Filenet Admin-online-training

Filenet Admin Course Content

IBM FileNet Content Manager Introduction
  • System overview
  • Examine system components
  • Start or stop system components
Content Storage
  • Content storage concepts & components
  • Configure an object store
  • Create a file storage area & policy
Content Data Structures
  • Business content analysis
  • Configure the content metadata components
  • Migrating data
  • Modify metadata
  • Content Securing
  • Security concepts
  • Working with direct security
  • Configure the object store security
  • Configure the security policies
  • Configure the security inheritance
Document Searches & Bulk Operations
  • Create stored searches & search templates
  • Working with Query Builder
  • Configure content based retrieval
Automate Actions on Content Objects
  • Content engine events
  • Create event actions
  • Configure Content Engine auditing
Configure FileNet Workplace XT
  • Workplace XT configuration files
  • Configure the Workplace XT appearance
  • Configure the Workplace XT behavior
  • Configure the My Workplace pages
  • Configure the Application Integration BCS & File Tracker
System Administration & Maintenance
  • System maintenance Overview
  • Monitor components with IBM System Dashboard
  • IBM System Dashboard reports
  • Monitor content storages
Manage system logs