BI-DW projects
  • In this module of ETL testing training, we’ll focus over business intelligence and data warehouse projects.
  • Testing Objectives
  • Testing Strategies
  • Testing Deliverables
TOPIC 8: ETL Testing Concepts
  • After a good understanding of data warehousing concepts, we’ll now focus over ETL testing concepts.
  • Introduction
  • What is use of testing
  • What is quality & standards
  • Responsibilities of a ETL Tester
TOPIC 9: Introduction to Javascript
  •  Introduction to JavaScript 
  • Statements and Comments
  • Finding Errors
  • Variables, Data Types
  • Operators
  • Strings
  • Events
  • Functions, Functions with Parameters
  • Functional with Multiple Parameters
  • Variable scope
  • Arrays
  • Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch
  • While loop, for loop
  • Objects, properties and methods
  • Referencing elements in JavaScript
  • Changing an image source
  • Using a timer
  • Forms, form values
  • Form validation text boxes, and passwords
  • Radio buttons, Check Boxes
TOPIC 10:Hands on Exercises and use cases for ETL Testing online training
  • This module of ETL Testing Training, aims to help you explore the subject as well provide good hands on.
  • Bug Identification
  • Usage of Sql for automate the process
  • Auditing count of records
  • Validation of data and identifying issues
  • Exceptional handling
  • Meta Data
  • Performance Testing (ETL, Query)
  • Volume Testing
TOPIC 11:Testing – Cube
  • What are batch totals and data marts? Explanation in-depth provided in this module of ETL testing online training.
  • Batch Totals
  • Query on Data Mart and Cube
TOPIC 12: Analysis
  • The process of generating reports and analysis is explained in this module of ETL testing online training.
  • Reports (DW / DM / Cube)
  • OLAP Analysis (DW / DM / Cube)
  • Dashboard

ETL Testing Training Overview:

Extraction Transform and Load (ETL) Training is a data integration technology that extracts data from several heterogeneous data sources, combines and standardizes the data, then presents or stores the data in a uniform format for informational purposes. Etl Testing Training is necessary because many non-modern system architectures evolved over the years in environments where data was typically captured, processed and stored by separate and distinct software applications and databases. As a result, the data residing in the databases of many companies is typically non-standardized. You can contact for more details on the online ETL TESTING training from the help desk of Global Online Trainings. These training courses are available for individuals as well as for corporate batches.

  • Etl Testing Training program is architected for learners to educate, explore experiment and gain expertise over the subject. 
  • Data warehouse or ETL testing is often initiated as a result of mergers and acquisitions, compliance and regulations, data consolidation, and the increased reliance on data-driven decision making (use of Business Intelligence tools, etc.).
  • Etl Testing Trainingis commonly implemented either manually or with the help of a tool (functional testing tool, ETL tool, proprietary utilities).
  • Etl Testing Training program starts with introduction to Data warehouse concepts, Etl development life cycle, Etl test plan, Etl testing life cycle process, Types of etl testing, Types of etl bugs, Bug reporting, Testing templates, Etl performance testing, Etl interview questions, Project with example, SQL, Unix and much more
What is ETL?

Extract, Transform & Load is a process in Data Warehousing. ETL refers to, “Extraction of data from different applications” developed & supported by different vendors, managed & operated by different persons hosted on different technologies “into Staging tables-Transform data from staging tables by applying a series of rules or functions – which may include Joining and Deduplication of data, filter and sort the data using specific attributes, Transposing data, make business calculations etc – to derive the data for loading into the destination system-Loading the data into the destination system, usually the data warehouse, which could further be used for business intelligence & reporting purposes.

Why ETL Testing Training?

Accuracy of the data from the ETL process is critical as this underlying information influences business decisions & thereby its efficacy. Etl Testing Training aims to deliver complete, repeatable & auditable test coverage of the ETL process.

What needs to be Tested?

Each major step of ETL process needs to be verified to uncover data losses, transformation errors, output inaccuracies, data integrity issues, table balancing mismatches, application upgrade errors etc. Following areas are targeted for ETL testing.

  • Data Completeness: Coverage for truncation, null records, special cases & boundary cases. Validating all records, fields, full contents are loaded. Verifying for checksum, record counts & analyzing data rejections.
  • Transformation Rules: Verifying that the underlying data complies with Transformation & Business rules.
  • Performance.
  • Scalability.
  • Systems Integration.
  • Regression .
What are the career opportunities?

ETL Testing / Data Warehouse Testing though is a niche area within the Software Quality industry it has gained much prominence in the recent years. Currently, 15000 ETL Testing Training job positions are open for this exciting career pan India.

  • Intended Audience.
  • Manual Testers / QA Analyst.
  • Automation Testers.
  • ETL / DWH / DB developers.
  • Project Managers.

Testing methodologies:

  • White box testing
  • Black box testing
  • Grey box testing
  • ETL Testing Work Flow Process
  • How to Prepare the ETL Test Plan
  • How to design the Test cases in ETL Testing Training.
  • How to reporting the Bugs in Etl Testing Training?
  • Etl Testing Training Responsibilities in DataStage, Informatica, Abinitio etc;
  • How to detect the bugs through database queries
  • ETL Performing Testing & Performing Tuning

Etl Testing Training Techniques:

  • Verify that data is transformed correctly according to various business requirements and rules.
  • Make sure that all projected data is loaded into the data warehouse without any data loss and truncation.
  • Make sure that ETL application appropriately rejects, replaces with default values and reports invalid data.
  • Make sure that data is loaded in data warehouse within prescribed and expected time frames to confirm improved performance and scalability.

Apart from these 4 main ETL testing methods other testing methods like integration testing and user acceptance testing is also carried out to make sure everything is smooth and reliable.

ETL Testing Training is categorized into four different engagements:

Irrespective of technology or ETL tools used:

  • New Data Warehouse Testing – New DW is built and verified from scratch. Data input is taken from customer requirements and different data sources and new data warehouse is build and verified with the help of ETL tools.
  • Migration Testing – In this type of project customer will have an existing DW and ETL performing the job but they are looking to bag new tool in order to improve efficiency.
  • Change Request – In this type of project new data is added from different sources to an existing DW. Also, there might be a condition where customer needs to change their existing business rule or they might integrate the new rule.
  • Report Testing – Report are the end result of any Data Warehouse and the basic propose for which DW is build. Report must be tested by validating layout, data in the report and calculation.

Etl Testing Training Challenges:

Etl Testing Training is quite different from conventional testing. There are many challenges we faced while performing data warehouse testing. 

  • Incompatible and duplicate data.
  • Loss of data during ETL process.
  • Unavailability of inclusive test bed.
  • Testers have no privileges to execute ETL jobs by their own.
  • Volume and complexity of data is very huge.
  • Fault in business process and procedures.
  • Trouble acquiring and building test data.
  • Missing business flow information.

Data is important for businesses to make the critical business decisions. Etl Testing Training plays a significant role validating and ensuring that the business information is exact, consistent and reliable. Also, it minimizes hazard of data loss in production.