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Fortinet Training

Introduction to Fortinet Training:

Fortinet training develops and markets cyber security software and appliances and services such as firewalls, anti-virus. One of the prime benefits that SD-WAN brings is better visibility into applications and the ability to steer application traffic to prioritize business critical traffic and increase application performance. Fortigate SD1 supports and secures a broad range of three thousand plus applications. Global online training is best in providing Fortinet Online Training at flexible timings by real time experts.

Preview of Fortinet Online Training:

Fortinet training is widely used in cyber security training software and appliances. It carries complete content safety for today’s developing networks.

Learn Burger Palace WAN Deployment in our Fortinet Training:                                       Fortinet Training

  • Burger palace is looking to move to SD-WAN and these are the reasons. One they are going through a digital transformation and are using SaaS applications such as office 365 and Salesforce training. Second, burger palace also wants to ensure collaborative tools such as voice and video are used to enable global collaboration and finally they are looking to reduce Wan OpEx spending.
  • Now let’s take a look at how burger palace can do this? As you can see we have an MPLS link on Wan1 and broad internet link on Wan 2. We also have two VPN tunnels from branch to data centre. All of these interfaces are members of our SD WAN.
  • Most traffic is back out to the data centre but we want to break out some SAS application traffic directly from the branch to the internet and at the same time make sure that traffic is secure. Configuration will be performed on the branch office FortiGate. If you want to learn more about this course, Global online trainings provide Fortinet training with live projects.
  • Do I have your attention? First of all let’s create a rule to preferably send Saas traffic directly out the public internet and fill over to MPLS in the event of Brown occurs on our broadband link. I have created an SLA for this type of traffic Saas-SLA. Here we have determined that having 100 ms of latency and 80 ms of jitter and zero percent packet loss as acceptable.
  • Now we are going to name this rule Saas. I have already created a custom application group named Saas. This group already contains office 365 and Salesforce applications. Now let’s add our Saas custom application group as the destination and choose our strategy which in this case is minimum quality or SLA based application steering.
  • When the minimum quality strategy is chosen the SD WAN members are prioritized in the order in which they are added. Traffic is always sent through the interface member with the highest priority unless it fails SLA in which case traffic is then automatically steered to the SD1 interface member with the next highest priority.
  • So let’s select minimum quality and add WAN2 which is broadband internet as the first preferred member and MPLS as the second preferred member. Next we will choose the Saas SLA as the SLA in which the WAN links here are measured against, click ok and we are done.
  • Securing Saas traffic that is travelling on unsecured internet is extremely easy with the Fortigate whereas with some pure play SD-WAN vendors you will need to bring in another security vendor or solution. Global online trainings is rich in providing Fortigate security training.
  • On a FortiGate simply go to your SD WAN access policy and check the boxes of all the security features you wish to enable for your SD WAN traffic it’s that easy . Our consultants are highly skilled at Fortigate Infrastructure training.
Example: (Fortinet Training)
  • Next let’s create a rule that sends void traffic done the WAN path that always has the best quality, let’s name it void. For this rule let’s create a void application group and we will add the related VoIP apps for burger palace. Let’s add Skype and let’s add SIP as well.
  • Once we have VoIP group created let’s add it as the destination. Next choose our strategy which in this case is best quality. What best quality does is? Select the best performing WAN Link based on user selected metrics. If you are passionate about learning this course, we provide Fortinet training with real time scenarios. Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!
  • For our purposes we have determined that latency, jitter and packet loss are all equally important for VoIP traffic. So let’s add our two VPN interfaces. Select our link health measurement target, select custom and give each of those 33%, 33% and 34% respectively. SD- WAN will select the best performing path of the two based on real time performance metrics.
  • As you can see with the help of Fortigate SD- WAN burger palace was able to successfully adopt digital transformation by gaining more application visibility and better application performance without compromising on security.
  • You might be wondering, the entire configuration we have done so far was done on a fortigate. For larger deployments the same exact things can be centrally done from Forti manager.
  • Forti manager is the controller and fortigate is the edge device the same SD WAN – members SLA’s SD WAN rules can be configured once and saved as a template so that it can be pushed out to hundreds and thousands of branch offices. We also make it very easy to onboard new devices for secure SD- WAN deployments.
  • With the help of Zero touch provisioning when a new FortiGate is deployed at the branch. It is automatically connected to the Forde manager and receives the entire SD- WAN security configuration. We have customers like Edward Jones that use this process for over 12,000 sites.
Learn Fortinet Security Fabric in our Fortinet Training:
  • If we take a look at the Fortigate top sources you will see the same information, here we know that only the first and second floor fortigates are detected and have no visibility into the end point devices on those network segments.
