Forefront Identity Manager Training

forefront identity manager training

Forefront Identity Manager Training Introduction:

Forefront Identity Manager Training is a state-based identity management software product, designed to manage users’ digital identities, credentials and groupings throughout the lifecycle of their membership of an enterprise computer system. Forefront Identity Manager Online Training integrates with Active Directory and Exchange Server to provide identity synchronization, certificate management, user password resets and user provisioning from a single interface.

Forefront Identity Manager Training training is rendered by best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. 

forefront identity manager Online Training Course Content

Introducing Forefront Identity Manager
  • Introducing the FIM
  • Synchronization the Concepts
  • Other FIM Concepts
  • FIM Experience
2 - Synchronization Service Manager
  • Synchronization Service
  • Synchronization Service Manager
  • The Management Agents Tool
  • Importing & Synchronizing Data
3 - More About Synchronization
  • The Inbound Synchronization
  • The Outbound Synchronization
  • Joining Data from Another MA
  • Provisioning AD LDS
  • Breadcrumbing & testing
4 - The FIM Service and Portal
  • Introducing the Portal
  • Integrating the FIM Service & FIM Synchronization Service
  • Managing the Users in FIM Portal
  • Creating the FIM MA & Synchronizing
5 - Managing Synchronization from Portal
  • Synchronization Rules
  • Outbound Synchronization Rules
  • Managing the Users in Active Directory
  • More About the Synchronization Rules
  • Inbound Synchronization Rules
  • Synchronizing the Active Directory Users
6 - Managing Credentials with FIM
  • FIM Password Management
  • Self-service Reset
  • Synchronizing Passwords
  • FIM Certificate Management
  • Password Self-service
  • Configuring PCNS
7 - Group Management
  • Groups & the Portal
  • Managing Groups in Active Directory