Flex4 Training


Introduction To Flex 4: Developing Rich Internet Applications
  •  Overview Of  Adobe Flash Platform
  •  Flex development technologies
  •  Flex application development
  • Exploring  Flash Builder interface
  • Creating an Flex project
Flex 4 Fundamentals
  •    Adobe Flex namespaces
  •    Components Of Adobe Flex
  •    Laying out & styling wit Flex Builder
  •    Compiling &  running an application
  •    Creating  Of custom components
  •    Introducing The skinning
  •    Introducing the data binding
  •     Updating of visual controls using dynamic data
Introducing  To Object Oriented Programming
  • OOP technology
  •  MXML classes
  •  Creating an class property
  •  Writing an class definition in ActionScript
  •  Creating the instances of an ActionScript class
  •  Creating of class methods
Understanding Components & Layouts


  •  visual components
  • Spark layout classes
  • The  Spark layout classes
  •  Using constraints To control the component layout
  •   Adding Of scrollbars to container
Handling Of  Events


  •  Understanding Of events
  •  Implementing the event handlers
  •  Creating an ActionScript event handler functions
  • Understanding of  event object
  • Adding of event listeners with ActionScript
Validating & Formatting Data


  •  Using of form container
  •  Validating of form data
  • Triggering validation with the events


  •  Understanding The MX navigator containers
  •  Using ViewStack container
  •  Using an Spark container inside MX navigator containers
  •  Creating the custom navigation for the ViewStack container
  • Using of  TabNavigator container
  • Using of  Accordion container
Controlling Of Application State


  •  Understanding Of view states
  •   Controlling Of view states
Animating Components &  States


  •  Applying The effects to components
  •  Creating an composite effects
  • Applying of transitions to application state changes
  •  Adding &  removing components during animations
Controlling Visual Display with -Styling


  •  Creating an global application styles
  •  Defining styles &  skins for your components
  •  advanced CSS selectors
Skining Of Spark Components


  • Overview Of  Skinning
  •  Incorporating visual elements drawn in other programs
  •  Changing Of default display of skin parts
Implementing The Advanced Skinning Techniques


  •  Implementing different visual states for an skin
  • Accessing custom component properties from a skin
  •  Adding scrollbars to the  skins
Accessing  Of Remote Data


  •  Using Of HTTPService to load remote data
  • Handling returned data &  faults
  • Making HTTP requests with the parameters
  • Using Of Wizards
Creating an Typed Data Model


  • Understanding the need for an typed data model
  • Creating the  ActionScript class for typed data
  • Populating an ArrayCollection with value objects
  • Refactoring  Of value objects
Extending_ Events


  • The problem with bindings
  • Defining Of  event
  • Handling of event in the main application
  •  Extending of Event class
  •  Using the extended event class
  • Dispatching an value object with the extended event
  • Overriding of clone method
Rendering Content with   DataGroup Container


  • Displaying the string data in an item renderer
  • Passing UI components in e data provider
  • Creating an custom item renderer
  •  Using of  SkinnableDataContainer