  • If we go to user and device, Device Inventory we will see the same information the two devices but no other devices and that the university core is the only Fortigate detected in the fabric. Now let’s take a look at setting up Fortinet security fabric to gain additional visibility into these network segments.
  • What’s the bottom line? First visit security fabric settings, here we will see the group name we have already setup with a password both here and the first and second floor fortigates. We will provide the IP address of the forti analyzer here, click on apply after a few seconds they will appear as discovered in the topology at the top of this page. If you want to learn advance topics for this course, we are best in providing Fortinet training by professionals.
  • We can see the more information about the device including its serial number, the model and build. Now let’s see the Forti analyzer and authorize the security fabric devices that we just setup, from the device managers on registered section we can see three unregistered devices. The list corresponds to the three we saw in the topology. Let’s add these, once these devices are registered they will be detected automatically and will be grouped as a security fabric in this list.
  • We now have Forti analyzers set up for historical logging. Now the security fabric is all setup let’s take a look at the university core device and see what we know about your network and the devices between each network segment.
  • On the dashboard you should notice one difference we now see all 340 gates in the security fabric widget we can see the Forti analyzer is connected its IP address and connectivity status. We can also see 40 switches are active and fourty Ap’s are also connected as well as forticlient reporting vulnerabilities detected.
  • Now if we visit the security fabric physical topology we will also learn about the access devices that are connected. Here we can now see all of the additional information previously hidden to us when we were not using the security fabric here we see the first and second floor fortigate and behind that multiple different access layer devices, various Forti AP’s connected to the second floor fortigate and behind that we have additional visibility into the individual endpoints connected to this network segment.
  • Hovering over the endpoints will give us additional details including the users account image. The Ip address, the number of vulnerabilities detected on that endpoint status. A four client if it is registered and compliant, the interfaces are connected to the number of sessions and bandwidth currently active for that device.
  • We can zoom in to this cluster and see additional information about this device; you can also zoom into other devices on the network segment. Trying to locate a device in the topology is also very easy with security fabric. Are you interested in doing certifications? Global online trainings provide Fortinet certification training by industry experts.
Fortinet Managed Rules for AWS WAF:(Fortinet training)
  • As a developer you care about building and delivering exceptional applications but if your web based applications are unprotected they present a point of entry that malicious actors can exploit and the ever changing threat landscape can be overwhelming to keep up with. Let alone protect against Fortinet managed rules for AWS web can help convenient and easy to deploy coordinate managed rules provide pre packaged rural groups to help protect your applications against known exploits as well as OWASP top 10 web application threats.
  • The rule groups are handled by Fortiguard and updated by our global threat research and response team that means you can focus on building and delivering applications instead of managing security rules. Visit AWS market place to quickly deploy coordinate managed rules for AWS web and secure your applications today.
  • If you look at the previous device we were trying to find there was a student name Mark Barnes here we can search for them and we can see that device is highlighted. Now we know its physical location connected to the second floor fortiswitch on the second floor fortigate connected to the university core device. Hovering over it gives us that same information.
  • Let’s drill down on one of the devices to see what applications they are using. Here we have a Mac OS10 device and if we drill down on it we can see the policies it is using. We can see that it’s on the sales network segment and the destinations that are reaching and the applications.
  • You can also take a look at top sources view to see additional information. Here we can see all of the IP’s of all the devices detected in the network, not just the security fabric firewalls that were not previously set. You can sort this by bandwidth to see who is using the most bandwidth on the network. We provide Fortinet corporate training with real time use cases.
  • You can also see under user and device inventory, the same information you can see in the topology. Here you can see the first and second floor fortigates since they are detected on the university core but if you display from the second floor fortigate you can see all of the end points sorted by device type.

Conclusion of FortiNet Training:

In short, Fortinet training present coverage and visibility for your organisation’s entire attack surface. It carries complete content safety for today’s developing networks. If you want to look after your business local network, Fortinet is a high-quality solution for you. From the security fabric physical topology the university core firewall is detected that the downstream devices are only visible as fabric first floor, fabric second floor devices. There is no visibility in the end points or the access layer devices behind that network. Join today in Global online trainings for best Fortinet Training. For more information please do contact our help desk.


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