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ETL Testing Training provided by Global online Trainings will be an added advantage for your carrier. ETL means extracting the data, transforming the data and then loading the data from one system to other system. To extract means pulling or getting the data from source system to whatever for record tables and transform the simple word converting one form to another form, transforming in to another form based on our requirement and loading into the target table and extracting process. This process can be explained with a better example during the ETL Testing Tools Corporate Training.

ETL is used to read the data from or collecting data from multiple sources and loading into a single or multiple databases. Global Online Trainings offers best ETL Testing Corporate Training.


Prerequisites for ETL Testing Training:

To learn ETL Testing Training at Global online Trainings, the person must have basic knowledge on:

  • Data warehouse Testing
  • BI Testing
  • UNIX
  • TOAD and Teradata
  • Data stage


ETL Testing Training Course Content

Overview of ETL Testing Training:

In extract process, we can load data or read data or extract data from multiple database then flat files combine all this data into a single data. Once our data is available in staging database, then we can perform transformation. In transformation, we can filter the data, remove unwanted characters.

Applying business logic, applying data converters, if once our data is cleaned and calculated then we can load that data in transformation database. Transformation database contain clean and calculated data. Once database is available in transformation database, our load that means the last step will be started. In this, we can create dimensions and fact.

 And the created dimension infects the presentation database. This is our final database. It is a single database or multiple databases based on our requirement.  It is the extract transformation and load process or ETL.

  • The data loading process will happen through ETL tools from source to staging and staging to data warehouse. So in data warehouse, data will be used for reporting our analysis purposes.
  • Data warehouse is a process and a system that extracts, cleans, conforms and delivers the data in a multi-dimensional form. We are rich in providing ETL testing training by real time experts from India.
  • Data acts as a fuel that runs an enterprise. It plays a very important role in every step of an enterprise operation. It is necessary for every organization to maintain the data need to save it for future use. So, Data warehouse must be used in every organization, in order to maintain the accurate results of the data in a business process. Global Online Trainings offers best Data Warehouse Corporate Training with industry experts.
  • Basically, an enterprise creates and consumes enormous amounts of data. So such huge amounts of data production need to be stored and retrieved for business processes.
  • Data warehouses and ETL processes is a complex and unique. They require a different strategy for testing than your typical application testing. Sometimes, the data may be critical to decisions that are being made by your company. Many roles will be involved in testing a data in data warehouse.
  • Data warehousing testing strategy focuses on the main structures within the data warehouse architecture.
  • ETL Testing Training materials are also provided during the course by industry experts.

Benefits of ETL Testing Corporate Training:                                                                              Benefits of ETL testing training

  • ETL Testing Training helps to reduce the loss of information. So thus it reduces the risk of loss of data.
  • It also provides security, accuracy for data.
  • In ETL Process, from the data warehouse the data will be pulled into reports. So the data loading process will happen through ETL tools from source to staging and staging to data warehouse. Reporting or analysis tool is used for reporting and analyzing data in data warehouse in ETL testing Corporate training.
  • The data modeling testing is used to implement or built based on the business requirements.
  • The ETL process is a regular process, where the data has been regularly fetched from the social system and loaded into a warehouse, after transformations are completed. So this is the important aspect of the warehousing.

Oracle Basics in ETL Testing Corporate Training:

  • Oracle is optimized to use memory as much as possible. But, we cannot store the entire database inside the memory. So it is better for us to use disk occasionally to save any kind of changes that we make to our databases.
  • But, Oracle solves this problem by optimizing as many things as possible in memory.
  • An Oracle background processes are a whole bund of programs that run in the background. These help us to make sure that everything that is happening in in-memory and disk stay synchronized. Oracle background processes are absolutely essential for making sure that your database is tuned properly.
  • While running Oracle database, it is necessary to take care about two things. They are: It is necessary to take care about how database software is running and how it was installed on your actual system and how the database instance is designed.
  • In order to make changes to the database in the future, as for the needs of our organization and users change and how easy it is going to be for us to make changes. So that the database is secure and then it is running well.
  • We can understand about how the actual database instance is designed by us with the DBA. So that it runs properly. There are three main pieces that we need to concern ourselves. With memory, disk and the background processes. When we compare, memory is much faster than accessing information on disk. So Oracle solves it by storing as much stuff in memory as it possible.
  •  We cannot keep our database in memory for year. This may be true, but databases are grown too large that virtually impossible to keep your entire database in memory. Oracle will keep key pieces of it in memory and it will do as much processing as it possibly can using memory but, occasionally have to go out to disk and the background processes are those programs that run in the background that support Oracle. Thus, it makes sure that everything is synchronized between what is going on in memory and what is going on at the disk.
  • Oracle database is known as an enterprise database. A database is basically a program that is designed to store a bunch of information or data. So database stores data. A data means it is some information that you need to store for later use. Global online trainings is best in providing ETL testing training with live projects by real time experts.
  • For example, usually databases are used for businesses. So a business needs to store data. So they can analyze the data and make all the decisions related to business in a perfect manner. Thus, in a business we can analyze the data and make a decision based upon that data in ETL Testing Corporate training. 

