Flash Training

flash training

Introduction To Flash Training Course :

Flash is an leading tool and technique for creating the multimedia, applications, presentations, games on the Internet – It is an powerful platform for developing systems, prototypes, desktop applications & mobile applications. Flash has introduced the varsions such as flash cs3, flash cs4, flash cs5, and the recent release is flash cs6, for every new verion there has been an improvement. Register for Flash Training and you will come across all the options in the flash workspace and what are the file types and its supported formats, naming element, moving clips. You will also discover to add layers-and-layer-mask, frames and its navigation and may more in depth by our expert consultants as we conduct the sessions in an interactive and informative way with the best lab setup. Contact our help desk for more details about the course now.

FLASH Online Training Course Content

1: Introduction to Flash
  • Digital Image Types : Vector & Bitmap
  • Internet Image Standards
  • Plug-ins
  • Production Issues
2:Flash Environment
  • Flash Workspace
  • Customizing the Flash Workspace
3: Flash Fundamentals
  • Shapes in Flash
  • The Flash Tool
4: Flash Fundamentals
  • Color in Flash
  • Creating Custom Colors & Gradients
  • Using the Default, No Color & Swap Controls
  • Managing Color Sets
5: Flash Fundamentals
  • Typographic Terminology
  • The Character & Paragraph Panel
  • The Text Options
  • Dynamic &  Input Text
  • Using Text Block Handles
  • The Grouped State
6: Flash Fundamentals• Selection Tools
  • The Lasso & Arrow Tool
  • Modifying Shapes with the Arrow Tool
  • Grouping Shapes
  • Using the Subselect Tool
  • Changing Color with Selections
7: Flash Fundamentals: Symbols
  • Symbols
  • Instance
  • Library
  • Using Instances
  • Instance Properties
  • Another Great advantage of Symbols
8: Using External Image Media
  • Bitmaps in Flash
  • Importing Bitmaps into Flash
  • Editing Bitmaps
  • Using Bitmaps as Fills
  • Converting Bitmaps to Shapes
  • Importing Vector Images
9: Flash Fundamentals
  • Animation Basics
  • Narrative Concepts
  • Perspective
  • Camera Movement
  • Editing
10: Flash Fundamentals
  • The Timeline
  • Creating Animations with the Timeline
  • Movie Properties
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation


11: Flash Fundamentals: Motion Tweening
  • Motion Tweening
  • Using Guides
  • Using Edit Multiple Frames
  • Using Rotation in Motion Tweening
12: Flash Fundamentals: Shape Tweening
  • Shape Tweening
  • Blend Type
  • Removing Shape Hints
13: Flash Fundamentals: Using Mask in Animations
  • Mask in Animation
  • Mask in Flash
14: Flash Fundamentals: Animated Symbols
  • Animated Symbols
  • Creating Animated Symbols
  • The Align Panel
  • Viewing Animated Instances
  • Advanced Animation
  • Editing Symbols on the Main Stage
  • Symbol Behavior