evms training

evms training Course Content

Introduction to EVMS Concepts
  • Evolution of the EVMS
  • Benefits of EVMS Implementation
  • Earned Value Determination
  • Cost & Schedule Variance Calculations With & Without Earned Value
Organization Concepts
  • Functional Organizations
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • SOW & WBS Dictionary Development
  • Case Study in WBS/OBS development
  • Responsibility Assignments
  • Control Account Determinations
  • Responsibility of Assignment Matrices Development
Earned Value Management System Training
  • Case Study to Develop RAM from Information Introduced
  • Work Team Structures
Planning & Budgeting
  • Performance Measurement Baseline Development
  • Scheduling the Techniques & Tiers
  • Budget Elements & Their Relationships
  • MR & UB Definition
Planning & Budgeting (cont)
  • Segmentation of Control Accounts into Work Packages
  • Earned Value Techniques
  • Rolling Wave Planning & Planning Packages
  • Impact on IMS by DCMA 14 Point IMS Assessment
  • How these elements Build Control Account Plans
  • Evolution from Planning & Scheduling to Work Authorization
  • Differentiation Between Budgets & Funds
  • Case Study to Build Control Account Plans
Work Authorization
  • Work Authorizations – Why?
  • Contents of a Work Authorization
  • When Should a Work Authorization be Revised?
  • Case Study of Work Authorization Preparation
  • Direct Versace Indirect Costs
  • Material & Subcontract Costs
  •  Recognized Points to Take EV and AC
  • Estimated Actuals & Reconciliation
  • Examples of Direct/Indirect Costs Accrual
  • Schedule Variance
  • Cost Variance
  • Labor & Material/Subcontract Variance Elements
Analysis (cont)
  • Variance Analysis Report Content
  • Variance at Complete
  • Variance At Complete Calculations
  • Case Study to Validate Variance Analysis Report Content
  • Statistical Analysis Techniques to Evaluation Variance Analysis Reports
  • Estimate At Complete Development Process
  • Introduction of SPI, CPI & TCPI
  • Reintroduction of IEAC Calculation Processes
  • Case Study to Develop SVAR, CVAR, CPI, SPI, TCPI & IEACs
  • How Statistical Analyses Validates EACs
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis Techniques
Change Management
  • Tools used to Control PMB Changes
  • Examples of Impact of Changes
  • Examples of Internal Replanning, Over Target Budget, Over Target Schedule & Reprogramming
  • Retroactive Changes
  • Program Budget Logs
  • Case Study to Document Changes in Budget Logs