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Introduction to Exalogic Training:

Exalogic training is a computer appliance. So the question is what is a computer appliance? So the term computer appliance is used for a server or a computer with pre-installed and pre-optimized software. So let’s say you have a need to do host, let’s say a website of your company so you go and you buy a computer and then you install a web server. So that you can host a web based application. So you can buy the computer from any vendor ad you can buy the web hosting software from some other vendor may be the same vendor you install it and you start using it. Global online trainings is best in providing Oracle Exalogic online training by industry experts.

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Overview of Oracle Exalogic Online training:

  • So that is one approach that is not an appliance based approach, that’s a normal approach, appliance based approach would be you go to a vendor that is selling and applies meaning. A computer with pre-installed web server and in this case you buy both the computer and the software which is pre-installed from the same vendor and it is one product in Exalogic training. It’s not like install this software on this computer and give it to me.
  • It’s a pre-packaged computer, the important thing is that if it’s pre-packaged but that part is not important in Exalogic training. The important thing is that the hardware is specifically designed to meet the needs of this software which is pre-installed and the software is pre-tuned to work with that hardware. SO both are managed together and that is why the term appliance is used for such boxes. Now we know what an appliance is?
  • Oracle Exalogic has a full name as well and that is or collects Exalogic elastic cloudx2-2. No we have cloud X3. SO there is a timeline very high-level Exalogic was born in 2010 and it’s younger exadata was born in 2008. We are best in providing Exalogic training with live projects by industry experts.
  • So in the middle of the tower Oracle has created a common storage area and the total space is 40 terabytes and at the top and bottom of the tower all the servers are located in the middle and the storage area is located. So this is the common storage area that is used by all the servers. So when one is buying Exalogic they have a choice of choosing between Oracle, Linux OS or Oracle Solaris OS.
  • Specifically when I say Oracle Linux I mean Oracle Enterprise Linux and the choices right now are 5.5 Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle Solaris 11 express but this keeps on changing with time. Other important software that Oracle Exalogic comes with includes Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Coherence and Oracle Enterprise Manager. So there is a clustered installation of the software because there are multiple servers and Oracle Weblogic installed in such a way that is taking advantage of all these servers.

What is Exadata?

Exadata is a data appliance while Exalogic is the middle tier appliance. So in real simple Exalogic Elastic cloud training Exadata manages database and hardware, both pretuned for each other and exadata is the manager of the application server and the hardware. So on the application server you run applications on the database server, you run the database. So Oracle corporation has positioned in Oracle Exalogic Corporate Training. Oracle excel object as pre configured clustered application server. We are going to talk about this cluster in a bit and you will understand what cluster means in a bit. So this is just to give you a high-level picture before we move forward. You have a database tier and I am using this tier because in one tier you can have multiple servers based on the scale of the implementation.

Let’s say you have one computer in your database tier meaning one server running the database and in the application tier you may have let’s say three application servers taking the load of all the requests coming in from the users. So all the application logic is residing on the application tier. In simple words like application logic would mean what users are seeing on their screens through their browsers. Usually in this environment we have a web based application here and the database tier is managing the whole database.

So the Exalogic appliance would go in this middle here. So here is the real quick comparison between Exalogic and Exadata. Both are appliances from Oracle corporation. The Oracle Exalogic is positioned as a pre-configured clustered application server while Oracle Exadata is positioned as pre-configured clustered data server or database server.

Features of Exalogic training:                                                                                                                                Features of Exalogic training
  • Clustered is the key term here. So why would one buy or collects Exalogic, It’s main application is to be used as a building block for the cloud. The word building block is used because one may buy more than one exalogic boxes to build the whole solution in Oracle Exalogic Corporate training.
  • What does that mean when you say you are building a cloud? Building a cloud means you want to host applications that you want to rent as services to write. So you may want to charge on how much hardware resources have been used and to what extent the application has been used. So that is in real simple word what a cloud is. Global online trainings is rich in providing Exalogic training from India.
  • If you are building that kind of scenario then this is the good product for that purpose. World is moving from silo-based IT departments towards cloud-based IT solutions. So this explains the term cluster. I use the word clustered. It’s a clustered pre-configured, clustered application server. So cluster means is not a one computer. In simple words it has multiple computers in it, it may hold up to 42 units and not all the units are computers. It is a big tower and the term 19 inch is used in networking language.
  • It’s a special term that indicates the width of this box. So it has 42 units and all these computers are connected with each other and hence the term cluster. So the new trend is multiple computers working together, connected together they act as a one big computer and this is more efficient than these computers sitting seperately and working separately in Oracle Exadata training.
  • So these are the specs for one server within the cluster to buy Xeon processors to solid-state drives just for operating system and area not to hold the data and solid state drives does not have spinning mechanism. It is very fast and for 10 Gigabit RAM. So you multiply that by the number of servers the tower would have.

Conclusion of  Exalogic training:

Want to know the best part? The real brief introduction to the software Oracle Weblogic is the application server that hosts the application and for that you purchased Oracle Exalogic to host your application. Oracle coherence is a Java based software that manages the memory. Now we are talking about managing the memories of so many servers. So this is a pretty sophisticated software that Oracle is using for that purpose and you can imagine Oracle Enterprise Manager as the control panel to manage all these software running on different servers in a cluster. So what are you waiting for? Join in Global online trainings for best Oracle Exalogic Corporate Training by real time experts.


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