Learn ETL Testing Lookup in ETL Testing Training:

Look up Transformation is like a querying of the data or a matching of a data based on the condition. Look up can be configured, equipped, created and it can match the relational data tables or it can even match the data on a flat file. So, whenever there is a matching on a relational table, they will provide you in which database that lookup is present. The detail information about Lookup can be explained during the ETL Testing Training.

Software testing for data warehousing and business intelligence has become very challenging. All this is because of the complexity of the data that we capture from multiple sources, in order to ensure that data is secure and confidential.


Business Intelligence (BI) in  ETL Testing Training:

Business intelligence software is just a piece of component. It contains multiple components within it. So, it is a suite of components usually and typically. In a business intelligence software, you may find components for ETL, query and reporting, analysis, visual data recovery and predictive analytics etc in ETL Testing Corporate training.

In a company, there will be multiple applications running and behind the applications, there will be databases application may include ERP system. Enterprise Resource Planning software system. For example, which is end-to-end solution for managing the information or there could be other peripheral systems running. All these applications can be used by the end users and the databases behind these applications are tuned for fast capturing of data. So they are called OLTP (Online Transaction processing systems).

However, data has to be copied over from all these systems into a central repository. It is known as online application processing system (OLAP) or data warehouses.


Learn OLTP Systems in ETL Testing Training:

  • So these data warehouses can be used by the management to perform query reporting analysis. And the OLTP systems would be used by end users to perform operational tasks. If we do the queries directly on OLTP systems, it will create a risk of damaging the capturing of transactions. Because the system, won’t be able to handle too much of a load.
  • So we can create a separate system for querying purposes and it serves as a consolidation point. So the data is consolidated and brought into the warehouses. So here the coping of data includes copying the data from different sources. The different sources may include non OLTP systems like flat files or Excel sheets etc.,
  • Data has to be extracted first and then it might have to be transformed and finally it is loaded. We can consider the transform step that exists after the extract process as a cleaning step. Because, before you copy the data you must make sure that the data is in consistent format. Then you can perform transform.
  • ETL testing tool Corporate Training is usually a part of sophisticated business intelligence software.
  • Although ETL Testing  tool is a part of business intelligence software, but the coding and reporting component of business intelligence would work against OLTP systems as well as OLAP systems. It depends on the requirement.
  • The ETL tool cannot be used from different vendors. ETL only vendors like Informatica, querying and reporting and other components are used from a different vendor.

The company must decide that which business intelligence software to buy and whether to use ETL tool from a third party or not. The business intelligence software is usually a choice of business users. These users play an important role because they make decisions in terms of the company. Usually, which ETL tool to be used must be decided by the IT. There will be an advantage of using ETL tool from the same vendor from where the company purchases the rest of the business intelligence component.


Role of Informatica in ETL Testing Training:

Informatica training is very powerful ETL tool in market. It will be an advanced feature for ETL Testing Training.There are many tools in the market. Why Informatica compare to other tools, means it is simple, powerful, capable to do all ETL with efficient results. 

Informatica MDM Training helps your organizations to maintain the accurate results regarding their business. It helps to reduce the mistakes and improves the quality of the business. We provide best Informatica MDM Corporate Training with advanced features. Thus, Master Data Management 10.x Corporate Course can facilitate businesses to look at correct knowledge and generate reports out of it.


Conclusion of ETL testing training:

We provide best ETL Testing Training by 14+ years experienced Trainers who are even familiar with other testing tools like Informatica ETL testing training. So,thus you will be benefited by joining ETL Testing Training at Global Online Trainings. We also provide you the materials for best ETL Testing Tools Corporate Training along with a demo video. After completion of course,you will be given a ETL Testing Training Certification. For more details about ETL Testing Training, contact our help desk.


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