Ext Js Training

ExtJs Training

Introduction To EXTJS Course:

Extended JavaScript in short called as EXTJS, It is an client side and JavaScript framework used to build web application & it is the product of sencha which is based on YUI (i.e. Yahoo user interface). It is basically an desktop application development platform with modern  user interface (UI). It is an un-paralleled cross-browser compatibility, advanced MVC architecture, plugin-free charting, & modern user interface widgets. The Ext JS provides the tools that are necessary to build the robust applications for desktop & tablets.  Ext JS templates & the layout manager give you full control over your display irrespective of devices & the screen sizes. The advanced charting package allows you to visualize  the large quantities of data. And the framework includes the robust data package that can consume data from any backend data sources. For more detail about ExtJS training contact our help desk now!


Extjs Training Prerequisites:

  • Participants are suggested to have knowledge on JavaScript , JSON,HTML and CSS
  • experience on developing web application

ExtJs 5 Training Course Content

  • Quick Start
  • Features
  • Writing & RunningCode
  • Debugging & Documentation
View Models & View Controllers
  • View Models & Controllers
  • References
  • Data, Formulas, Stores
  • View Controller Lifecycle
Stores & Loading
  • Selecting & Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Adding, Updating & Removing Records
  • AJAX
  • Responsive Design
  • Routes
  • MVC
  • Application Structure
  • Object Creation
  • The Class System
  • The Base Classes
  • Panels, Toolbars and Buttons
  • Layouts & Windows
Sending & Receiving Data
  • Models & Fields
  • convert() & calculate()
  • Proxies
  • Schemas
Data-Aware Components
  • Templates & Dataviews
  • Grids & Widgets
  • Breadcrumbs & Trees
  • The Forms & Charts
Going Into Production
  • Application Theming & Packages
  • Theme Localization
  • Building an Application
  • Programming experience
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, JSON, HTML and CSS


About EXTJS 4:

After the release of Ext JS 3 the developers of Ext JS had the major challenge of ramp_up the speed.The  Ext JS  4 was released in the year 2011. It had the complete revised structure which followed by MVC architecture and the speedy application. Learn more about it as a part of ExtJs 4 Training by enrolling your self at global online trainings.

About extjs 5:

The ExtJS 5 was released in the year 2014. The major change in this release was to change the MVC architecture to MVVM architecture; which includes the ability to build desktop application on touch-enabled devices, two way data binding, the responsive layouts & many more features where included. The Ext JS 5 is  purely  JavaScript application framework for the building interactive web applications by making use of  techniques such as Ajax, DHTML & DOM scripting. This was originally built as an add-on library extension of YUI.  Join for ExtJs Training  and learn how the The Ext JS 5 includes inter_operability with jQuery &  Prototype. Beginning with version 1.1, Ext JS 5 retains no dependencies on external libraries, instead making their use optional.

 Key Features of EXTJS:

Following are few features listed below more will explore as a part ofExtJs Training .

  • It hs the customizable UI widgets with collection of the rich UI such as Grids, pivot grids, forms, charts, trees.
  • It has the code compatibility of new versions with the older.
  • It has got a flexible layout manager which helps to organize the display of data & content across multiple browsers, devices, & screen sizes, in detail knowledge will be share in ExtJs Training 
  • Join for ExtJs Training  and learn how the Advance data package decouples the UI widgets from the data layer. The data package allows client-side collection of the data using highly functional models that enable features such as sorting & the
  • It is protocol agnostic, and it can access the data from any back-end source.
  • It has got customizable themes Ext JS widgets are available in multiple out-of-the-box themes that are consistent across all platforms.
Benefits Of EXTJS:

Few of its benefits are listed below, more we will explore as a part of ExtJs Training 

  • It Reduces the cost of web application development
  • It Streamlines the cross-platform development across desktops, tablets, & smart_phones — for both the modern & legacy browsers.
  • It also increases the productivity of development teams by integrating into enterprise development environments via the IDE plugins.
  • It has set of widgets for making UI more powerful & easy.
  • It follows MVC & MVVC architecture so highly readable code, explore more by joining ExtJs Training 
  • It empowers teams to create an applicant with an compelling user experience.

The ExtJS training is mainly designed for the developers who want to learn ExtJS 4 and EXTJS 5 from the scratch level. In this training our expert professionals mainly deal with Ext JS projects by focusing on real-world application scenarios. The EXTJS Training sessions includes hands-on experience.