Exalytics Training


Exploring Extreme Analytics with BI Machine


o        Oracle Exalytics In-Memory MachineBasic Overview

o        Why  To Use Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine?

o        Examining  The Oracle Exalytics Topology

o        Architecture Of  Oracle Analytics In-Memory 

o        Oracle WebLogic Server, BIFoundation, &  Fusion Middleware

o        TimesTen & “Essbase onExalytics”

o        Techniques for leveraging The MemoryDatabases

o        Benefits of  using Exalytics

Enhancing The  Oracle BIEnterprise Edition


o        Oracle BI EE housekeeping changes 

o        Right_click Interaction Menus

o        Examining  Selection Steps view

o        Enhancing Selections  Of -Family Relationships

Enhancing BI Views &  Prompts


o        Creating  The Simple Trellis graphs

o        Creating  The Advanced Trellis graphs

o        Optional Apply &  Reset buttons

o        Auto-complete Of functionality

o        Options for Reset Buttons

o        Edit &  Copy links

o        Vertical/ horizontal layout forPrompts

Enhancing The Oracle BI Publisher


o        Adding &  managing Favorites

o        Creating an  report by using the Create Report Wizard

o        Examining Parameter and LOVenhancements

o        Examining  enhancements to Report Viewer

o        Parameter  For Search option

o        Exploring Scheduled Jobsenhancements

BI Composer, Scorecard,&  BI Mobile


o        Creating Of  analysis by using BI Composer

o        Using Of additional right-clickMenu options in Scorecards

o        Setting Of targets in KPI

o        New Home screen in i-Pads

o        Configuring  Of BI Mobile

o        Working with Tables, Pivot tables,Graphs, & Maps Views in BI Mobile

o        Working with  the Prompts in BI Mobile

o        Working with BI Content Options in the BI Mobile


Working with BI- Tools


o        Nesting Presentation Layer folders&  controlling object visibility

o        Checking modeling problems with  The Model Checker

o        Describing the Summary Advisor

o        Setting- up Summary Advisor

o        Exploring Summary Advisor Wizard

o        Reviewing Of Enhancements toEnterprise Manager

o        Demonstration on Summary-Advisor